Letter to Mbeki: the full text

Dr. Brian Foley, HIV researcher and tireless fighter against denialists, has been so kind as to point me in the direction of the full text of the letter sent to President Mbeki by the global community, pleading with him to remove Manto Tshabalala-Msimang from her position as Minister of Health.

Read the letter here.

A correction to the article I linked to in my previous post: there were in fact 82 signatories.

And what has Mbeki’s response been so far? As usual, he’s left the country for a bit until the heat cools.

Update: and the Health Dept is issuing unconstitutional gag orders to its provincial senior directors, ordering them not to speak to the media regarding HIV/AIDS. Wow.


5 Responses to “Letter to Mbeki: the full text”

  1. Nothing like a good trip to clear the head after a nasty bout of ‘flu. Then again, maybe he took off because Manto was trying to feed him her miracle concoction.

  2. i think if he spent as much time sorting out our country’s issues as he does sorting out other countries’, we’d be in much better shape.

  3. erm… and so would the other countries. he’s not the most useful person on the planet.

  4. Yeah, it must really suck when SA gets in the world news for something as dumb as this.

  5. How dare they sully our “truly great” health minister. Instead they should hack into, cough, I mean *update* the propaganda, cough, I mean *blurb* on the health ministry site praising the Minister for her tireless efforts. The last date on it is Septmeber 2005 and surely the Minister has done many great things since then?
    Has anyone else ever noticed that the health ministry’s acronym is DOH! ?

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