Danie Krugel: Officially a Liar?

Some of you may recall that in January, Danie Krugel – erstwhile inventor of a device that can supposedly find anyone, anywhere, with merely a snippet of their hair – made a promise to me:

Danie also made a deal with me: in the next three months, there will be some big event regarding his device. He wouldn’t give specifics, but did eventually say after some pressing that the news would be international, and big, and if it didn’t happen in three months I could call him a liar.

Well, I’ve been generous and given him four months, to the day. A google search for the name Danie Krugel, conducted today, returns the following top five hits: the JREF forum thread about him, an article from 2004, and three links to my blog. It seems I’ve done more to make Danie Krugel famous than Danie Krugel.

As an aside, the news programme Carte Blanche, which promised to follow up on Danie by the end of January, has not done so to my knowledge.

Does anyone have anything else to add, either from the ‘big news’ front or the Carte Blanche follow up? Because if not, I will be forced to accept the fact that both Danie Krugel and Carte Blanche are officially liars.


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  2. Con-Tester Says:

    Maybe our Danie was too busy writing VIP profiles (like George Washington’s) for Time magazine…

  3. jesusfreak Says:

    Reading your comment on Times’ decision to have an Intelligent Design man write Richard Dawkins’ profile revealed that you are possessed by Satan’s demons.

    We’re always looking for evil and possessed unbelievers like yourself at His People. I’d like to bring you in for an exorcism as soon as possible. Please go to our nearest church and give your heart to Our Lord and Saviour who loves you but will still send you to a lake of fire for all eternity.

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  4. interestingly enough if you did find it that they were probably deceptive in their statements alltogether…

  5. Con-Tester Says:

    Perhaps I should have written “George ‘I cannot tell a lie’ Washington” in the interests of greater clarity.

  6. wait! WAIT! maybe he wasn’t talking about three months OUR time?!

    maybe he’s invented a device that can transport through the planes TO OUR FUTURE???
    maybe he did something so INCREDIBLE that the governments IN THEIR INFINITE WISDOM and EVIL WAYS jumped on him, silenced him and his work?!!!

    i say it’s time to set up a “free danie krugel” website.

  7. jeremy thomson Says:

    Hi..does anyone know how to get hold of Danie Krugel?

    Please let me konw


  8. Well, Moonflake, serves me right for not actually reading your blog on a regular basis. I totally missed this one. But here is a belated offer:

    I will pay for the flight to Bloem for you to meet Danie on condition that I can come too, you see I have many many frequent flier miles expiring soon and donating some of them to scientific endeavour sounds like a splendid plan.

    I’ll phone you about this as soon as I’ve posted. I got your number on the intarwebs!


  9. Ok, so you’re out of the country, ok give me a call when you get back.

  10. non-sceptic: the plural of anecdote is not evidence, and a couple of articles by credulous journalists in local newspapers does not constitute a big international media event. The links you gave prove nothing beyond that Danie Krugel is very good at convincing the desperate and bereaved that he can do something that he refuses to submit to scientific scrutiny, will not patent, and cannot justify with a theoretical model.

    Schpat: Lovely offer, but to be honest, I don’t trust Danie not to organize a shallow grave for the both of us, only to have us be reported missing so that he can ‘find’ us with his ‘device’.

  11. So what are you saying? That The City Press, Volksblad and Rapport are publishing false articles? That Carte Blanch and 3rd Degree are broadcasting false and incorrect material?

    There are some things in this world that you don’t understand. And me neither. Man will never comprehend the inner workings of the universe. Only God knows how He created it all. Do not judge someone without knowing the facts. One day we will all be judged by God. Including you.

  12. But Danie understands the inner workings. So he can’t be a man, he must be divine…the second coming!?! I here trumpets sounding the distance…Oh woe is me, woe is me. My sinner self is such trouble.


    Journalists need to fill column inches. That’s where local interest stories come from. Local interest journalists tend be on the lower rungs of the organizational ladder – and usually the less talented, less inquisitive types.

