Danie Krugel: More fuel for the fire


Please note that the date given for Leigh Matthew’s murder below is incorrect. My own fault for assuming the wikipedia article to be accurate. I apologise to all for this slip, and I have made a note on the discussion page for the wikipedia article that the dates are incorrect. However, this does not invalidate any of my other points regarding Danie Krugel.

Thanks to ‘non-sceptic’ for pointing this out. 

Following up on this week’s Midweek Cuckoo, let’s examine Danie Krugel’s interview a little more closely:

  Ruda: “How did you get involved in this area looking for people?”

Danie: “I was following the Leigh Mathews case and that night on the news they said they had found her body. I was so upset. What bothered me was what went through her mind. We heard the shocking news that her naked body was found in the veld. She was shot. The whole of South Africa was looking for her and nobody could help. That night I couldn’t sleep.”

Watching his son asleep, Danie made a decision.

Danie: “I took a pair of scissors and cut off a piece of his hair. I thought: if I can get diamonds, I am going to try this. I worked until 5 o’clock the next morning. The first test… no result. Nothing worked. Then, from two metres, I could pick him up. The first positive test was two metres from where he was lying there on the bed. Then we started… 25metres, 50 metres, 100metres, then 50 kilometres and 150 kilometres. I believe that night – with Leigh Mathews – if I may say so, the Lord saw my heart. ”

Now that’s very interesting. Leigh Matthews went missing in July 2005. And yet here is an article from December 2004 describing Danie and his magic missing person device! Is he psychic?

Ruda: “Is there anything metaphysical involved? Are you psychic?”

Danie: “I‘m a Christian and I put it clearly… this is science, science, science!  

No, apparently not. That pretty much only leaves ‘liar’ as an option.

Of course, Danie’s success may seem to be more than just chance. And it probably is. The insert listed Bloemfontein PI Leon Rossouw as a collaborator in Danie’s search for missing people, apparently often calling on Danie to help him in his investigations. What they don’t mention is that Leon’s speciality is tracking people down using their cellphone signals. Is it a coincidence that someone who is claiming to be able to track people to within a small area by triangulating their position using a ‘satellite network’ is collaborating with someone who can actually do so, using purely conventional means? Seriously, all Danie needed was the cellphone number of any of the missing persons, or any of Carte Blanche’s crew, for his ‘mysterious black box’ to trangulate the cellphone signal using existing cell company technology that Leon has available to him. Just a thought. You know, a suggestion. Something that Carte Blanche might have followed up on.

Seriously, it is amazing that a bunch of slackers with nothing but a connection to the internet and the ability to use Google have out-researched a show that employs professional researchers and investigators, and has all the resources available to them that Africa’s premium pay channel can provide.

The JREF have previously said that Danie’s device will be elligible for the Million Dollar Challenge if he sends in an application. What’s he waiting for?

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  1. these guys are probably prepping their own “million dollar challenge”, one that will satisfy them – all they need are some “psychic” judges and a pink 9lbs bowling ball with some woodglue (chewing gum if woodglue unavailable).

  2. Danie Krugel made it onto The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast. If you are not subscribed to them yet, you might want to check them out.

  3. Doh!! Sorry i only now saw the link on your fallacy 101section for The Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

  4. i actually haven’t subscribed to the podcast… although now that i have broadband at home that may very well change

  5. i actually haven’t subscribed to the podcast… although now that i have broadband at home that may very well change. But thanks for the tip.. i may need to listened to the latest one and put a transcription up here or something

  6. I also noticed his little slip there with the Leigh Mathews thing. Sloppy sloppy. If you’re going to be a high profile fraudster you need to remember the dates of your TV interviews. Misdirection usually works so well for fraudsters. “Shake it to the left shake it to the right, do the Chippy Shaik Shaik.. “

  7. non-sceptic Says:

    Please make sure of your facts – Leigh Matthews died in 2004. Read the story at http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/News/0,,2-7-1442_1561247,00.html

  8. non-sceptic Says:

    More links to show that moonflake has made a huge mistake regarding the dates of Leigh Matthews’ murder:

    1. http://www.anc.org.za/ancdocs/pr/2004/pr0714.html
    2. http://www.gpg.gov.za/docs/pr/2004/pr0722.html
    3. http://www.thestar.co.za/index.php?fArticleId=2155046
    4. http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/News/0,,2-7-1442_1561674,00.html

  9. thank you, non-sceptic, for pointing this out. You are indeed correct. I should know better than to trust a wikipedia article. Lesson learned.

    BTW, i find it very interesting that you call yourself ‘non-sceptic’ when your actions – not believing something simply because it was so written, and doing the research yourself – are those of a skeptic.

    However, none of this invalidates any of the other points made.

  10. non-sceptic Says:

    Well, it is a fact that Leigh Matthews died in 2004. The links were just evidence to prove the fact. I take it you didn’t see the story that was shown on 3rd Degree (on e-tv)?

