Midweek Cuckoo: Dr Fred Bell

Dr Fred Bell is a superman. Where to start? His father worked with Henry Ford Sr., of the automobile fame. His great uncle is Alexander Graham Bell. He was working on nuclear energy projects at U. Michigan at the age of 14, and at the same time working on the US government’s secret M.K. Ultra project, researching mind control, past life regression and remote viewing. At the age of 16 he joined the US airforce and worked on highly classified projects, including detection of and tracking of extraterrestrial craft. He also worked on Star Wars (the military project, not the series) and the Apollo missions to the moon. He also worked with Werner von Braun, the father of rocketry, during this time.

In the private sector he consulted to over 3000 companies on a variety of subjects. Then he studied with Himalayan Masters and became the contactee to the Pleiadean group of extraterrestrials. For his work with the Pleiadeans, the Russian society of cosmonauts awarded Dr. Bell the distinguished scientific progress award.

Today, Dr Bell is a practicing naturopath, scientists and environmentalist, and has worked with autistic children. He spent 20 years with the National Health Federation, a US based group promoting individual freedom in selection of health care. He has also helped to save the rain forest, and invented the Nuclear Receptor.

You can buy his books, pyramids, crystals and other merchandise on his site and others.

Seriously, this guy must be a candidate for president of the universe! He is so awesome! I’m just waiting for him to cure cancer, invent a perpetual motion device, adopt an african child and discover that he’s related to the Dalai Lama. Then he will truly become a god among men.


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  1. Pffft…

    Dr. Fred Bell should lay off the hallucogenics, or at the very least share them.

  2. *hallucinogenics, i meant 😛

  3. hey – that story sounds familiar: at least 4 of those were things i achieved in my most recent previous life! he lies!!!

  4. As long as he doesn’t become a saviour. The potential for stupid “saved by the Bell” jokes (including this one) is just too dire to contemplate.

  5. My father worked for Telkom. What does that make me?

  6. Dr Bell is his own kryptonite.

  7. cr41g: Dr Bell invented hallucinogenics while working on secret CIA mind control projects

    TW: no! Dr Bell would never lie about any of those things! inconceivable!

    kyknoord: oh their god, i can’t believe you did that. That is horrible.

    Salman: potentially useful. I’m having this problem getting my ADSL installed…

    Chitty: green, red or gold?

  8. I’m not much help, Moonflake. I’d never ask my dad to have any contact with his former employers again. He used to tell me to say that he played the piano in a brothel for a living, if anyone asked.

    If your problem is a shortage of ADSL ports in your local exchange, you should move. If the problem is simply a lack of activity on the part of Telkom, you should go to the nearest Telkom shop every day and scream at the most psychologically fragile looking person you can find.

  9. wow – that sounds like what i’ve learned to do in the army. it’s fantastic to have providers of a service drag you screaming to levels of desperation that make you proud to walk away without soaking yourself in the offending person’s blood.

    the people who get the best service are the people who don’t have real jobs, and so have time to burn. maybe it’s a good idea to hire a personal assistant to carry out the absurd missions required to receive treatment that would be considered minimum in any first-world country.

  10. Is ADSL the only High Speed offering in S.A. ?

    Anyone who enters the military complex at 16 and stays in for life has to be looked at with some sort of suspicion. If you spend that much time in that type of environment……

  11. Salman: i was considering staging a sit-in at the local office, but then someone pointed out that i’d be indistinguishable from an employee. On the up side, i might start drawing a salary.

    TW: you are so right about having time to burn. It’s amazing to me that the world isn’t catered more to the service of people who work… after all, they’re the ones with the money.

    Rev: domestic high speed internet in this country is not very high speed and not very affordable. Telkom is very proud to now offer up to 4mbps ADSL as the fastest broadband service in south africa, like that’s some sort of achievement.

