Road Signs – Dead End Ahead

IOL today had an article in its motoring section claiming that a recent study by InsuranceHotline has shown that Libras are the worst drivers, and Leos are the best.

Leaving aside for the moment all the obvious comments about astrology, let’s assume that the findings are factual. One would expect that, like other true things, similar studies will yield similar results. A quick googling ensued.

A study by woman’s insurance company Diamond agreed that Libras are the worst drivers. Proof, you say? Yet their study claimed that Virgos are the best. Surely they must be mistaken!

Yet another study by Allstate showed that Virgos are in fact the worst, and Aries are the best. A fourth study by Suncorp Metway found that Geminis are the wost and Capricorns are the best! How can this be?

Ugh, the continuing gullibility of people astounds me.

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  1. The recent phenomenon of “womens insurance companies” is, itself, something that astounds me. I recently received an ad from one called 1st for Women.

    I’m planning to apply for insurance shortly. If they turn me down I shall point out that they are in violation of the constitution.

  2. “…the continuing gullibility of people astounds me…”

  3. Have you ever heard of Steven Milloy? This guy is dodgy in the extreme. He runs a site called which I linked to from a science news site. The fact that he’s pro-DDT and anti-global warming tipped me off that he might be a nutcase. I would love to know if his qualifications are real.

  4. evo.llusion Says:

    I’ll take the Suncorp one i think =)

  5. Lies, damn lies and statistics. It’s the twisting of statistics in nonsensicals ways for the sake of a story angle. Even objective insurance statistics don’t tell you any “facts” about any drivers, it just points out the highest risk facors. The real risk factors are the type of car, the location and the driver’s history (speeding tickets, other accidents etc.) And even then many low risk individuals get punished and a few high risk individuals slip through loopholes. But, like anything else to do with astrology, applying it to insurance is a joke.

  6. Salman: let us know how it goes. Can you imagine the furore that would ensue if they instituted a ‘men only’ insurance company?

    kyknoord: i’m not sure, really. I guess it’s because i can’t believe that the human race hasn’t gone exctinct yet, given that all evidence shows we’re uniquely unsuited to survival by virtue of sheer stupidity.

    Bast: i shall investigate anon.

    evo: sucker :p

    Mr Angry: you should know by now that 86% of all statistics are made up on the spot anyway.

  7. Being a Capricorn with immensely safe driving skills I totally agree with the survey. I have been driving for five decades and have not had one accident….well only one and that was the other guy’s fault, ot so my passenger said just before he passed on, then all the other ‘occurences’ were purely because of circumstances beyond my control… and the drinking…and when I get my points back I will increase my record.

  8. Well it’s obvious InsuranceHotline has the correct study.

  9. just test soft-a :))))

  10. If you listen to the Matrix soundtrack on your Ipod, or perhaps a fun song by an Irish band, your life automatically becomes a movie.

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  12. What most people don’t realize is that the distribution of the number of births in any given sun factors varies from geographic region to geographic region. In France, for instance the greatest number of people were born in the sign of Taurus, while in the United States, more people are born Virgos than any other sign. In France, the fewest people were born as Scorpios, while in United States there are fewer Aries than any other sign.

    One study on car insurance was conducted in Australia, and I have not seen data compiled on distribution of births for that continent. The other study was conducted in North America.

    Before we decide that Astrology is stupid or bogus on the basis of two studies, lets filter relevant data, like birth sign distribution through the results. We might be surprised.

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