55th Skeptic’s Circle

… is up at The Second Sight.

Wander on over to catch up on the latest in skeptical bloggery. Yes. I said bloggery.

I also had a good laugh at this take on Science vs. Faith. Process flow diagrams are the answer to everything.


4 Responses to “55th Skeptic’s Circle”

  1. residentRsole Says:

    Remember when George Ellis at UCT that won the Templeton Prize for his attempt at unifiying science and religion ? I haven’t actually read what he wrote because I fail to see how one can bring two completely opposite approaches together. One is based on Baconian method, the other on crap.

    Richard Dawkins rightly criticised the idea of the Templeton Prize which stands at $ 1.4 million dollars – or maybe he’s just jealous that he doesn’t have the cash. Hell, for $ 1.4 million dollars I will declare the cockroaches in my shower to be the Rulers of all Creation and worship them. You can even make me the Midweek Cuckoo. 🙂

  2. With the lunar eclipses this month (one on the 4th i think!?) apparently there are a whole bunch of nutters doing stupid things again. Looks like u’ll have plenty to write about on wednesday:P

  3. gnomeza Says:

    Stew Webb. Possibly Midweek Cuckoo worthy.

  4. Oh, and speaking of science vs. faith, there are actually textboooks, being read by schoolchildren, that go, “there are two explanations for the origin of mankind, and only one is correct. That God created the world is correct. The theory on evolution is wrong.”

    The book further claimed that as he lay dying, Darwin retracted his life’s work and gasped out his dying wish, “Tell them about God.”

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