Randi Changes Tactics on Million Dollar Challenge

As of April 1st this year (and what a fitting date that is) James Randi will be upping the bar on his Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.

No longer will resources be wasted on responding to loonies typing out their applications from their parents’ basement, claiming to be able to make streetlights turn on and off randomly (but only sometimes), or claiming to have a vague feeling that they’re actually an alien stuck in a human’s body, or claiming to be able to detect the psychic distress of boiling eggs.

Now, the challenge will only be open to the John Edwards and Sylvia Browns, those who have gained some level of media attention or notoriety. The logic is simple – the people who have the highest duty to prove their abilities are those who are making a living off them. The challenge will now only be open to those who have fooled multitudes, rather than those who have fooled only themselves.

The JREF will also be identifying candidates each year who will be actively called out for the challenge. In addition, Randi will be actively investigating professional mind-readers and spoon-benders for proof of criminal fraud, or opportunities for civil lawsuits.

Good news, Danie Krugel – you still qualify for Randi’s attentions.


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  1. david johnson Says:


    cfi nostradamus usa

    center for inquiry

    to see how we stopped Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge

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