Natrum Muriaticum: malarkey, or effective way?

One of homeopathy’s broad spectrum medicines is Natrum Muriaticum. It’s so broad in spectrum that one site claims there are over 2000 indications, and another lists at least 500. These indications include everything from trouble urinating in the presence of other people, to vertigo, headaches, blindness, impaired hearing, bleeding gums, toothache, burps that taste like food (i’m not kidding), vomiting, constipation AND diarrhoea (how the hell?), worms, vaginal discharge, late periods (what, so it’s an abortion drug?), sterility, fevers AND chills,  sleepwalking, hysteria, and aversion to work. It’s even prescribed as a preventative for malaria. Just a reminder, malaria can kill you if you don’t take proper preventative agents.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? So what is this amazing substance, this panacea, this cure-all? Sodium Chloride. Yes, that’s right, common or garden variety salt. Highly diluted saltwater can save you from malaria. People are expected to believe this. People are expected to risk their lives based on this. There have been many times when i’ve accused homeopaths of selling people salt water, but i did not realise before now just how right i was. Not only do they sell salt water, they admit it, and turn it into something golden. How stupid do you have to be to have someone sell you salt water and make you believe it’s going to cure all your ills?

And how much does this cost you (i mean, other than potentially your life)? One ounce at the highest potency (remember, that’s with the least amount of actual active ingredient) will set you back over $30. For salt.

I am dumbfounded that anyone can swallow such a steaming pile of horseshit. Even with a pinch of salt.  


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  1. i don’t know – sounds like adding that pinch of salt would make the horseshit really, really good for you. and we all know that it’s incredibly healthy, from that movie with the guy who goes to heaven never having stood up for himself.

    erm. yeah. gonna go get my lick, then.

  2. So does this mean that Salt and Vinegar Pringles and better for me than Original favour?

    Next time I’m ill, I’ll be sure to get me some of the good ol’ Natrum Pringilaticum.

  3. Actually the Salt and Viniger Pringle Cure wont work since the viniger will neutralise the natural healing properties in the salt.

    Rugular water wont work either because of the vast amounts of flourine it contains. The only known place that produces the water needed for Natrum Muriaticum is found in Dimension X because of its high Mutagen content in the upper atmosphere.

    Little known side effect of Natrum Muriaticum? Exellent when added to Turtle Soup.

  4. Mutagen in the upper atmosphere? Isn’t that what caused Will Riker to get cloned by a transporter in the Star Trek TNG episode Second Chances?

  5. no, it was the planet’s natural distortion field combined with a transporter incident. Mutagens in the upper atmosphere are what created the Fantastic Four.

    “Natrum Pringilaticum”… /me falls off chair laughing

  6. At least homeopathic medicines won’t kill you like pharmaceutical drugs often do. After all, what harm can a few drops of distilled water do?

  7. why don’t you ask cancer patients who take those few drops of distilled water instead of their chemo? Also, the relative merit of pharmaceutical drugs has absolutely no bearing on the merit of homeopathic medicines, so i’m afraid that line of argument does not wash here. See the Fallacy 101 page for reference.

  8. LOL! I was SO EXCITED to see your “Alternative Medicine” link! Now I see you are DEBUNKING it all~LOL! Ah well…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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