Midweek Cuckoo: Dr. K.A. Paul

Dr. K.A. PaulAnand Kilari, or Dr. K.A. Paul as he likes to be known, is the self-styled “Billy Graham of India”. Born a Hindu in southern India, but now based in Houston, Texas, this evangelist is an accomplished spin doctor and kook of note. He never seems to tire of holding press conferences to talk about how humble he is, and is not beyond hiring a major Public Relations firm to manage his publicity. He even bought a Boeing 747 to use in his ‘global peace efforts’, and proudly boasts that the only other privately owned 747 is Airforce One. He’s even gone so far as to name the craft Global Peace One.

Kilari’s most recent debacle involved convincing US Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to meet with him to discuss the Mark Foley issue. Kilari claims that he convinced Hastert to resign during their meeting. Hastert refuses to comment, other than to claim he was duped into the meeting and that he disagrees with Kilari’s point of view. Naturally, Kilari brought a camera-wielding assistant with him, and was quick to publish pictures of himself with the Speaker. Heaven forbid he should miss out on a publicity opportunity.

Does this sound like a humble man of God who lists his inspirations as Mother Teresa and Ghandi? If you’re not convinced yet that K.A. Paul is an attention-seeking fraud, have a look at this list of his misadventures:

  • He claims that his doctorate is an honorary one, but the director of the Bible school from which he claims to have received it has no record of it ever being awarded.  
  • He has previously claimed another ministry’s leper colony as his own, going so far as to videotape the colony for use in his own promotional videos, and using it to lure unsuspecting volunteers over to India on false pretences.
  • He flew people around in Global Peace One despite crew members refusing to work in what they called a “flying death-trap”. The plane itself had previously had numerous incidents while under the operation of China Airlines,  including one serious incident that caused it to plummet 31,500 ft before recovery, and resulted in significant damage to the aircraft. The plane was also notoriously under-maintained by Kilari’s organization, and eventually had its operating certificate suspended in 2005. It now sits unused in Tijuana, Mexico, still waiting to be repaired. Note that you can still donate money towards airplane fuel on Kilari’s site, though.
  • He’s notorious for leaving a trail of unpaid bills related to the aircraft, including not paying for the training of his pilots, or for fuel, maintenance or airport handling costs.
  • He interfered with a murder investigation in India, whisking off three of the witnesses for a rally in the middle of the investigation.
  • Nine of his American volunteers were arrested in India for an illegal rally that got out of hand, and he fled to America on the first plane he could catch, leaving them in India to organize their own release.
  • He brought 10 ‘orphans’ over from India to the US for a series of fund raisers, in his flying death-trap. When one of the girls fell ill and had to be admitted to hospital, he flew off with the 9 remaining girls, leaving her completely alone. When the hospital raised a fuss and brought in the media and the courts, he claimed that they were having problems bringing the orphan’s guardian to America, and that without the girl’s de facto mother she was in bad shape. This was all news to the girl’s actual mother, who was certainly alive and well and thought her daughter was still at boarding school.
  • He accepted $850,000 from the Friends of the Isreali Defense Force to fly them to Poland and Isreal for a Holocaust Memorial. As it’s illegal for a charity organization to charter flights, he had them declare it a donation. When he told the FIDF that they could only take them as far as Poland, or would have to take them to Syria before taking them to Israel, they understandably grew suspicious and pulled out of the agreement. Dr. Paul kept the money, claiming that because it was a donation, he didn’t have to give it back. The real reason he wouldn’t give it back is because he’d already used it to have the plane repaired and inspected in preparation for his own planned flight to Syria.
  • He claims to have been the man responsible for dictator Charles Taylor relinquishing his presidency of Liberia, and says that Condi Rice and Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo are trying to steal his limelight. He also claims to have counseled Guy Philippe, Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein, and to have stopped five wars.
  • He denies working for Indian minister PJ Titus, despite Titus describing him as the “business side of the ministry”, and including a photo of him in his autobiography, sitting at Titus’s desk. He had full access to Titus’s mailing list, and used it to send emails to Titus’s flock, discrediting the minister and encouraging the congregation to donate money to himself.
  • He hired people to beat him up in public at a Gospel Crusade Meeting, and tipped off CNN that there would be a newsworthy event, to garner public sympathy.
  • He wrangled an invitation to the Southern Baptist Convention, and when he got up on stage promptly began soliciting donations, which is strictly against convention protocol.
  • In 2005, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, a ministry watchdog, terminated Kilari’s membership, on the grounds that his ministry did not have a fully functioning board of directors, and that adequate controls were not in place to ensure that donations and resources were actually being used for their proper purpose.

The list goes on, and you can read the full expose on Kilari from the Houston Press. It paints a grim picture indeed, labelling him “an egomaniac with a doctored past and an obsession with an airplane that receives more money than starving orphans in India”. Kook indeed, and apparently more than a little bit of a crook besides.


