Still talking about sex… and autism

In a weird coincidence, i just went from writing that last post to reading one at Total Waste’s blog… on how scientists are investigating the theory that autism, and related afflictions like Asperger’s Syndrome, are actually just an extreme of the male brain and caused by too much testosterone being produced in the womb. Since this testosterone production is genetic, it is looking very likely that autism is also genetic.

So, here’s a list of things that still don’t cause autism, for all you wingnuts, woo practitioners and snake oil salesman:

  • artificial sweetners
  • vaccines
  • mercury fillings
  • floride
  • television
  • dairy products
  • gluten
  • MSG

Got it yet?


6 Responses to “Still talking about sex… and autism”

  1. ha! i finally managed to exhibit some good timing!

    erm… i was just kidding about the boyfriend thing 😉

  2. lol, i’m sure you were. Last I checked, the body was at least still female.

  3. of that we’re certain – and we have pictures to prove it 😉

  4. i mean – not THOSE kinds of pictures! :$ :$ :$

  5. i should bloody well hope not 😉

  6. residentRsole Says:

    As someone who may have been an Aspy (person who has aspergers syndrome) in his childhood, this is interesting. The condition was only officially recognised in the mid nineties. Would have been nice if it was recognised during the early 80s. I was taken to see psychologists as a child because my behaviour matched (and still somewhat matches) the characteristics of this condition. They thought that I was retarded. Which is really weird considering that I could speak and walk from a very young age, came #1 in sub-A (grade 1) etc. It’s not as bad as those stories you hear of people who were left-handed being forced to write with their right hands – because the “Devil is left-handed and God is right-handed” (please send Richard Dawkins back in time to sort that nonsense out).
    As for the high testosterone thing, I have been told that I do have a high level of it.

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