PeTA showing their ignorance yet again

The Six Flags over Texas amusement park has an interesting promotion going on at the moment: if you eat a live madagascar hissing cockroach, you move to the front of the line. It’s all in aid of promoting their Fright Fest 2006, and is totally voluntary.

So why is it that some guests are getting worked up about it? According to guest Phil Haming, children should not be encouraged with a reward for performing a disgusting act. Apparently Phil, although a teacher, is a cultural ignoramus. In many parts of the world insects are considered to be normal food sources. It’s only our squeamish western culture that considers eating insects to be ‘disgusting’. So, thank you, Phil, for sharing your narrow minded, provincial viewpoint.

PeTA have naturally thrown their hand in. Spokesloon Jackie Vergerio asked:

What is it teaching our children? A child who learns to respect a seemingly insignificant insect is a child that will grow up a compassionate person.

I would beg to differ. I think your average compassionate person has swatted more mosquitos in their life than they can count. I’m sure there are also some mysanthropic entomologists out there. Being nice to insects does not necessarily mean you’ll learn to be nice to people. If you want your kids to be compassionate to other people, then teach them to be.

Jackie also added:

Regardless how you feel about [cockroaches], they suffer when they hurt.

Just goes to show that, as usual, PeTA don’t like animals enough to read up on any actual facts about them. Insects and other arthropods do not possess nocireceptors, and cannot feel pain. So no, they do not suffer.

In fact, since PeTA are all about animals being treated as they would in the wild, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating cockroaches. For cockroaches in the wild, the most likely cause of death is… you guessed it… being eaten.

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  1. When you say “…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating cockroaches…”, I would concur – except for the fact that they taste like cockroaches. I’m afraid my cultural bias would be to dip them in chocolate first.

  2. It appears you are not alone in that bias. There seems to be a market for it:

    Chocolate Dipped Insects

  3. Look. I accept you as a source of the wierd and the bizzare. But I could have lived the rest of my life happier without knowing about chocolate dipped insects.

  4. i always feel slightly more… educated after reading your posts.

    i must admit, however, to being slightly more concerned about where an insect has been prior to forcing it into my oral cavity, aside from it allowing the Death of Cockroaches to enter my bodyspace in order to welcome the poor, abused creature to whatever counts for an insect’s afterlife being slightly worrying.

    i’m kind of obsessive-compulsive regarding hygiene.

    i think i should go take my medication now.

  5. see, now wondering where the insect has been prior to eating is a perfectly reasonable issue to have, and one that is well solved by cleaning and then cooking the insect, as with most animals that we eat.

    Personally, I wouldn’t eat it because I feel i would have the same issue with texture as I do with prawn heads and marrow bones – i don’t like the gooey stuff. I don’t think that an insect is any weirder a thing to eat than a prawn, or an oyster.

  6. an insect is not weirder to eat than a prawn or an oyster. there are plenty of people who refuse to eat lobsters, prawns and the like, as they consider them in the same light most people consider cockroaches. which is possibly accurate, as they are bottom feeders. but, properly cleaned and what not, there is no valid reason not to eat either cockroaches or prawns. well, aside from not liking them, which is a whole different thingy

  7. I love eating meat. That doesn’t make me an animal/insect hater. I have a pet. But PETA is a terroristic organization. They support ELF with lots of $$$—-taxpayer money.

  8. really, i think to be classified as an animal hater, you actually have to go out of your way to harm them, above and beyond what would be considered normal for your society. Such as, I don’t know, collecting strays from the community in order to have them euthenased in their droves, because you think it’s more humane than having them adopted.

    Yes, PeTA, i’m looking at you when I say that. Loonies.

  9. hmmm, or how about subjecting carnivores like dogs to an imposed vegetarian diet, such as those recommended by a certain animal rights organization?

    Yes, PeTA, still looking at you.

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