The Ultimate Grudge Match

This work of genius, via Pharyngula, had me laughing out loud:

Darwin vs. God

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  1. Im putting ten bucks on God. He got them CRAZY eyes. All he needs to do is just cock and fire. Crrrrrrrraaaazzzzy Eyes.

  2. i’m betting on darwin – because he reminds me so much of neteru from hunter x hunter. he’s gotta be strong enough in nen to match some dude with too much hair and not enough patience.

  3. did anyone ever conceive that if there actually was something out there that people call ‘god’ that actually it might be a bit more intelligent than the bible bashers out there – and that even evolution might actually be an important part of ‘god’s big story’ – after all if you don’t believe in evolution -that means that stupid people are stuck in their stupid ways forever. ah yes. that explains stupid bible bashing fanatics.

  4. that’s the thing that a lot of bible bashers never seem to understand – evolution does not in any way discount the existence of a god, merely the fundamental, literal god that results from reading the bible like an idiot. But at the end of the day, facts are not subject to democracy – the existence of evolution is not subject to a vote. It just is, whether the fundies like it or not.

  5. the thing that i personally got from having a religious education that i felt was ‘positive’ and then i felt that i have since ‘evolved’ were the basic moral values of ‘truth’ and appreciation of ‘life’ – that was also a bit more evolved than blowing people up or interfering in other peoples lives in the name of ‘life’.
    personally i have since evolved the concept of ‘truth’ as including ‘the whole greater wonderful meaning of reality’ including such fundementals as ‘history’, ‘science’, ‘philosophy’ etc etc outside of one small comparatively tiny tiny book written and editted many times by various different patriarchal hegemonies over the years.
    however – one thing that i did find out in the process of quest for ‘truth’- was how the current version of the dispensationalist bible touted by mr burning bush and co is that it was invented as a political tool of manipulation and printed by none other than OUP (oxford university press) which is notorious for its involvement in the political machinery of subterfuge with the British Govt particularly in the 2nd world war.
    I shall leave the rest to your imagination.

  6. geez. can’t people just laugh at an amusing piece of humour, rather than turn the whole thing into a serious debate. it was a joke. laugh, people – LAUGH!

  7. um this was actually by a sean healey at

  8. BrokenL Says:

    God sucks.

  9. BrokenL Says:

    God sucks. VIVA LA DARWIN!

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