Welcome Back to South Africa

So I caught up with “Hurricane” Ernesto in New York, causing a 2-hour delay in my flight, meaning that I eventually arrived home a bit later than I expected, but nevertheless in one piece and with all my luggage.

I had taken Labor Day off, seeing as there’s no point being in the office with the clients on holiday. I took the time to sleep in, then took my washing to the laundry. Later on I picked it up on our way to visit Zenstar’s parents. I left the washing in the boot of the car, and we went inside and had a very nice dinner. A few hours later I came out to find my car had been broken into and my washing stolen. Yep, pretty much all my clothes, gone.

Taken: one bright blue plastic laundry bag. Contents: pretty much every stitch of ‘work’ clothing I own, some of which i had just bought for the recent trips and was still paying off; a t-shirt i bought in New York on my last trip; a t-shirt i bought in Amsterdam while waiting for a plane on the last trip; a top i bought in Amsterdam in 1999 that I love; a Land of the Dead official t-shirt that i won when we went to Canal Walk to see the premiere dressed as zombies, which was probably my favorite shirt ever; one of my SchpatCon Hex shirts; my Thurteem shirt from the year when we did the red skull logo, arguably the best Thurteem shirt we ever did; pretty much all my underwear; miscellaneous other. Monetary Cost: about R4,000. Personal cost: Inestimable

Insurance might cover the monetary cost; nothing can really cover the items that had sentimental value. I wish somehow there was a way to convey to those who invaded my property and took my things, the sick feeling one gets when you realise something you love has been taken from you, and will be sold for a meager sum or discarded as worthless, but will never be yours again. 

I guess I must be back in South Africa.


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  1. Ouch. That sucks. I had my truck broken into when I lived in Wyoming and had about $5,000 in climbing gear stolen. I can’t even explain how angry I was.

  2. Geez Moonflake, that’s really harsh.

    Hard lines mate.

  3. swak. i’m reminded of the idea of synk walking around with his hockey stick… maybe it’s a-hunting time?

  4. Heh. On the bright side, if it is hunting season, they’re not exactly shirts that’ll blend in.

  5. Mike from Miami Says:

    May a flock of diarrheic birds fly over the heads of those bastard thieves!

    Next time you come to the US, we’ll look for a few zombie t-shirts (i know which stones to turn over)

  6. Reverend: i think i may have some idea of how angry you were…

    Jebb: indeed it is

    TW: i’m starting to consider carrying a hockey stick around just out of principle.

    Andy: very true – i think you will find that at least one of those shirts cannot be found anywhere else in SA, and some of them are very rare in SA – what with being bought in other countries and all.

    Mike: Thanks for the thought 🙂

  7. its amazing how some complete batsards can ruin an otherwise wonderful day.

  8. Ye, never did find that dude when I went out with the hockey stick… perhaps lucky for everyone. Might have been fun tho =/ And bleak about the clothes =( I know what it feels like to have irreplaceable stuff swiped.

  9. What a valid post. I enjoy reading the posts on this site and will be sure to return on a regular basis.

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