What Sex Is Your Brain?

Over at the BBC, they have a test to see if your brain is male or female. It’s all scientimarific and stuff. They collaborated with psychologists and everything, so this ain’t no OKCupid test.

Apparently I’m completely neutral. Androgynous, even.  Scored zero on the nose. Weirdly enough, I once took a test to see my position on the political compass (left, right, conservative, liberal) and I was also smack in the middle. Either I’m beyond such simplistic classifications, or I’m just no good at these tests.

Gender ID Test Results


6 Responses to “What Sex Is Your Brain?”

  1. If you remember the old thespark “man or woman” test, it was quite clever – in a self learning fashion.

  2. Hey! I’m brain-bi, just like Moonflake!

    I also scored dead-centre, so I have to wonder how well this thing is working. Do we have any brain-straights or brain-queers in the house?

    Incidentally, did anyone else wonder about “Professor Baron-Cohen”?

  3. i don’t trust this test. every other brain test i have done says that i am middle brained entirely, but this one says a i think like a man. i don’t beleive that i have changed that much over the last few years, and i object on principle

  4. Andy: sorry, don’t remember it

    Salman: congrats! As far as brain queers go, Zenstar scored female. And yes, the Baron-Cohen did throw me at first 🙂

    dyst: haha, i think the problem may lie more in the quality of the previous tests

  5. I’m a gay male, and yet I scored 50% maleness on the dot. So sexual preference does not enter into this equation. Wish some people I know could realize this.

  6. yep, lesson No 1 to be learned is that not everyone conforms to the cliche.

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