    The same is true of Carte Blanche and 3rd Degree, who have sad histories of running absolutely crap “weird science” stories when they can’t find decent editorial.

    Edutainment indeed.

  13. Mr. Krugel is using science. You can make stupid jokes, say bad things about mr. Krugel if it makes you feel good… but you are acting like a fool.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  14. non-sceptic: there’s a big difference between publishing a knowingly false article, and publishing a credulous one without bothering to investigate further. I’m sure the people involved believed Danie, and I’m sure the journalists believed the people they interviewed. That doesn’t make their version of the events true. As I’m sure you are well aware, eye witnesses are the most unreliable type of evidence.

    Your reaction might be applicable if Danie were claiming to be psychic, or claiming that God helps him find people. But he is claiming to have invented a device that works with science. So take an objective look at the situation. Would you be giving a pharmacist the same benefit of the doubt if he claimed to have found a cure for cancer but refused to share it outside of his own community, subject it to testing, or explain how it works? If his only evidence was anecdotal? Either it doesn’t work and he’s lying and tricking people, or it does work and he’s the biggest selfish prick in the history of the universe, keeping something to himself when it could be used to save millions around the world.

    Seriously, take a step back and think about it.

  15. Read this article:

    Krugel found the girl. Not the police. Not her family. Within 30 minutes after the police has contacted Danie he pointed them (the police) to her body. The little girl was killed and raped.

    These are all facts. No use disregarding or ignoring it.

    Danie found the girl.

  16. how about you read it.

    He said Krugel called him half an hour later and pointed out three routes in the area where the police should search.
    “We would find Ntebele where the routes crossed.’’
    Gelderbloem walked along the second route with a compass and discovered Naledi’s body wrapped in a sheep skin under a thornbush.

    So no, actually, he didn’t find her in 30 minutes. In 30 minutes he suggested three possible routes along which the police could start searching, and predicted that they would find her where the routes crossed. The police then conducted a search and found her along one of the routes an undisclosed amount of time later.

    Can you honestly not see that this isn’t the same thing as pointing them to her body half an hour after being contacted? You only need to have a vague knowledge of the general area where she went missing to predict three entirely different paths that the assailant could have taken in leaving the place she was last seen. Any cop worth his badge could have done the same without a mysterious device. On top of it, the only definite statement he made, that she would be found where the paths crossed, turned out to be wrong.

    Just so you know, the opposite of skeptical is gullible, credulous and foolish. I can see from your comments why you choose that as your identification. If you wish to reinforce my opinion, please continue to comment, but I’ve had enough of explaining the obvious to you so don’t expect further response.

  17. Danie pointed out 3 routes which the police followed. That meant that the body were along those 3 routes and/or where they crossed. And they found her. The police didn’t come up with the routes themselves.

  18. So non sceptic, you agree that Danie is a selfish prick then?

    You believe that he’s got the technology to save lives, but just won’t share it with the rest of the world. Wow imagine how this suposed device would have helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina or the Boxing Day Tsunami?

  19. No. I don’t. Where did I say that? Just look at the facts. You will always find an excuse to ignore the facts. Why do you always have to make personal remarks? Make false statements, say bad things about a person? You make as if you are so intelligent, that you know everything?


  20. Be Fair Says:

    Ok Guys/Girls, be fair, lets give the guy some time. I know about the follow up story, (inside info from Mnet) so let us give him a chance to proof if he is worth the news. If he is, I will personally contact him and ask him to go and find Madeleine McCann. Anyone got his number, just in case!

  21. As far as i’m concerned, I gave him more time than he asked for. Re the follow up, do you have any idea when this will be? Carte Blanche told me end of January, and I haven’t heard about there being one yet. Are they planning to do some actual investigative journalism this time?

