Midweek Cuckoo: The Lizardman

Lizardman tonguesNow I’ve posted about people before who think that Lizards walk among us disguised as human, and even someone who thinks they can spot the imposters with the help of photoshop, but today’s midweek cuckoo is a different spin: a human walking around disguised as a lizard.

This gentleman has gone through an amazing serious of body modifications in his lifelong quest to look like a lizardman, including bifurcating his tongue, tattooing his eyelids and the inside of his lip, filing his teeth, and having subdermal teflon implants¬†inserted to approximate a horned eyebrow ridge. Here’s a nice quote about the tongue splitting experience:

The swelling rapidly subsided from the fourth day to the seventh at which time I began eating normally again. I did have a slight lisp into the second week but this rapidly went away as the swelling went down completely and I adjusted to the new tongues.

Tongues… it just gives me an icky feeling inside. The only time anyone should have extra tongues is when they’re wearing shoes that lace up. Here’s another one about how he dealt with the regrowth of tissue between the fork during healing:

As part of my aftercare I began to carefully watch and pick apart as necessary the tissue on the interior of the forks – as a result I experienced significantly little re-growth.

Icky. You can find more images at http://www.obscurephoto.com/. If you’re brave. Oh, and over 18, apparently.


3 Responses to “Midweek Cuckoo: The Lizardman”

  1. that’s just unbelievable. i’m trying to internalize the idea that the muscles can move in such a way as to make it seem like a reasonable thing to do. *ahem*

    no, i won’t be doing it anytime soon, but i have to admit, i can most certainly understand that bit. as for the rest of his modification, i’m reminded of the freak trying to turn himself into a cat. doing it for fun is one thing. believing that you’re really becoming the animal is something… else… entirely…

  2. “I began to carefully watch and pick apart as necessary the tissue on the interior of the forks”

  3. what a weirdo
    i saw another one of some guy who decided to turn himself into a ‘tiger’ getting giant needle whiskers surgically implanted in his face.
    yes resorting to vast amounts of tatooing was also part of the experience.
    funny neither of the guys got into any movies.

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