Kent Hovind on Trial

Kent Hovind is finally on trial, facing the 58 counts of tax fraud against him and his wife. So far, it’s not going well for Dr. Dunno. Quick Summary:

Hovind initially tried to enter a plea of “subornation of false muster”, otherwise known in legal jargon as “bullshit”. When the judge threatened to enter a plea for him if he didn’t quit playing silly buggers, he pleaded not guilty “under duress”. The primary charges involve Hovind not paying taxes on federal income, social security or medicare for his employees, which he purposefully attempted to avoid by calling them “missionaries” and calling their wages “love gifts”. I dunno about you, but i wouldn’t want to be accepting any “love gifts” from that man.

Just in case no one buys that it’s just coincidence that his “love gifts” were paid weekly or monthly in the manner of wages or salaries, he has also claimed that as he does not work for the government he does not need to “render unto caesar” and that the bible is against paying taxes anyway. Interesting then that both the IRS and other bible bashers disagree with him.

Hovind is also pleading ignorance of tax law, that he did not know that he was meant to file tax returns or pay tax against employee’s wages. Never mind that ignorance of the law is no defence, it turns out that’s a big lie. A local lawyer has testified that Hovind bragged to him about how he was exploiting loopholes in the tax law to get around having to pay taxes.

Other points that have arisen from documents seized from the business and interviews with employees include the fact that the Hovinds kept meticulous payroll records and required their “missionaries” to punch timeclocks. There were ministry memos sent out detailing rules for paid vacation days. His “missionaries” were required to sign non-disclosure agreements after Dinosaur Adventure Land was raided by the IRS. He sued the IRS officer investigating him no less than three times, and was unsuccessful each time.

This guy is the very opposite of “christian”, what with bearing false witness as much as he does. I sincerely hope he takes the stand and adds perjury to the list.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the news and update as the trial procedes, but this is expected to be a quick one. Prosecution will rest their case this week, and the defense is expected to take no more than a week. Hopefully this crook will be put away for a long, long time. Apologies to the South Africans who were looking forward to a not guilty verdict and Hovind resuming his schedule tour of the country. Doesn’t look likely.

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  1. “This guy is the very opposite of “christian”,”

    Hmmm. If you had said: “This guy is the very opposite of the Christian ideal” i would have agreed with you. But as your comment was phrased, i’d have to disagree. 🙂

  2. Mr. Hovind is still God’s child and anyone that goes up against His children will be dealt with in whatever way God sees fit. He is a loving God though and is merciful so His judgements will not be the same as the world’s because He is not of this world.

  3. Kent Hovind is a hero.

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