Dumbest statement about an actor ever

According to British writer Leslie O’Toole:

[Will Smith] once confided to me that he’d love to make a romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz but feared that his audience wouldn’t accept it.

What the hell kind of comment is that? If it’s true, Smith is a little less intelligent that I thought he was. But that aside, how’s this ingenius paragraph from the same article:

The Pursuit Of Happyness star has appeared in a number of romantic comedies but black or Latino women almost always play the love interest, because he doesn’t think the public would be happy with any interracial pairing.

Since when is a black man and a latino woman not an interracial pairing? Have Americans now decided that all shades of brown are the same race? If Will’s fans can accept him starring opposite Eva Mendes then they should accept him starring opposite Cameron Diaz.

Especially since no one seemed to have a problem with him starring opposite Bridget Moynahan in I, Robot. Or Tea Leoni in Bad Boys. Nor, I expect, will they have a problem with him starring opposite Charlize Theron in the upcoming Tonight, He Comes. All of which are movies where the female lead is an obvious romantic interest, especially the last one. Yet somehow a romantic comedy is different? Is there something about romcoms that flips a racist switch in people’s brains?

Ugh. Apparently to be a journalist in the entertainment section of a newspaper, you don’t actually need to have a questioning bone in your body.

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  1. I remember reading something about Wesley Snipes refusing to co-star with a cracker chick a few weeks back. He was afriad of alienating his black female audience, who would be upset if he were seen to be supporting the stereotypic view that white women are more desirable.

    Perhaps this is a garbled version of that report, or perhaps Wesley has set a trend. It would be a silly trend, if he has.

  2. I dunno, the term “bonehead” had to come from somewhere.

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