Midweek Cuckoo: Wiolawa Revisited

Some of you may remember Wiolawa, the former midweek cuckoo who finds lizard aliens in just about everything, with the secret power imbued by photoshop filters.

Well, she weighed in on the recent passing of Comet McNaught with this gem. Yes, you guessed it, photoshop reveals that the comet is indeed an alien spaceship, complete with lizard queens looking out the windows and human bodies draped upside down on the bow. Silly me, I thought it was just a big ball of ice and dust following gravitational imperative.

This woman’s madness needs to be seen to be believed.

Tip of the tinfoil helmet to the SA Skeptics Forum for this one.


10 Responses to “Midweek Cuckoo: Wiolawa Revisited”

  1. after my experience with the 3d pictures, i’m guessing when she looks at the photos she really CAN see those things. maybe… maybe she’s onto something?

    *pokes finger into brain through flared nostril*

  2. OMFG! That is by far your best cuckoo. Bodies on the outside of the ship!!!! How unhinged do you have to be before you start saying/seeing things like that?

  3. Im sooooo tired of evil lizard aliens from beyond. When are the Space Babes gonna get here?! Where are the tinfoil bikini’s and messages of sexual enlightenment?! NO, all we get are anal probes and lizard queens!

    Its sooo unfair…

  4. dude, all the space babes settled down and got married – they’re not coming :S

  5. Since we’re dealing with an ‘accordian’ type ship here, I was rather disappointed to see she didn’t draw the obvious conclusion that those sneaky space aliens are responsible for country music. Yeeee-haw!

  6. Looks like I’ve been seriously underestimating the potential of Photoshop…..

  7. ork_khrist Says:

    Hehe I must read this midweek Cuckoo more often. IT made my day! no I dont normaly read blogs, but this might just get me to start. Oh why am i here. Umm shamless plug. I posted on mine. sorry *runs*

  8. Of all the cuckoos, I think she might be the only one who is seriously certifiable. The others are mostly just cons. Someone needs to sponser this woman some medication.

  9. TW: ONTO something? I think she might be ON something…
    Mr Angry: about an 8.7 on the loon-o-meter, i reckon
    babyacid: what i want to know is, what are the chances of aliens being humanoid in the first place? The very fact that they all appear to be should be evidence to us that they’re products of the human brain and not evolution on another planet.
    TW: killjoy
    Kyknoord: she’s probably a fan. Country music makes you crazy.
    Akichan: I wonder if she gets comparible results with GIMP?
    Ork: good to see you online again, Orkie šŸ™‚
    Bast: we should put her in contact with some of the other midweek cuckoos. If ever there was someone in need of applied kinesiology, it’s Woilawa.

  10. seems as though too few know the nature of storing light in photography especially if it shows humans what the reptiles do not want to be shown..

    ah ho WIO

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