  12. Velocelraptor Says:

    He did everything, he’s got to be god’s gift to the world and is full of prune juice. There is no searhable DDS Form 332, he claims that report to ‘a higher authority’ concerning unidentifieds to SAC. He is on C2CAM tonight with George Noory; and I’ll my personal Beamship and Samjasa if asked about DDS Form 332, it is TOP SECRET and removed from internet acess because of Nnational security.

  13. Velocelraptor Says:

    In Regards to Dr. Fred Bell genus extrodinaire

  14. i’m sorry, was that spam? It didn’t make any sense. searhable? Nnational? How exactly do you your personal beamship?

    Please do me a favour and spend a few seconds to read through your comment before clicking the post button. It is actually impossible to tell from your ejaculation above whether or not you are a spambot or a person.

  15. Wutta Dumbass Says:

    Dr. Fred Bell sounds like an extraordinarily individual AFTER LISTENING TO HIM TONIGHT ON “coasttocoastam.com”. I find it very interesting just listening to people THAT …..”KNOW EVERYTHING AND DONE IT ALL”. Amazing how they all have one thing in common……..WEBSITES WITH WHAT??? SOME BULLSHIT TO SELL YOU……….YES “DR. DIPSHIT”…….the almighty “DOLLAR” speaks again. I have some “Fools Gold” I’ll trade for a good book of your’s since I am broke and spent all my money investing on a paint-job for my SPACESHIP!!! They sure talk a good game but my point…….IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY!!!

  16. it sounds like you’ve got a lot to vent after that show! But yeah, that basically is all it comes down to – buy some crystals and some pyramids and wear his ‘nuclear receptor’ and here are some pictures of ‘celebrities’ you’ve never heard of wearing his receptor and look how great their lives are! All a big scam. Sad that so many people will actually fall for it and think that he is a great man who has done everything he claims.

  17. After listening to Dr bell on CtoC the other night I have become an instantaneous convert to his words and wisdom. I just can’t wait to get the nuclear responder for a good series of experiments I have been contemplating for some time and all of the other books he so kindly offers to those of us who are not cretinous cynics.
    I hope to be able to contact the Good Doctor for even more intimate one-on-one conversations and teachings the next time nurse allows me the use of the computer and frees me of this hateful Straitjacket again.

  18. i’m not sure that meeting fred bell is really worth chewing through the leather restraints.

  19. I met dr. fred bell

    wasn’t a very genuine person. very apathetic and unhealthy looking man, although his negative ion shower worked extremely well (you can actually feel it working, not because of some placebo effect but simply because it hits you like a hammer of relief) but that seems to be his only product that is backed by any sensible science. The way he carries himself and talks makes me feel like he is the ideal bs producer.

  20. dark_Agenda4shizzle Says:

    i met him this weekend @ a raw food seminar. he came in pasty, dumpy, overweight, with terribly dyed hair and gave a heartless pure ego run down of how amazingly fascinating he is, then went outside and sold upwards of 2-3k$ worth of pendants and ion generators. then when people started to press him about secret societies (are you a member of any) he bolted without his gift pack from the conference organizers TO THE limo and was on his way thousands of dollars richer. the most telling question i heard during his short speech was do emf blockers for cell phones work. OF COURSE he says NONE of them work EXCEPT his necklace. open hearted people r so f*ing gullible and he KNOWS that and is making a living off it. i think he’s excommunicated secret society member and BITTER. They normally kill guys like that when they start talking to aliens but they wouldn’t kill the nephew of alexndr grahm bell!!!! *one last thing: WHY do these f*kers always have a jovial red head 15-20 yrs their junior for a girlfriend??? (bell, seandavidmorton, hoagland, ad nauseum…) R they the only subspecies with standards low enough?? ;] P.S. bfore u freak out on me, hoagland is awesome :p

  21. Will Ferrell to mock ’08

    The New York Post’s Broadway columnist, Michael Riedel, reported on Wednesday that Ferrell was “quietly poking around” the New

  22. Knew Fred Bell forty years ago, back in the old “Spoon-bending craze” days. Yes, he’s quite the supreme egotist; however, his pyramids definitely do what he claims. I have several of them and use them for ripening fruit, meditation, etc. My first sight of him was driving up to Tahoe in several feet of snow, and seeing him shoveling the driveway in shirtsleeves with a copper pyramid on his head. I do not consider him to be awesome, but that he has lasted this long says something – think about it.

