Yet another ‘witch’ murdered in South Africa

So a man’s wife dies, and is buried. A few months later, another woman comes to him, lifts her petticoat to reveal her genitals, and then claims to have bewitched his wife, and offers to take him to her.

The woman is obviously insane. She is in need of help. The right thing to do would be to alert the authorities and have her committed.

But in South Africa, she is beaten and stoned to death by an angry mob.

And if you think that belief in witchcraft is a rural issue, and stems from a lack of education, think again. In 2000, Minister of Education Faith Gasa refused to enter her office because she believed a witch had cast an evil spell on it. She refused to come back until the office had been cleared of evil spirits.

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  1. I encountered a decidedly evil spirit when I was in the army. It went by the name of ‘Tequila’ and was responsible for much unhappiness.

  2. we’re still talking about south africa? because if that’s the case, i wouldn’t have gone so far as to imply that the minister of education is in any way educated.

  3. Maybe I should call in sick tomorrow…

    “Yeah, my office is cursed. Yes. I said cursed. No, wait… Hey, they hung up!”

  4. dont talk bout South Afreica that way!!! it just shows how obviously ignorant and racist you are!!! Yes Racist!!!

    Suck on that!~!!

  5. and that would be a prime example of a South African attitude to criticism. Congratulations for making my point.

  6. Methinks that post was in jest. I hope that that post was in jest, I shudder to consider, that were it not, that such people have such ignorance and access to “the internets”.

    I like Robsters idea – evil spirits – I think an evil spirit infected my home pc when I moved this weekend – I shook the powerful talismans of “spare, yet inferior” parts at it and the spirits left of their own accord.

  7. I don’t believe it was in jest. And even more worrying, it was posted from an SABC IP address.

  8. Just because she’s the minister of education, does not mean she is educated 🙂 This is South Africa, remember? The country where condoms get STAPLED to pamphlets and where there is no proof that HIV does in fact cause AIDS. South African parliament is a total joke — a place where the importance of your role to the country is inversely proportional to your competence for the role to which you have been assigned. A country where ignorance is celebrated and greed and stupidity runs rife and uninhibited.

  9. And let us not forget that they wanted to ban television camera’s from parliment lest the ministers be caught sleeping on film.

  10. After reading things like this I want to do two things:
    1) Cry like a little girl for about…. say…. a week
    2) Go to South Africa and help you come up with a way to explode heads at distances

  11. Spot, that would be totally awesome. The head exploding, i mean, not the crying.

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