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Zapiro’s cartoon in the M&G today says it all when it comes to cultural learnings of the South of Africa:

Borat in South Africa

Muslim scholars have banned female circumcision, saying that there is no support in Islamic teachings for the practice. This comes as a surprise in Egypt, where as many as 97% of girls are subjected to this mutilation. Most women seem sure that Islam says they must do so to ensure that their daughters will be faithful to their husbands, although how this is meant to be an explanation, I just can’t imagine. If you ask me, as a mother I would sooner spit in the faces of religious leaders than forever cripple my child sexually just to satisfy some stupid religious doctrine. Anyway, it’s a cultural practice, not religious, and performed by both Christians and Muslims in Egypt.

And speaking of which, please fill out this after sales assessment of your deity. I must admit that when I got mine home and opened the box, it was empty.


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  1. I sent mine back for repairs and I’m still waiting for it to be returned.

  2. Mine is up in the attic with my papers from fourth grade — yeah, I’m a pack rat.

  3. re female circumcision – it is something that is practiced culturally in certain areas – like you say – and has no grounding in islam itself – and is in fact outlawed by mohamed himself.
    the tradition is mostly carried out by the women against their own children – and that is in fact what i find most disturbing about it – and has its roots in places like somalia.
    in egypt men and women nowadays are becoming more ‘modern’ too – and having premarital sex if they go away from home to university for example – but normally with a partner they intend to marry. if it doesn’t work out – because of ‘stigma’ the woman will then go to the doctors for surgery to sort themselves out again.
    i was told a story by an egyptian woman in cairo of a woman who had been raped by her father as a child. she had never told anyone because of shame. when she got married – her husband then discovered she was not ‘pure’ – and so refused to accept her as a wife and took her back to her family – the mother and father then refused to ‘believe’ what she ‘said’ and threw her out – she then ended up in a psycho bin as you can imagine.
    obviously that is an extreme case – but it is still pretty grim.
    with all the tourists in egypt particularly the ‘famous russians’ now as well – they got pretty strange mixed up ideas about morality going on in that part of the world. from one extreme to the other.
    the irony is that in egypt they all seemed to talk completely openly about sexuality like you’re talking about sliced bread. the story of the girl who ended up in the loony bin – was told by our female guide while we were being shown round a mosque.

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