Last day in Florida

It’s my last work day in Florida. I’ll be flying out of here tomorrow afternoon, and I can certainly say i’m looking forward to it.

I accomplished everything i set out to do while i was here, workwise. I got to watch a lot of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report, I got to eat at a lot of really good restaurants (including a fantastic sushi bar last night where the Big Boss has a roll named after him), I got to cruise the intercoastal on a luxury powerboat, and I got to experience at least the preparation for a hurricane. All in all, it was a good trip, but now I want to go home.

I’ve armed myself with American Gods by Neil Gaiman, I think there are at least three movies showing on the way back that I want to see, and I’m already packed. Look out, South Africa, I’m on my way home.


4 Responses to “Last day in Florida”

  1. Hurricane? OH yeah mean that Eunic Ernesto. After it limped through Florida he came raging with the ferocity of a nuetered hamster through South Carolina. The hype they had here was just pathetic. The news channels were going nutz.

    Glad you had a good time in the SunShine state. You do travel to the US alot.

  2. 🙂 can’t wait to see you again…

  3. After re-reading my comment, It sounded a little .uh … assholish……. not intended.

  4. Rev: lol, nonsense. I thought much the same myself, hence only experiencing the preparation for a hurricane. There was no actual hurricane, a fact that disappointed me greatly.

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