Yet more virgin mary pareidolia

She’s at it again, ladies and gents. This time the virgin mary has seen fit to imprint her holy visage on a tree stump in an abandoned lot in Passaic, New Jersey. Residents promptly erected a makeshift shelter for the relic, and surrounded it with candles, flowers and rosary beads. A little while later, the roof collapsed.

Did the faithful see this as a sign from on high that their worship was poorly placed? Did it cause them to consider the possibility that they had made a mistake in their interpretation of the bible’s stance on worshipping images? Did they see it as god’s way of saying “what are you talking about? It looks like a parrot to me”?

Of course not. Much as the faithful will see the image they want to see in random stains, they will read the message they want to read in random occurances. They simply took it upon themselves to build a more sturdy, permanent structure. And then they enrobed the stump in priestly vestments, and adorned it with a silver crown.

I’m with Randi on this one – even if it does happen to bear a resemblance to a woman’s face, how exactly do they know it’s the face of the Virgin Mary, when no known image of her has ever existed? The mother of god was hardly the kind to be posing for portraits, so how the faithful claim, 2000 years on, to know her face when they see it in a tree stump, or a chocolate croissant, or a toasted sandwich, is beyond me.

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  1. Another bit of pareidolia for you, or a good spoof.

  2. She makes me laugh, Mary, with her ability to appear everywhere!

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