    They tested mr Krugel. They hid their camera-man without a cellphone or any other electronic equipment that could be tracked. Mr Krugel found him.

    BTW Carte Blanche and 3rd Degree contacted mr Krugel for an interview. He didn’t contact them.

    We’ll just have to wait for a follow-up by Carte Blanche / 3rd Degree…

  11. It is also a fact that there is no way known to man that Danie’s device could work without rewriting the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. If this is so, he stands to gain much more by publishing his findings and holding them up for the scrutiny of scientists and engineers, as he may very well be the Einstein of this century. What he has discovered, if it works, may do far more for the human race than simply finding missing people. The potential is boundless. It will rewrite the textbooks.

    On the other hand, he refuses to divulge how it works, won’t publish his findings in any kind of journal, won’t do tests under true double blind conditions, and won’t patent the device. Classic symptoms of someone whose device does not do what he claims. Excuse me for thinking that the ‘test’ performed by a couple of journalists are not beyond being passed by someone with even an elementary knowledge of cold reading, never mind the actual technology that Danie’s partner has at his disposal. I did not see the 3rd degree program, but I can guarantee that they did not show viewers every moment of the test, which means there is plenty of room for Danie to be fooling them that you didn’t see.

    And you say they hid the cameraman without any cellphones or electronic equipment that could be tracked? Are you saying he didn’t have his camera with him? Or that the show guaranteed that his cellphone was off, that the cellphones of the people who dropped him at the hiding place were off, that the car they dropped him off in didn’t have a Tracker installed… Did they guarantee that no one who interacted with Danie before or during the experiment knew where the cameraman was, so that there was no way they could unconsciously give away the information? Did they guarantee that they weren’t followed or observed by an accomplice while hiding the cameraman… ugh, the list goes on. I’m sure you can think of at least another 10 ways to fool this kind of ‘test’.

    So yes, we will have to wait for a follow-up. But I don’t think it’s the place of a TV show to prove or disprove science, no more than it’s the place of a court of law. The arena of scientific proof is the scientific community, an arena which Danie refuses to enter.

  12. Worked with Danie Krugel for 6 years. Authentic. He is a Christian. He is very religious. From what I experienced working for him, I will believe anything he does. Silent but very serious person. Why not contact him and ask him yourself. Very approacable as well. Does a lot for the community.


  13. gruesome Says:

    AJ, if you know him so well, why not ask him to do something for the community and help find Madelein Mccan? That will silence the sceptics and gain him some much needed credibility. He has a free ticket there, what legitimate excuse can he have for not going?

  14. How about if he helped a little closer to home and found Mikayla Rossouw? Why is it that we have so many missing people every year, but Danie has only offered his services in a handful? Why has the success of his device not wowed the police into seeking him out as an expert in every missing person’s case so far?

  15. Did you watch Carte Blanch last night – 29 july. Please read your newspapers regulary and see how many children and missing persons he actually do find. It’s all over the press all the time. Phone the Police in Bloem and ask them too. You can’t claim to be a sceptic if you don’t follow all the stories.

  16. Wow – He is one man with a fulltime job. This is not part of his fulltime job. He does not ask money for this business, too many missing persons, not enough time

  17. Etienne Says:

    he,s not being modest, he,s being careful. if the tech falls into the wrong hands can you imagine what would happen.sceptics have very sour grapes as they did not stumble on the tech first. have you thought of how many people have already contacted danie to help. people dont want to exept the tech for the simple fact that it scares them,bungyjump for the first time i shat my pants,it goes better from thare. i am sure danie will eventually reveal all in good time,like he said,it is still EXPERIMENTAL. i like to compare him to tesla, the wright bros ,edison. comunicating without wires , flying twice the speed of sound…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………think BIG, EM2

  18. Etienne Says:

    aj,i saw cb last nite ,hope they take him seriously now.

  19. Yeah can you imagine the possibilities if this invention really works the way he says it does? Well if you have nothing to hide then you have no reason to hide, but the law would get a tremendous boost in crime fighting at the very least.
    I also would love to see Mr Krugel working full time, training others to do the same, and setting out to find all the lost children – including Madeleine McCann. He seems a very respectable, cautious and genuine man. I, for one, would call him immediately if anyone i knew went missing!!!

  20. Please add all new comments regarding Danie Krugel to the latest post here.

  21. Pierre Victor (Vic) Says:

    Thanks for the work you done within our community. I just hope those not believing in your techniques and science never need to ask for your assistance. Keep on the good work Danie. I would like to meet you again and just chat about your inspirations. Once an advance tracker always an advance tracker even using modern technology.

