Manto on sick leave, replaced by transport minister

While Manto receives the very best Western treatment for her lung condition, eschewing the African Medicine she supports so strongly, she has been temporarily replaced in her duties by the Transport Minister, Jeff Radebe.

I would have thought the natural person to take over as acting minister during this time would be her deputy minister, Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge. I’m a little puzzled as to how the minister of transport (who doesn’t even have the benefit of a dodgy cold war Russian degree) is going to be running the health department while it’s undergoing critical restructuring of its policies, although frankly he couldn’t do worse than Manto so there’s that to be thankful for.

It seems to me that after Madlala-Routledge showed herself to be a competent, outspoken, driven woman capable of revolutionising the health ministry and bridging the divide between the government and NGOs to better the lives of the people… well, she can’t possibly be Mbeki’s first choice. That would be in direct contradiction to his denialist beliefs, and we can’t have that. It makes me wonder whether Manto came back into office too soon after her illness because she didn’t want Madlala-Routledge associating with TAC and making progress, or if Mbeki told his meatpuppet to get back in and save their act.

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  1. Con-Tester Says:

    If nothing else, it illustrates once again the attention span of our leaders: “competence” is easily mistaken for “competition”. They do share the same first six letters, you know.

    Maybe Radebe will start touting beetroot, garlic, etc. in lieu of ICU for train smash victims.

  2. i agree with thabo – with a name like jeff he HAS to be the first choice. hail to the chief!

  3. Wait, Isn’t this the guy who authorised cattle mutilation as a measured response to increased crime on the trains?

  4. I reckon it’s because Jeff has done such a bang-up job with public transport, he was the obvious choice.

  5. Con-Tester: perhaps he will introduce the broomstick as a public transport device
    totalwaste: maybe Thabo got confused and thought he was voting in Lucas Radebe?
    babyacid: maybe he’ll be sanctioning crop circles next time
    kyknoord: you think people will start setting fire to hospitals now?

  6. Mdladla-Rouge has no struggle credentials, and that’s what counts, in our cabinet. And when that lot eventually get too old then it’ll be the kids of struggle veterans that eventually work their way to the ranks of power. We can at least hope they’ll be better educated.

  7. Hi Moonflake, Whatever the opinions on traditional medicines I still think the ARV argument is stuck in a rut and there are more options available.
    So I’ll give the latest here. It should interest especially Dr Escombe’s work on TB.

    I really think hospitals and TB wards could be fitted with this if everyone got together on doing it.

    “Results: After 501 days there were 110 tuberculin-positives in the control animals, 53 in ionizer animals, and 30 in UV animals (p400/cumm). Furthermore, treatment of blood cultures from human immunodeficiency virus infected subjects with N-acetyl cysteine, a glutathione precursor, caused improved control of intracellular M. tuberculosis infection.”
    Glutathione and growth inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in healthy and HIV infected subjects

    This is also why Tine Van Der Maas in South Africa would be getting good results from using Garlic and Lemons, Garlic is high in Selenium, Lemons simply stop scurvy.

    “There has been a lot of news coverage on the controversy between, on the one side, our Minister of Health Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang (South Africa) and her stance on natural remedies, like lemons and garlic, and on the other side, the Treatment Action Campaign, scientists, doctors, journalists and politicians who push relentlessly for Anti-retro-virals and other medications as the only solution. We are the people being referred to as Dr Manto’s Quacks, the people behind the Wellness program Dr Manto keeps referring to.”
    Power to the People

    Have a good day there.
    CU’s Cal

  8. OK the bits that didn’t come up…(:
    This study came out in January of this year and makes sense.

    “NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Selenium supplements can slow the rise in virus levels in HIV-positive patients”
    Selenium may help lower HIV levels

    In Africa a doctor called Harold Foster is already using Selenium to treat AIDS and TB.

    “Implications for Treatment
    As described previously, AIDS appears to be simply a combination of the symptoms caused by four main nutrient deficiencies, those of selenium, cysteine, tryptophan and glutamine.”
    A Nutritional Solution to AIDS and Other Viral Pandemics DEC 2006

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