Festive Season Wishes

Some people are confused by my child-like joy around Christmas time, because I’m vocally not a christian. I’ve explained this before on my blog, so i’m not going to go through it again. I’ve been looking for a secular name for the celebration that I enjoy, and there are a number that I’ve discarded. I don’t like Xmas because it’s really just too close to the original. That, and Xtina Aguilera pretty much ruined the use of X in this sense. I’ve also rejected the more elegant Wintermas, because down south where I live, it’s the middle of blazing bloody summer. So for now, I’m going with Decemberween.

Either way, I wish everyone a happy festive celebration of their choice. I’ll be spending mine with my loved ones, enjoying family traditions, giving and receiving gifts, feasting and in generally having a jolly good atheist time.

And just because, here’s a christmas-themed alternative treatment with dubious efficacy – using mistletoe as a cure for cancer.

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  1. I’m quite fond of Crimbo myself =P Thanks to KoL, I will admit, where the full name is Crimboween. Wintereenmas is what CAD call it, although that is also Northern Hemispherical.

    And just cos someone lame uses an abbreviation doesn’t mean I’m stopping – I was there first, dammit! Plus, when you’re fighting and typing at the same time, you take whatever contractions you can find ^_^

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