  23. I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing dr. fred for ten years-and those of you who take the time to explore his teachings and his work will find that he is 100% genuine.And very handsome..I don’t know who you saw, but it couldn’t have been him.
    Materialistic?NOT.he has helped more people than he will EVER talk about, he’s a brilliant interdimensional being-period.
    As far as his day-to-day companions?Least shallow man you’ll ever meet.
    What, you’re jealous that he clicks with beautiful women?He also hangs out with some not so beautiful ones, like me-
    Helping Autistic Children?HE HELPS MINE TO THIS DAY.
    Another thing he doesn’t toot his own spaceship horn about, he’s a talented musician and writer-as well as having the most curious and original sense of humour you could ask for-
    Sure, he gets tired-TIRED FROM HELPING OTHER PEOPLE!!
    Before you believe one single negative thing about this spectacular, dedicated scientist/artist/friend…do your homework.Meet him.
    You will find that whether or not he ‘profits’ from your meeting in measurable-by-dollar terms…he gives back a trillion times more than he ever takes-he gives of himself for the betterment of the world.period.
    Yes, he risks his very life being so public about what he knows-AND HE’S NOT KIDDING THAT HE KNOWS FIRST HAND…but it’s who he is.
    He deserves acclaim and attention and support, not flaming nonsense from whoever would criticize this amazing man.
    You can quote me.
    I’m going to call him right now and see how he’s doing.
    And since his knowledge of medicine brought my son out of a non-verbal state to having HIS OWN RADIO PROGRAM….STFU about ‘materialistic’-
    Dr. Fred is his hero.and mine.
    Plus he’s above paying attention to negative things.He’d just laugh and buy you an organic salad.

  24. I like Suzanne’s comments and it appears she has had a lot of contact with Fred, so likely is more credible.

  25. Reductio Says:

    “Dr.” — I love it. Now this pasty, red-dyed hair, gold-chain and cheap-suit wearing snake oil salesman is peddling his wares on eBay. The poor gullible souls who finance his comfortable lifestyle are the victims of this “doctor.” Where is his degree from? I assume he is not a medical doctor. And you can’t really trust anyone with a Ph.D. or other non-medical doctorate degree that insists on being called “Dr.” Overcompensating for God knows how many deficits. Assuming this guy even has a Ph.D., is it from an accredited institution? Maybe it’s from a secret correspondence school. Or maybe the degree was granted by his aliens and is invisible except with the use of his special pyramids. I thumbed through his tome on crystals, etc.; it’s like someone ripped out random pages and parts of pages from various advanced science textbooks, threw the pages and snippets up in the air, and pasted them together. A lot of the information isn’t incorrect, but it’s just a collection of random thoughts strung together. This, along with the snippits of complex scientific subjects he appropriates, makes the tome appear to be
    “scientific.” People say his book is so brilliant because it’s so scientific and people have difficulty penetrating the brilliance. It appears brilliant to these poor souls because it’s gibberish and impenetrable.

    See his picture on his e-bay page — a world of difference from the images of the “dr” on his website.

  26. Suzzanne, I have a friend with an autistic child and would like to get some
    understanding of how your son was ” healed “. Can we talk ?


  27. Uncle Vanya Says:

    Dr Fred Bell…’Too Good to Be True!’ A clever inventor, or just another two-bit ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ peddling 21st Century versions of ‘Cure Alls’ (Alledgedly).

    His website (Google for Dr Fred Bell) has all the hall-marks of a scam site. So if you Dudes still ‘beleive’, its a case of ‘Buyer Beware!’.

