Firefly MMORPG

A massive multiplayer online roleplaying game, based on Joss Whedon’s Firefly. I really really hope this isn’t a joke. Because this will be the shiniest thing in the verse. (yes, i’m a big fan girl, so what?)


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  1. how forgiving will you be if it is, and it’s not up to scratch because the platform’s not ready?

  2. given the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of frothing fans out there baying at the gates for this game, i think they know that releasing something incomplete or shoddy is going to bring their company to its knees. On the flip side, bringing out something up to scratch will guarantee them loyal and dogged support forevermore.

    never forget, we done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.

  3. now let us pray… 😉

  4. It’s a weird 3rd party thing. But that’s the not the coolest firefly related thing of the week. Have a look at this:

    Synopsis: Firefly fans pay rather excessive amounts of money for a convention that former cast will be attending.

    Con cancelled day before. Stars show up anyway, organise private bash. Fun had by all.

  5. aaaaaaa. i love firefly to bad they only made 15 episodes but now a MMORPG? oh that rocks

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