Close Encounter? Why not sue the government?

Obviously bored with chasing ambulances, German lawyer Jens Lorek is offering his services to countrymen who have been abducted by aliens and wish to claim compensation from the state. He figures he’ll get plenty of business, what with UFO watchdogs reporting ‘scores’ of alien assaults every year. 

Despite the fact that a UFO abductee suing the government for kidnapping compensation is about as likely to work as trying to get a restraining order on your imaginary friend, Lorek is confident that he will not appear ridiculous. To quote him:

Nobody has laughed about it up until now.

Well, let me be the first.

3 Responses to “Close Encounter? Why not sue the government?”

  1. And I shall be the second.

    Seriously, though, there was a company selling insurance against alien abduction in the USA a while back.

  2. as usual, your finds leave me comlpetely speechless. so much so that i forgot how to spell speech and had to look it up

  3. But this is pure genius. If there really is this big ol’ conspiracy that we’ve heard so much about, then the government will try and buy him off.

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