  28. Amazing, the photo on his blog, happens to be my garage! Certainly doesnt look like a serious ‘scientists’ ‘lab’ now does it ?
    Thats Bedini’s school girl circuit on the board, a nice kiddies periodic chart on the wall. An AFRICAN baboon skull to? Nice touch Mr rocket …. I have many many more such pictures. This one happens to be in the photo gallery on my site….

  29. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  30. Dr. Bell is a genius and speaks nothing but the truth. Time to wake up.

  31. Listened to Mr. Bell at the LAX Hilton yesterday. quite a resume and although it all sounds suspect I believe we about to make a quantum leap in awarness that will allow for a greater understanding of this mans products and statements.

  32. is it possible for the world to think? or possibly the centre of the galaxy also learn how to spell english america i was feeling insightful and the red line under centre which i have spelled perfectly englishly lol has stopped me though i still wish to stress i have a lot to say.

  33. no but seriously has this man any qualifications,proof or will to contact someone the same

  34. to reductio you know its over explained karma or something einsteins theory of relativity should prove it wrong for every positive there is a negative and energy is only transferred where does all that bad energy go dr bellend (p.s ive only read a small part) plus does this man have any theories based on fact i would like to read these first before paying for an alien version of a dream catcher i believe we could be smaller than mollecular structure maybe so small if inside a flame we could be millions of miles apart from each burning particle of gas if we are smaller than an atom we could potentially have billions of unseeable universes within metres yours sincerely lee mower

  35. I went to Dr. Bell’s web site and his methods of getting you to sign up with him are typical, manipulative advertising. Simple advertising psychology. Look it up, his ways are text book psych-ad methodology.
    He comes across as a person who is so interested in helping man kind, but can’t make enough money simply from his genius? If his things were real and he was real the info wouldn’t be hidden. Especially his experiences with the Pleadians (sp). Why shouldn’t this be public? Billy Meier (sp) is a known fraud, so as they say: Birds of a feather.. Think about it. If this guy was for real, he would tell all on his site and sell his gadgets, with a money back guarantee. It’s hidden to provolk the human need to satisfy his curiosity. I wouldn’t waste my time.

    My opinion.

  36. Doug Penner Says:

    Ok all the facts are true this guy is the real deal!!!!
    What he dont tell you is that he was a lab rat for the industries
    and that the experiment went wrong because in his mind hes the greatest thing sence sliced bread
    and did he also say that the little green people tell him stories at night before he goes to sleep!
    and that the easter bunny lives in his back yard next to the unicorn barn!
    LMAO hes a real fruit a big lemon drop

  37. Gunklepog Says:

    Doug Penner, you could be right.

    MK-ULTRA were as happy to mess up the minds of scientists as they were to do the same with anyone else. Screwing up the brain with unknown amounts of LSD and other drugs can produce very strange behaviour, sometimes permanently.

    Bits from wiki on MK-ULTRA (because its a summary and so not too lengthy):

    Experiments included administering LSD to CIA employees, military personnel, doctors, other government agents, prostitutes, mentally ill patients, and members of the general public in order to study their reactions. LSD and other drugs were usually administered without the subject’s knowledge and informed consent, a violation of the Nuremberg Code that the U.S. agreed to follow after World War II…

    Another technique investigated was connecting a barbiturate IV into one arm and an amphetamine IV into the other.[23] The barbiturates were released into the subject first, and as soon as the subject began to fall asleep, the amphetamines were released. The subject would begin babbling incoherently at this point, and it was sometimes possible to ask questions and get useful answers.

    Other experiments involved heroin, morphine, temazepam (used under code name MK-SEARCH), mescaline, psilocybin, scopolamine, marijuana, alcohol, and sodium pentothal.[24]…

  38. Mr. Fred Bell is indeed an enigma, but not easily dismissed to the truly discerning. We all have our contradictions, and sometimes brighter people’s contradictions are larger and appear more hypocritical. That does not mean they are not sincere and well-intentioned.

    I was in Dr. Bell’s Series 5000 generator built of pyramids, gemstones, and other gadgetry in early 80’s. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I came out of it after about five minutes and could no longer smoke cigarettes after 10 years of smoking. I wasn’t trying to quit! My Kundalini energy awakened and my life was transformed in myriad ways. His invention was an extraordinary catalyst for me.

