Which Witch is Which?

Much like in South Africa, accusations of witchcraft are a serious problem in India. People are driven from their homes, exiled from their villages, and often brutally killed. This is the result of a continuing country-wide immersion in superstition, and lack of education.

In South Africa, people who do not understand that lightning is a natural phenomenon routinely accuse neighbours of being witches shortly after lightning storms, as witches are thought to call down lightning. HIV/AIDS is also thought to be caused by curses placed on people by witches, so the infected are encouraged to slaughter a goat to appease the spirits, or alternately slaughter the witch responsible. A sane person would naturally expect that the way to avoid this kind of nonsense would be to educate people, to bring them out of their superstitious system of belief and into the real world where people can’t cast spells and curses on each other. You can’t accuse someone of being a witch if you don’t believe in witches, and it’s hard to believe in witches if you know that everything they are accused of doing is perfectly explained by things like science and medicine.

A sane person would not think that the way to convince people not to accuse others of witchcraft is to educate them about the practice of witchcraft, thereby enforcing their belief in its powers! But that’s exactly what a global pagan society is planning to do in India. They seem to think that the way to stop witches from being persecuted is to explain that not all witches are evil, but that some use their powers for the good of the world and nature and the mother goddess blah blah blah witches are real you were right all along!

How in the world can anyone think that this will help? Expect renewed attacks on witches in India in the coming months, including the new foreign imports.


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  1. Because somebody has mistaken LARPing for a religion (modern wicca only being about 50 years old), we have to put up with this. Still no different from the magic words and lucky charms used by so many Christians. An amazing number of Americans believe in witches and witchcraft, never mind belief in a 5000 year old earth. Bleah.

  2. Yeah this is a GREAT idea.

  3. The problem here is not the fact that witches are stupid. The problem is that people are stupid.

    Consider, for example, if you had read an article announcing that the Catholic Church* sent a mission to India to explain that all Christians are not evil.

    It is exactly the same thing. This story just seems more retarded because its being done by witches.

    My point, thus, is that Pagans are no different from any other religion. I don’t believe that I can deliver them a more cutting insult than that.

    *: Today, a catholic priest called me (and all other IT professionals) “unstable” because I told him that I was no longer in the business of fixing broken Outlook Express E-mail accounts.

  4. salman, i think you have hit the nail on the head. pagans, of all types, are exactly like other religions. they run the gamut of fundamentalist to happy-clapper-do-gooder. there are also large amounts of them that don’t really believe what they say they do, but think that they need to believe something to validate their existance

    the irritating thing for me, is that i can see what they are thinking when they want to educate people. some of my friends are ‘eclectic pagans’ and have given me an insight into the mindset. the idea that a modern religion can be used to ease superstitions that are centuries old, is quite naive

    this comment seems remarkably more coherent than a lot of my previous ones, it must be the drink

  5. actually, i think it’s more akin to George Bush sending in Christian Missionaries to build a hospital in Pakistan, with the express purpose of fighting terrorism by converting all the Muslim patients to Christianity. Really, he thought this was a good idea.

    The result? There’s a fully stocked, fully operational, brand new hospital in Pakistan, and the TV in the reception room plays christian infomercials to empty seats. The Pakistanis are all lying in the hallways of the local Pakistani hospital, cursing the Americans.

    In short, you cannot fight superstition with superstion, or dogma with dogma.

  6. As long as we can still check to see whether they weigh as much as a duck, I’m happy.

  7. I always find it amazing that in this day and age that there are so many people that still think crap like that! It frustrates the living hell out of me!

  8. shit what a crazy story
    and what another crazy story the one abotu bush building a christian hospital in paksitan
    yes nuts

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