  22. Be Fair Says:

    Hi have been told that it might be broadcast in May but most prob in June. Something about Gert van Rooyen. It might be interesting……Ok, I also believe it is one huge scam involving his police buddy, his dna buddy and some other “on the payroll” guys! BUT, if someone told me 15 years ago that you will be able to clone someone today…….”you smoking some good S*&^” Therefore, just my opinion and not yours, lets give old Danie one more chance. I say another 3 months!

  23. 15 years ago they were making test tube babies; cloning was a very short theoretical leap. If you’d told me then, I would have said ‘that’s awesome, show me the science.’ And they would have been able to. There would have been graphs.

    The point I’m trying to make here is that there is no need to wait for a news program to make a decision for us – it’s not an opinion piece. Danie claims that his device works on science, so he must be able to produce a scientific model or theory to explain it, that other scientists and inventors can understand, and independently verify (you would expect the same of someone who just claimed they created the first clone). Demonstrations can be faked and reporters can be fooled, but the patent office and the peer review journals will want real evidence – which is exactly why Danie won’t address them, and goes for publicity stunts instead.

    BTW Danie has been running around with his device since 2004 at least. Three months? He’s had THREE YEARS!!!

  24. Be Fair Says:

    Fair comment…….one of his articles he mentioned that if it is used for crime solving and the so called would be offender or abductor finds out how the system works, they can get rid of the evidence he needs in solving the case. Then there is the case of copying his tech. You can imagine how quickly they can copy it, IF it exists. If he has been working alone on this it could easily have taken three years. Moonflake, scientifically is it possible?? Lets take the D man out of the picture and let the mind think outside the box. Is it possible? If you take an apple, bite a piece out of it, throw the apple away and let technology find the apple that fits the missing piece – You would search for an object with a certain missing piece. A computer can look for something like a file searching a hard drive. It operates within its borders. All it needs to do now is search for the file outside its parameters. It uses satelite to co ordinate this. Is this possible or am I way outside the box?

  25. arg i wrote a long explanation and now wordpress appears to have lost it. Here’s the skinny version:

    okay, the whole ‘the bad guys could use it’ argument could be used for every single advance in criminal justice in history. DNA evidence, fingerprinting, blood testing, rape kits… the list goes on. The simple fact of the matter is that the vast majority of criminals, no matter how many episodes of CSI they watch, are NOT clued up. The number who are and who will use their knowledge of forensics to avoid getting caught is FAR outnumbered by the people whose lives will be saved by the technology. This same cost benefit analysis is made every time there is an advance in forensics. It’s a no-brainer.

    Secondly, in order to search for anything, you need three basic things – a sample of the thing you’re looking for, a way of getting samples in the same format from the area you’re searching, and a way of comparing the two. To extend your analogy of the computer, it would be more like shoving jello into your CD drive and telling your computer ‘find me some jello!’. First, your computer would have to have a way to sample the jello and convert it onto binary. Then it would need some way to detect ‘jello signals’ coming from other jello around the world, convert those into binary, and then compare the various binary codes until it found a match. I’m sure you can see that even if you could sample your jello and convert it to create a reference sample, the jello you’re looking for does not send out ‘jello signals’ to provide you with comparison samples.

    What Danie claims to be doing is pretty much exactly this. He shoves some hair clippings into his box and supposedly uses this to build a reference sample for the person. First, he doesn’t require skin tags on the hairs, clippings will do, which means he’s NOT using DNA – and we know that human hairs are not distinct enough without DNA to reliably match a person. Even if he’s just made a mistake in explaining and he really does need hair with attached skin tags, it means his device can extract and encode DNA faster than currently possible even in the best labs in the world. This technology alone would revolutionise current DNA testing, without him having to risk exposing the full process to wily criminals. But anyway, let’s assume for the moment that somehow he does get a reference sample of DNA without living cells and in a matter of minutes. Now he has to search the country for comparison samples.

    This is where we get into the same issue as with the mysterious ‘jello signals’. People do NOT send out ‘people signals’ encoded with their DNA. And even if they did, it would have to be in a format that could be read by a satellite – an electomagnetic signal. If every human on the planet was constantly and unwittingly sending out DNA signals in the electromagnetic spectrum that could be picked up by a satellite, we would know about it because it would be interfering with global communications!