    I’ve used some of his products for years; nuclear receptors, trace minerals, pyramids. They work.

    I finally met the man when he came to lecture in Mpls. I was so excited to meet him, and when I did I was shocked. He WAS very unhealthy looking, eating sugar donuts like mad. I couldn’t believe it. I talked to him for a minute and he was not present with me. He lectured on DNA and some of that was fascinating. But his talk of alien-friends and statements he relayed to us (from them) about events at that time were off.

    It’s so easy to judge another who behaves in an eccentric way, but I’m not going to do that. I’m not perfect or contradiction-free and none of us is. I do strive to ‘walk the talk’ and he didn’t appear to be very successful in that regard in 199x. He strikes me as genius/flake. And It’s not for me to know what his path should be.

    His wife is a peach. One of my best teachers said he ripped her off. It’s a mixed recipe with Dr. Bell and I wish him healing, peace, and the comfort of truth.

  39. bettygoodbody Says:

    suzanne, woman to woman, the reason that they see someone else from who you see, dear, is because you are most likely looking in the man’s pants.the wallet , not the other things. after ten years it’s gratitude and security, more than heat. or am i wrong, dearie? to have your grandpa invent the telephone, that is a milestone, so then what does grandson do? invents a magic pendant. isn’t technology just amazing. how we progress. simply put, takes advantage of people who are superstitious foolish, whatever that lack of common sense is, the whole thing is just about the money. but is it wrong to take these folks money? who knows? it’s all a matter of the power of belief. one thing i do think is very obvious. if ,and that is a huge if, bell really did go to university at fourteen and secret military at seventeen, etc, etc. all those incredible accomplishments,then why hasn’t he been on talk shows on tv, etc, and why does he have to sell a piece of ugly and cheap looking costume jewelry to make a living.? he has that photo of some tv actress i never heard of or saw , a couple of them, one in his house. if i was him i would not have said that was my house.first of all it looks like a poorer persons house than anyone who can afford a limo, that was probably all for show, and the lady who submitted suzanne may be the doctor himself, for all we know, the women in the photos with the pendant, well, the one in his house,the actress, she didn’t do commercials, which usually actresses do because she does not know how to pose with the product properly, or anything. it is all to show how this old dude can still pay a chick to pose in his house, and maybe some people will think doc is getting some on the side by inference. i think not. but what do i know.. nothing.i did not buy the necklace.

  40. bettygoodbody Says:

    people who make decent money don’t shovel their own snow, with or without a pyramid hat on their head.

  41. bettygoodbody Says:

    u men are still being fooled even as smart as you are. in other things, that is. let me give you some insight, from an over the hill , ex prospector. first of all the guy is a drummer, a big air showman, snake oil and traveling salesman. he making everything larger than life, most of the time this is like a balloon. poof… if he was all he claimed to be he would not have to spout his own advertising. the media would be planted in front of his door. all the time. he would be trying to do the reverse, lay low, quiet. so he is a lot of talk. he would not be above having some people who knows, friends, family, whatever, maybe the grandkids, “buy” his items at the trade shows, to encourage real buyers. didn’t you ever watch the lucy show? he could do what he does on a pension. folks with a lot of money don’t have to sell individual fake pieces of jewelry at trade conventions , i don’t see ted turner at trade shows selling dvds. the guy is not raking in zipp, and if he had such a hot background, then why is he doing this crap? get it, fellas?see it and the whole thing for what it is. he is not necessarily a bad guy or a good guy because this is his extra money. who is to judge this, it is a set of principals, and i am not qualified to judge this. just see what is really in front of you though. look, parents try to tell kids that santa claus is real.. they do. this can go as far as person religious beliefs because it is all about belief in something . basically. if you believe strongly enough that pendant will give you good health, and you suffer from a deadly disease, or you totally believe it will win you the lottery, i think you have to look for a much stronger pendant.

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