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  1. Yeah, but if he was a Bond styled supervillain, what powers would he have?

    I can just see the final battle aboard Global Peace One:

    James: You really expect me to donate money to help your leper colony in India?

    *Fires Walter PPK*

    Dr Paul: No Mister Bond. I expect you to die!

    *Throws Ninja Jesus Death Nails*

  2. good lord. he’s not crazy, he’s a swindler. and successful too, apparently.

  3. He never seems to tire of holding press conferences to talk about how humble he is

    Shades of Colbert.

    Only Colbert is joking…

  4. TW: i think it’s the obsession with the plane that pushes him over the edge to kook.

    Babbler: i’d like to see Colbert interview this guy… now that could be funny

  5. wowzers
    good on you for getting some info on this guy
    really made me chuckle
    found one myself here in ox maybe u might wanna trail – but much more small fry
    will have to find an appropriate someone here in ox to string him up
    i already did my bit

    btw just found you’d actually answered my comments to your thread on teh nobel alien guy and wrote some stuff earlier in reply to that – so go check it out
    just been in conversation with one of our resident astro-physicists on the astrology thread i write on too –
    talking about potential forces that could contribute to planetary influences
    still – just checking out ideas

  6. K.A Paul, this guy is is a fraud, a creep and probably a pervert. He walks around his now grounded plane in his underpants, he asks flight attendants to speak to him in French (which he does noot understand) and needs to have his head and feet rubbed at the same time. He evades the truth and twists all to suit him. I know, I was there, I was in his inner circle. I am sure that Jesus does not listen to him and the only thing Jesus is saying to him is “Get a real job!”

  7. wow. welcome, NotAFan, and congratulations on your escape.

  8. liloland: i have responded on the same post. i lost my first response to some random internet hiccup, so the actual comment may be a bit abbreviated, i didn’t have the time to write it all out again. That said, keep up the voyage of discovery, I have no doubt you’ll independently come to the conclusions i have. There was a time when i was extremely interested in all things esoteric and mystical, but true objective investigation has lead me to the disappointing conclusion that it’s all tomfoolery. So don’t get me wrong, i do not approach these things wanting them to be nonsense… i would love for them to be true, it would be awesome… but i have to accept that all evidence points to them being false. It’s sad, but people who don’t accept reality just because it makes them uncomfortable are called ‘crazy’.

  9. Next time anyone reads of a K.A Paul press conference or speaking engagement….please oh please let me know. I would like to confront the scoundrel and have him fess up on a multitude of situations. I would pay gazillions just to see him face to face in a public arena!

  10. liloland Says:

    hi there moonflake
    i am just having way too much synchronicity in my life at the moment to make sense
    astrologically that is
    i am considering however that it might all be part of a cosmic joke
    life on mars
    UK bbc drama
    but i’m not in a coma
    even tho i dreamt i was in one
    then i discovered my MC is transiting the point between pisces and aries
    (the end and the beginning)
    and that various guys i ‘end’ up being attracted to all have the same AC, MC
    the ones i want to avoid also have the same MC, AC
    and the composite charts with the guys i ‘like’ or connect with
    have the same MC pisces aries
    so that’s why i go on about the near death thing
    i got my sun conjunct the galactic centre too
    which apparently explains why i thought i was an alien when i was a child
    NB – ac = ascendant
    mc = midheaven
    so i guess it i like
    things falling into place
    temporary transit zone
    apparently the planet is supposed to have re-aligned itself after 10,000 years with the galactic centre last year after having been hit by an asteroid
    after everything being ‘wrong’ it is supposed to ‘shift back to centre from now
    please please tell me anything you know about asteroids
    and iron

  11. liloland Says:


  12. either that was an example of inspired satire or new age free verse. Either way, I’m entertained.

  13. ya pauls agr8 man whom god has blessed so everyone should agree with him

  14. Go Colbert! As wacky and wierd as he is, I’d vote for him.

  15. i want to know about you place replay and give appoint ment for personal i want to discus with you that is helps us

  16. choppala Mohan Says:

    Praise the Lord. Dr. our , dear brother K A Paul

    we are in kuwait from 31 years doing small job, these days watching your tribulations our savior and mercyfull God grater than any political and evil powers, you have the victory, we will pray for you go ahead

  17. dear paster we need your prayer so that iam not having job i need your help sterving with four little kids i need your help sir, bless my family, thanking you,paster jyothi, thankyou

  18. Y.Paparao or yelchuri paparao from kakinada India is very intelligent to collect huge funds from donors from america and other big countries. He is cheaing all of you who are helping his worthless ministry work. His ministry is very secrete in Kakianda but His money is great. he is a very wealthy man in kakianda. he cheats pastors in kakinada also. His ministry is very secrete to the people of kakinada but very open to the donors by his writings. He is having luxurious life by your valuable funds and donations. He is purchasing lot of lands secretly by your funds instead lookafter poor and orphans.

    Please donot believe him at all. This is my sincere request.

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