Random Halloween Linkage

And speaking of witches on this fine All Hallow’s Eve, here are some Halloweenie links. I do love a good secular holiday.

Halloween urban legends, included poisoned treats and razored apples.

Halloween Chick Tracts (trick? treat? you decide!)

The Halloween Movies:

And finally, why your pets hate halloween.

Update: One more link – check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day for Halloween 2000 (the Bad Astronomer is just full of interesting links).

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  1. Hallowe’en – what else?

    It’s that time of year again. Hallowe’en. A night of hiding behind the curtains and pretending that we’re out but forgot to turn off the television. I was amazed by our next door neighbour – they somehow deemed it acceptable to send…

  2. hey: is that spam i smell? thanks again for the cute doggy pics 🙂

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