PeTA stooping to dirty tactics yet again

When a scientist starts to perform experiments on sheep to determine whether conditions in the womb can decide sexual preference, you would expect him to be slammed by the religious, the conservative, and the animal rights activists. The first because they believe god made adam and eve, not adam and steve; the second because they like to cling to the belief that homosexuality is a choice; and the third because animals are being experimented on.

What you would not expect is for the animal rights activists to forgo focusing on the nature of the experiments and instead claim that the scientists performing them are homophobic. Of course, you would be unfamiliar with the tactics of PeTA, which do not have to make common, logical or even legal sense.

PeTA came right out of the gate claiming that Dr. Roselli’s motives were not scientific curiosity, but were aimed at finding a cure for homosexuality. From the PeTA article:

To put it simply, these experimenters believe that homosexuality is a defect that needs to be fixed, and they’re cutting open and killing gay sheep to do it. Roselli has made it very clear that he intends to use the findings of his experiments to “cure” humans next.

Of course, all it took to find the truth was for one blogger to write Dr. Roselli and ask if he did in fact think that homosexuality was something that should be cured. His response:

No…And I find it appalling and offensive that PETA has suggested that I and my collaborators do.

Wow, what a surprise, PeTA lied about something as a tactic to gain support from the gay and lesbian rights movement. What an ethical lot they are. 

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  1. Have you ever noticed how PETA, when they stage their naked anti-fur protests, never quite go the whole way of full frontal nudity? They generally have some healthy looking people in G-strings curled up in an artistic pose and then spatter them with tomato sauce.

    This really sums them up. They are the sort of people who are willing to get their kit off to attract public attention without actually running the risk of exposing themselves in any serious way.

    As a fundamental principle, I pay no attention to anything they say. If they ever come near me, I shall slap them with bacon. Except now I shall slap them with bacon made from gay pigs.

  2. I know this is slightly off-topic, but I wrote to him asking whether he thinks we’ll ever be able to cure leg-humping in dogs, but I’ve had no response thus far.

  3. Sadly this years Young Guns competition is to make a Peta ad.

    Sadly, because I shall miss out on a year of entering.

  4. Salman:ingenious! doubly offensive if they are jewish or muslim! I love it.

    kyknoord: he probably suspects you of being an undercover agent for PeTA. “Haha, we have him trapped, he wants to ‘cure’ leg humping in dogs, that evil scientist! Dogs should be free to hump the leg of man as nature intended!”

    Andy M.: no, you should so enter! Do an advert for PeTA… the real PeTA. Play on their stupid holocaust ad series and put an image of Ingrid Newkirk next to one of Hitler. You’d probably not win, but it would 0wn.

  5. If it’s not about “curing” homosexuality, why bother investigating this at all? Is it so important?

  6. Yeah…except it costs money to enter. Not inconsequential amounts of money.

    And if I was to do it, I’d have a “Jesus was born to die for us. Just like this bacon…hmmm bacon.”

  7. Jam – you’re absolutely right. What is the point of studying something when we can instead continue to steep ourselves in our own ignorant suppositions and superstitions. I mean, it’s working so well right now, look how nicely all the ignorami who think it’s a choice are getting along with the homosexual community.

    Why is it so important? Because knowledge is important. Because understanding how sexual preference works in animals helps us to understand how it might work in humans, which in turn might help reduce the insane ramblings of homophobics. Because humans are curious creatures, and if we weren’t you wouldn’t be reading this on a computer or wearing clothes or looking forward to living past your 40th birthday.

  8. not only is it about knowledge, but there are spin off benefits. those were probably only thought of afterwards to get funding, but all research can lead to something that benefits at least some people. for those who didn’t read the links, there are diseases linked to something scientific that is linked to homosexuality somehow. it was late at night, so i didn’t quite take it all in

  9. To quote Dr. Roselli:

    Like all basic research there are potential benefits from this research at several levels. Sexual behavior is in many ways a hard-wired behavior, especially in animals like sheep. Understanding the developmental control of sexual partner preference as well as the neuroanatomical and neurochemical substrates of this behavior give us a better idea of how the brain works and may give us insights into other sexually differentiated behaviors and neuroendocrine functions.

    Moreover, sexual behavior and sexual partner preference play a fundamental role in reproduction and psychosexual development. There are serious medical conditions that are the result of variations in sexual development, such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia and androgen insensitivity syndrome. These conditions may lead to problems of sexual function, social and psychosexual adjustment, mental health, quality of life and social participation. Understanding variations in psychosexual development that may affect these individuals requires reference to studies in non-human species that show marked but complex effects of androgens on sex differentiation of the brain and on behavior. A greater understanding of the biological underpinnings of partner preference may greatly assist in providing affected individuals with the medical services and support that they may desire.

    While human sexuality is more complex than the reproductive and motivational behaviors observed in sheep or rodents, it is anticipated that the use of animal models such as the male oriented ram will help illuminate basic principles that apply to all species and which will be helpful in understanding the biology of human behaviors as well.

  10. I have no issue with human curiosity. It is qhat keep us alive and ticking. But how is this for a scenario: what if they find out it is “curable”. All those homophobic monsters out there would use that to their advantage. Humans also have an incredible ability to twist anything in their favour, as your post suggests with PeTA. Perhaps we should be examining the anatomy of xenophobia, sexism and homophobia instead.

  11. There are plenty of people doing just that, in other departments and fields of study. It’s not as if Dr. Roselli’s work is taking funding away from efforts to fix the social issues. However, what his research is doing is, as you can read above, also of use in finding cures for diseases that actually do cause people serious harm.

    By your logic we should shut down all power stations and cease studying particle physics because some people use it to make atom bombs.

  12. Well, no. Because I was referring specifically to THIS scenario.

  13. The world certainly isn’t black and white, nor do I choose to see it as such. I do celebrate science in it’s relentless pursuit to leave no rock unturned, no mystery unsolved.

  14. all right, speaking only of this scenario, i again refer you to the quote from Dr. Roselli above as to the potential benefits of his research. As to the likelihood of him discovering a ‘cure’ for homosexuality from this study, it is highly unlikely. Animals are not people. Human homosexuality has a deep cultural component to it, not just a biological one. Human beings are aroused and attracted to much more than pheremones, and they follow much more than genetic imperitive. This is only a small part of the enormous body of work that goes into studying what decides sexual preference in humans, a body that includes sociological, psychological and anthropological studies that no one is accusing of being a search for a ‘cure’. That is exactly why Dr. Roselli does not refer to his sheep as homosexual, but as ‘male oriented’.

    Anyway, what large pharmaceutical corporation is going to sink billions of dollars into researching a cure that will get it firebombed out of existence? It would be as wise a financial move as announcing a cure for being black.

  15. … male orientated …

    sorry, i just can’t control the urge

  16. Point taken.

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