Unfortunately the Darwin Awards have a minimum age

Wendy Northcutt over at the Darwin Awards doesn’t allow kids under the age of 16 to be nominated. It’s a pity, because this ex-idiot is a perfect candidate, but was only 15 at the time:

The group of boys said they were train surfing in memory of three friends who died doing the same thing last Friday. One boy fell off the train and died on the scene.

I have no words.


11 Responses to “Unfortunately the Darwin Awards have a minimum age”

  1. At 15 there is a common trend to believe that It will NEVER happen to you. Until it does.

    And then you`re fucked.

  2. This might just become an infinite loop…

    If this boy’s friends go train surfing in memory of him, and one of them dies, and their friends go train surfing in memory of him, and one of them dies…

    you get the idea 😉

  3. BA: i would think that the fact it just happened to a friend should be a sufficient wake up call even for a 15 year old.

    Ross: one can only hope…

  4. That is special….

  5. It’s a bit like multi-level marketing. The pay-off is quite severe, though.

  6. evo: hey, welcome to wordpress! I hear you made the voyage over. Hope the border guards didn’t give you too much trouble.

    kyknoord: well, in MLM the people who started the trend just get richer and richer the more idiots join the downstream. In train surfing, I don’t think the people who started the trend are going to get any more dead.

  7. I blame all this train surfing bollucks on Queen and their “I want to break free” music video.

    But then again, I think a 15 year old might be too young to have seen that. And they were’nt really surfing. Mind you, I think that something worse than this is that a couple of teenagers (now adults – and where exactly does one draw the line between teenagedom and adulthood?) have successfully sued Amtrak and some other train company in (no surprise here) the US because they were burnt when train surfing…

  8. Jebb, can you explain to me how a music video of men dressed as housewives, and using vacuum cleaners, would make one want to train surf? 😉 Am I missing something?

  9. Wasn’t the cross-dressing one Radio Gaga? Or I could be very confused.

  10. Cross-dressing: I Want to Break Free – The Works
    Black & White roller coaster: Radio Ga-Ga – The Works
    Train ride: Breakthru – The Miracle


  11. it brings a whole new meaning to the words ‘suicidal tendencies’
    one could say ‘what a way to go..’

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