  22. I’ve just read an article about the missing todler maddeleine McCann. The journalist wo wrote thought it is a good idea to get Danie Krugel’s help on the case.Is it possible to send his contact details to http://www.findmadeleine.com

  23. Is it just not possible that according to quantum physics relative matter at the atomic level allways line up in relation to each other, that being the case, it is possible to look at the arrangment of matter at an atomic level and then turn it until it lines up at one point, Then do the same thing a couple of kilometers away and you should be able to triangulate the aprox. position of anything. Makes you think a little bit more huh!
    Keep going Danie Krugel, because you got me thinking about things I`d forgotten about.

  24. anonomous Says:

    Everyone should watch the news the nexst 48 hours regarding missing maddeleine. Danie Krugel is on it

  25. I reported it to the British authorities the very next day after watching Carte Blanche, they were very interested I gave them cb contact details and website. they were looking into it, I am waiting to hear what happens. It is sad that this world is so full of doubters…doesn’t anyone have faith and hope anymore?

  26. Debbie: we have an enormous amount of faith and hope – in the police, in science, in proven procedure, in the compassion of a nation, in human endurance, in love. Do we have faith and hope in a crackpot campus security guard with a magic box from the arse end of africa? No. Of course not. Unless it’s faith in the fact that he’s a fraud, and hope that he will be caught out before he hurts more people.

    Remember, it’s important to have an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.

  27. Well I too then must be from the arse ARSE END OF AFRICA you should try it some time people here are not as bitter and angry with the world. How can you crusify this guy without knowing your facts, what about innocent untill proven guilty? Or do you come from a country a without basic rights? Anyway, I am glad i do not live in your negitive world it must be lonley and scarey!!! All I see is a guy giving of himself for the benifits of others and you just a miserable neighsayer! Do not bother responding because I will not be waiting to read you negitive poison! Have A GREAT DAY, IF YOU KNOW HOW

  28. Debbie, sweetie, you may want to climb down off that high horse before you hurt yourself. If you took 5 seconds to do a little research you would discover that I, too, am South African. Get a grip on that righteous indignation before you make a fool of yourself…oh! sorry, too late.

    Your arrogance astounds me. Are you honestly so accustomed to being agreed with that the moment someone disagrees with you, no matter how educated or well researched their opinion, they must automatically be a naysayer and live in a negative world? Wow. Yours must be a sad, sorry existence – I cannot imagine what it must be like to feel as though you always have to be right, even in the utter absence of facts to back you up. I mean, the rest of us decide we’re right after we’ve taken the time to investigate, to truly understand the science behind the claims, and see everything in perspective. You, however, just make up your mind without having to expend any of this effort! It must be truly liberating… well, except for the bit where you look like an idiot.

  29. Danie, could you please help the mccann family tracking down they’re daughter. Mail me so we can discuss airfair, accomadation ect. regards michelle

  30. anonomous Says:


  31. The technology is pure science. Everything organic has an individual energy signature. More I will not say about this.

  32. More you will not say about this? The Force you must be speaking of! Right you are, you Jedi, speak of this we must not! Everywhere are the Sith…

  33. Psychic Bill Says:

    As far as Krugels motivation for this scam goes, I have this theory –
    he and his partner(s) are making a living as private investigators locating people with existing technology e.g. tracing cellphones.

    This magic box just gives him extra publicity and exposure for his PI activities.

    His mistake is that he is starting to get too much exposure now and sooner or later will be exposed.

    Therefore, I predict ….

    Krugel will not find the missing girl Maddy McAnn, but there will be some excuses/explanations from his fanbase.

    BTW – My crystal ball uses magic, magic, magic!

  34. Marlene van der Merwe Says:

    Please does anyone have a contact number where I can get hold on Danie Krugel?
    I have a missing friend, she has been missing since 25 Novmeber 2007.
    Please guys, help me!

  35. Marlene: You can contact the SAPS at any of their national missing persons bureaus listed here. I hope your friend is found and is well.

  36. These guys have 55 000 south africans on a case if needed Log on and see for your self and see how many cases have been resolved! i have been following http://www.eblockwatch.co.za danie offers his services here from time to time. Mastly the cases are resloved using an AMAZING INVENTION called internet and SMS.

  37. anonomous Says:

    August 3, 2007 at 8:27 am
    Everyone should watch the news the nexst 48 hours regarding missing maddeleine. Danie Krugel is on it

    Damnnit! Please can I stop watching now and go and get a beer and something to eat? I’m wasting away here!

  38. Natasha Says:

    I’m looking for the email address of Danie Krugel, we need his help!!!

  39. moonflake Says:

    Natasha: Danie Krugel is a fraud. Please do not waste your time or hopes on this con artist. If you care at all about whoever is missing, you will take a moment to review Danie’s track record on cases like the Madeleine McCann fiasco, and the Gouws case here in SA. Any time wasted following his false leads is time not spent looking for the missing person.

    If you are only looking for false hope, I suggest you contact smoother criminals such as any local psychic.

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