Psychic didn’t see it coming

Psychic Carole Peach was let down by her Red Indian spirit guide this week, when he failed to give her advanced warning of an impending snatch and grab.

[Carole] had no forewarning that a mugger would reach through the open passenger window of her husband’s car, punch her in the face and grab her bag containing two wallets, R2 500 in cash, bank cards, her telephone and ID books, two cellphones and her heart tablets.

I believe a punch to the face is in fact the traditional way to greet psychics when you meet them for the first time. If you land the punch, they’re obviously a fake.

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  1. Well yes. I am always suspicious of psychics who are not obscenely wealthy, and of motivational speakers who tour the country in cheap chequered suits, dispensing the secrets of success before spending their nights in dive hotels.

    But mostly, I’m just suspicious of psychics. Mostly.

  2. they knew you’d say that.

  3. Judging from the photo, I’d say her spirit guide is of the methylated variety.

  4. aweful, all of you. i’m now imagining a documentary following around a rather ordinary-looking chap who goes from psychic to psychic beating up on them, and then pressing charges of fraud on all those who don’t call the police before he arrives. i can see a few seasons of this being extremely popular.

    it should be called “non-sense”.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I believe a punch to the face is the traditional way to greet self-righteous know-it-alls … or perhaps a quick mugging for you … you know just for the experience.

  6. let’s not forget anonymous cowards in that list. And anyway I’m a South African – crime isn’t an experience, it’s a day of the week ending in the letter ‘y’.

  7. Then you should know better.

  8. actually, no, if crime is a daily occurence here then i would be sort of desensetized to it, wouldn’t I? Thereby being able to see the funny side in it, rather than taking offence bacause someone had laughed at the misfortune of a con artist? So what, exactly, should I know better about? Laughing at the misfortune of idiots, or that said laughing would attract even more idiots?

  9. A question to moonflake (before the relentless mud slinging and flaming from your cronies begins). You have most kindly summarised the “Top 20 Logical Fallicies” in your Fallacy 101 guide – an excellent guide by most accounts. Do you use this a guide when you ridicule and mock or is it just for show? I await your insightful, possibly witty and almost certainly scathing answer.

  10. ridicule and mockery is to be distinguished from logical debate, as i am sure you are aware from your opening salvo as ‘anonymous’, and from reading such logical fallacies as Ad Hominem and Tu Quoque. I am not trying to engage in logical debate with Ms. Peach as to the relative merits of her con artistry, and instead I am laughing at a woman who makes a living off the gullible getting her just desserts. Much like you were not attempting to weigh the relative merits of viewpoints on psychics, but were rather trying to clamber up on your high horse.

    How’s the view from up there, anyway?

  11. I have little with issue with you wanting to expose frauds. In fact I’d be up there rooting for your side if it weren’t for your lack of empathy for anything human. Why is it ‘just desserts’ that someone should be mugged when it has nothing to do with their profession? It is very likely that you know little or nothing about Ms. Peach and it is self-righteous and arrogant of you to link her misfortune to what she does. Are you even capable or willing to try and understand why some people need to cling to faiths other than science. Not everyone who believes in something that falls outside of the rational boundaries of science is a charlatan.

    It surprises me that someone who is as well educated as yourself and lives in a country where violence is way to common an occurrence, would use her forum to keep pushing people down. I am as much a skeptic as yourself when it comes to the insights of psychics but I don’t use a public medium such as this to bully someone who has different views to myself.

  12. 1. science isn’t a faith, it’s a method for investigating reality. The processes involved are utterly different. Saying people ‘cling to faiths other than science’ is like saying people speak languages other than cheese. It’s a nonsensical statement.

    2. Yes, not everyone who believes something that falls outside the rational boundaries of science is a charlatan. Most people are just ignorant. In today’s culture of information, ignorance is not an excuse, especially when coming from people getting a first world education, and from people who advertise their services for a fee. You seem to forget that these people are not harmless – their predictions and prescriptions have the potential to lead people into serious harm, in an ‘industry’ that has absolutely no regulations. Ignorance is not an acceptable defense in a court of law, it’s not an acceptable defense here either. In fact, ‘stupidity’ is one of the main tags on this blog.

    3. Patronising people who believe in woo is not working as a method to get people to realise that they are wrong, but despite that there are loads of other sites out on the intarweb that will take that tactic if that’s what you prefer. I prefer a frontal assault. There is no time for patronising and tolerance when people are taking homeopathic remedies instead of real medicine, are dying of cancer while believing that a faith healer has cured them, are listening to their psychic and their tarot reader and their astrologer instead of their therapist or doctor or family, are devoting their lives to cults that are by no means harmless in an of themselves (think heaven’s gate, waco, koolaid), and are walking around spouting nonsense about science because they think a 2000 year old anthology of sermons has something to say on the subject. So yes, i will rant and rave and push and prod and belittle and belabour until things change. I know that this blog is barely a dent in the problem, but i’m doing what i can, in my way. If you prefer a different way, please refer to Google for further assistance.

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