    The fact is that we don’t send out DNA signals that satellites can read, which would mean that somehow Danie has DNA samplers extracting comparison samples from people all over the world, wherever they are, at regular intervals, encoding them into electomagnetic signals, beaming them up to satellites, and from there being compared to the sample in Danie’s box, until a match was found. I think you can understand the logistics nightmare this would cause. Plus, you’d notice if your DNA was being sampled on a regular basis.

    You don’t need to trust me just because i have an MSc. Use your common sense. Remember, it’s all fine and well to keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.

  26. PS you may want to read this article:
    Danie led a bereaved family on a 7000km goose chase around the country, following the signal of their son who was ‘moving quickly’, while his remains were rotting in the knysna forest the entire time.
    More here:

  27. Be Fair Says:

    Ok, so what you saying is that the missing link is the communication back from the object, people do not send out sigals. You can send out the signals, that you are looking for x, but x cannot respond back. Is there not a way through electro magnetic fields? They can be used as data.
    Ok, lets take a fish finder. it send out sound waves to find fish. All you need to do is to identify the fish. That one is a bass and that one is a trout. That cannot be hard if you know what you are looking for. the shape of bass vs the shape of trout. Take this technology further and specify certain criterias you are looking for. I know we are far of his claims but maybe it can work this way.

    I have read the story, that is about the only statement we have from the public. The rest is reporters and police statements.

    Do you think he bullshits his way through the whole process? No PC, no sattelite, no data, just very could bullshit and support? Do you think he has got some kind of system, and believes it works?

  28. fish finders work using sonar… you send the signal (sound in this case) out, and then compare it to the signal that comes back after it has been changed by its collision with the object in question. This may be accurate enough to judge gross characteristics, such as those that delineate species, but it certainly wouldn’t be enough to distinguish one individual from another – it’s a case of just not having the resolution. There’s a technical limit to how strong you can make your signal and how good your receiver is.

    And if the person you’re looking for is in a building you can forget about finding them – they’d have to be in the open air with nothing between the source of the signal and them. The curvature of the earth would make it impossible to echolocate over any distance over land, and you certainly can’t echolocate from a satellite – sound doesn’t travel in space.

    I guess you could bombard the surface of the planet with electomagnetic radiation from space and see what comes back, but you’d have to use a lot of it and it would have to be very strong to get anything meaningful back. This would be a really bad idea, you know, from the cancer front. Some people might ask questions.

    The only thing people radiate on their own in the electomagnetic spectrum is heat, which is in the infrared. This is already used to locate people, but only in a fuzzy ‘there’s a person over there’ kind of way – again, it’s only enough to identify general shape, certainly not enough to find a specific individual. Resolution problems again, or we’d already be using this!

    Frankly, the best way to find a person on the surface of the earth using a satellite is if the satellite has sufficient imaging resolution to photograph people’s actual faces from space (which the best spy satellites do, i believe) and then compare that to a photo using facial recognition software – but you’d need direct control over the satellite to point it where you wanted it to go, and access to its output. This is about the only way Danie could be doing it, but then we have to ask ourselves why the charade with the hair and telling the press he uses DNA… and doesn’t the CIA want to know why a small town campus security director in South Africa has control over their equipment?

    Honestly, I don’t know what Danie’s motivation is. If i had to hazard a guess, he misses being a cop and will do anything to stay involved in police work, including lie about having some important resource that the police can use. The whole thing where he asks for hair, even from a razor, and doesn’t seem to understand that you need the live cells for the DNA, gives me the impression that he’s got a movie version of the science in his head. Which works just fine most of the time because that’s the same version most people carry around with them.

  29. Be Fair Says:

    I see your point. As I can recall, Carte Blanche mentioned something about hime finding oil from a sample that he took. The DNA issue, is out of the question, we know that. There is still couple of very confusing statements. Firtsly he said that he developed this technology to search for diamonds. De Beers, here we come!

