Televangelist sued for claiming God cured her brother of cancer

A televangelist is being sued by her nieces and nephews for claiming that their father, her brother, was cured of his cancer by the power of prayer and the will of god. How is it that they can prove that it wasn’t god who cured him? Because he’s dead.

Darlene Bishop apparently convinced her brother Darrell “Wayne” Perry to go off the chemo. He went into (probably spontaneous) remission, and Darlene claimed it to be the work of god. They toured, she wrote a book, money was made. Months later, he was dead.

Of course, as support for her actions, Darlene also claims that the devil gave her breast cancer because she refused to stop preaching when he told her to. For pain medication, she wrote scripture on paper and put it in her bra, and prayed to god to heal her. God eventually did. Of course, the fact that her symptoms included bleeding could point to a number of other causes besides cancer, including infection or absess, which could clear up spontaneously or if she just took some antibiotics. She also doesn’t say that she ever went to a doctor and received a diagnosis of cancer. Her brother, on the other hand, was diagnosed with throat cancer and was undergoing chemo. There was no doubt that he was going to die if he didn’t get treatment.

According to her family, her brother’s death may have been averted if not for her interference, and are arguing wrongful death. I sincerely hope they win.


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  1. Greetings.

    I first heard of the “Skeptics’ Circle” a few days ago. I submitted an entry for consideration. Either i missed the deadline, or my submission was found inadequate (oh, the unbearable shame!!!! :-), but so far i’m finding the entries which were accepted to be interesting, and amusing.

    I live in Dayton OH, not far from the Solid Rock Church. That’s the church which is the home of this woman. They have a giant statue of Jesus reaching up to the sky just in front of their building. The statue is visible from I-75. It may be a source of inspiration to many true believers, but the stutue is also a source of humor for the les ‘reverant’ locals in this area.

    One comedian has a song in which he referes to the statue as “buttery Jesus” because object does look as if it has been carved from butter. That song is a favorite of one of my friends. I had to pass the facts of this story along to him just now, and wanted to apss along his thanks, as well as my own, for you taking the time to share this information.

    Have a great day.

  2. You too: Lorraine Day is a kook – claims to know the ‘truth’ about everything from cancer to aids. I should do a post on her some time.

    Radar: it’s my absolute pleasure. As far as i’m concerned, if you need to build an 18m high statue of your imaginary friend, you have a problem.

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