Canis Canem Edit

Lawyer Jack Thompson is in the news again for yet another failed attempt to get a video game banned. The current target of Thompson’s juvenile wrath is “Bully”, the new freeform game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto. 

Naturally the Florida judge before whom the case was brought has rejected the call to ban the game, deciding after viewing the game in action that it was not a nuisance to society, and certainly far from the ‘columbine simulator’ that Thompson claims it is. After all, there are no guns, and no one dies.

The game has an age restriction of ‘Teen’, far lower than the average game that earns Thompson’s attentions. Personally I think he just has it in for Rockstar Games. They could make My Little Pony Tales and he would find something to take them to court over.

(tip o’ the baseball cap to TW for the link)


7 Responses to “Canis Canem Edit”

  1. The Demons are everywhere. I’m going to start blaming all the churches in my home town (we are the “Holy City”) for my need to drink copious amounts of Jack Daniels every weekend.

  2. i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again: “behead jack thompson! (don’t hate the game, hate the player)”

    although maybe i should thank him, i wasn’t actually interested in bully until this story rockstarred up. it sounds amusing.

  3. Oh hells yeah. I cant wait for the hot coffee patch for this one. Yes Teacher, I been a bad bad boy. I need to be punished.

    Jack Thompson is proof that kids shouldnt be breast fed until the age of 13.

  4. Typo there: “Canus canem edit” would be something like “Geriatric eat dog”.
    I suppose some of them do.

    Some kind of reverse ageism, perhaps…

  5. well spotted. fixed

  6. actually i think the judge must be a bit of an idiot. in a way the game is actually promoting that kids defend themselves against bullies in an effective way using non-gun methods – by using standard ‘fighting techniques’ which has got to be a whole lot better than getting a gun or a knife out.
    So therefore in some ways it is partly educational in a positive way – that it is actually promoting self-defense in a less-violent way than sitting at home stewing about how shit your life is, til you decide it’s time to borrow your dad’s sub amchine gun and go and mow the school down.

  7. well – i would say something like that – get them all kicking the arse out each other kung fu stylee why not – hone down some of that flab that kids seem to be evolving nowadays…
    (hm i’m not being very pc am i..)

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