    If this is true, the sample theory also goes out of the window. If one has got a piece from the diamond you are looking for, why on earth are you looking for it? So mthe sample theory, just do not work. Secondly, he said that if this technology gets into the hands of the so called BAD BOYS, or they found out that this technology can find what they have got, they can destroy the body. He stated that once it is underground he cannot find it. Why is it that he claims that, and soon Carte Blanche will broadcast this, that he found some human bones related to the Gert van Rooyen case buried underground. Confusing!

    BUT, I still believe it can be done. Fair comment, sound do not travel through space. Using a satelite on earth and not one of NASA’s trillions will elimanate this theory of sound and space. Therefore, one can still work with sound. If I send out a sonar full of characteristics of what I am looking for, surely it can match that object and beam it back to me. But what will these parametres be? Lets chat about this theory. You can help me with what they could be, taking in consideration that we elimante the DNA theory. Remember maths at school, they asked you to proof that x=x-y. I always worked back wards starting with the answer and then getting to the question. Lets do that in this case. We say that, yes the technolgy does work. How can it work? Sound, heat, radio waves, …..I do not know?

  30. Please, please, please someone contact Danie and put him to the test. Lets see if he can find little Madeline McCann (4) who was abducted in Portugal 2 1/2 weeks ago. If he really is as good as he says then he should be able to locate her for her parents. Then the world would know how good he is!!! This is all in the timeframe of the 3 months spoken about earlier, ‘ The World is Watching’ ………please somebody contact him pass this on, he may be the only one who can help her now!!!!!

  31. Be Fair: As to your first two paragraphs – yes! Now you’re using common sense! Putting aside the question of whether such a device could exist or not, it’s pretty obvious from the inconsistency of Danie’s story that he’s lying through his teeth. As to your last paragraph, some of the things you say here make it obvious to me that you’re not at all familiar with the principles involved in satellites (ps a satellite is by definition something in orbit, hence there’s no such thing as satellites on earth), sonar, or related techniques like radar. I would strongly suggest that you do some serious reading on the subject before you attempt to tackle the question of whether such a device could exist or not. Unfortunately I really do not have the time to launch into the details with you – it would probably take a couple of months to teach you everything you need to know to understand the question. But I hope this question fuels a great amount of self study and gets you interested. Good luck!

    Sam: arg, i’ve spoken about this already. If anyone is going to test his theory, then lets test it on something where his failure isn’t going to take away important time and resources from finding a missing child! You would have the police chasing around after this guy’s false leads instead of following good solid evidence? Test him, absolutely! But you need to consider the consequences of his possible failure along with those of his possible success, so don’t do it in a way where his failure could really hurt people.

  32. Be Fair Says:

    OK, point taken, I am going home now, Going to take out the 9mm and blow my DSTV sattelite to pieces. Thought the bloody thing could communicate with aliens, sitting on top of my roof.

  33. My guess is Danie Krugel has some dowsing ability, and all the GPS and technology side of his claims are bull.
    Hence some limited successes (which I’m quite prepared to believe do happen with dowsing), some abject failures (ditto), and an inability to demonstrate how the ‘technology’ works.

  34. Be Fair: I think you mean your satellite dish, the device used to receive signals from the DSTV satellites. If you were going to blow your DSTV satellite to pieces, i would have to ask you two things: 1) why do you own an entire telecommunications satellite and 2) where in your house are you hiding the missile silo? 🙂

    BTW Your satellite dish is to digital TV what your aerial is to analogue TV. It’s just a receiver. In fact, very big versions of your satellite dish, called radio telescopes, are exactly what SETI uses to search for incoming alien signals. But they could no more respond to those signals with the dish than you could with your bunny aerial.

    jedski: Dowsing doesn’t work either. Neither do psychics. Santa Clause isn’t real. Any other misconceptions I can clear up for you today?

  35. OK moonflake – have it your way. Agree with you about Father Christmas, though Saint Nicholas was presumably a genuine historical figure. I’m not an advocate of dowsing, nor self-proclaimed ‘psychics’, as both are notoriously unreliable, most often the result of extreme fantasists at play, and in some cases dangerously misleading fools. However there are, IMHO, examples of occasional freak incidents which do defy any other explanation except coincidence of proportions that stretch credulity.

  36. … or rather, stretch credibility 🙂

  37. all it takes is a basic knowledge of statistics to not have one’s credulity stretched. I suggest you read up on the statistics of large numbers, but in short, this is it: given a large enough sample size, and enough time, within the laws of the environment in question, anything can and will happen.

    Even shorter: one in a million chances happen nine times out of ten.

    It’s our tendency as humans to feel some need to attribute a governing force behind coincidence that leads to concepts like ‘luck’ and ‘miracles’, but this is purely because our brains have not evolved to intuitively understand large numbers or long stretches of time. That doesn’t mean that a couple of years studying statistics and mathematics cannot equip you to understand it, it just means that people don’t come into the world with the ability to work out intuitively whether something is truly a ‘freak’ incident, or if it’s just statistics and probability doing what they do. This means that, unless you’re actually a statistics major, don’t trust your instincts when it comes to coincidence, because they’re probably wrong.

    Some additional reading.

  38. Wow. Moonflake, I feel really sorry for you. Remember I told you about the Hout Bay rastas? Reading these comments here, really reminds me of how people can argue about things without seeming to think that knowledge or logic are important when it comes to putting together a coherant argument.

    “science….! the western way of thinking! It’s bullshit propaganda fed to us by the conspiring government agencies! there are more things that exist than what MAN can ever understand”
    (translated to english and coherency for your ‘pleasure’.)

  39. residentRsole Says:

    there are more things that exist than what MAN can ever understand” I always wonder about this. Godel’s Theorem tells us that there are logical statements that can be neither proven nor disproven. I understand this to mean that there are some programs that cannot be processed by a universal Turing machine (I need to brush up on my theoretical computer science).
    On the otherhand, Penrose argues that the mind is not algorithmic and, if I understand him correctly, is even more powerful than a Turing Machine. So far, it seems to me that the mind is equivalent to a Turing Machine. Artificial Life research has demonstrated that complexity can be derived from a few axioms e.g. Polyworld, Conway’s Life and evolution simulators.
    So, if one can build a conscious mind from small pieces then this would prove to me that the mind, whether human or non-human, is nothing more than a computer. The methods described in Michael Crichton’s novel Prey sound like a plausible way to generate a mind using nanotechnology.

  40. Wow moonflake – your arrogance is truly breathtaking. Have a nice life, mate.

  41. jedski: …and that attitude to someone who is trying to teach you something is exactly why you will never learn anything. I will have a nice life, thanks, as i’m sure you will too. They say, after all, that ignorance is bliss.

  42. Con-Tester Says:

    residentRsole, Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem finds application only in so-called “axiomatic formal systems” (and only those that are of sufficient sophistication to encompass arithmetic). An “axiomatic formal system” is a set of axioms together with a set of inference rules, e.g. plane geometry. In essence, Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem is a meta-theorem (i.e. a theorem about theorems) that asserts the existence of so-called “undecidable” propostions in every axiomatic formal system. These propositions cannot be proven true or false from within the formal system itself, and their truth values must be decided a priori. An example is the “parallel postulate” of Euclidean geometry, which, when taken to be false, leads to the geometries of Gauss, Bolyai, Riemann, Lobatchevsky etc.

    A little thought about the above reveals that it is bogus to extend Gödel’s Theorem to the whole of the universe because it is entirely unclear in which sense and to what degree the universe is or resembles an axiomatic formal system. Ditto with issues of computability and their relationship to universal Turing machines. Any attempt to validate “things that exist that MAN can never understand” by invoking these observations is of a kind with the woo-woos’ current faddish preoccupation with quantum mechanics as the universal explanation of all their notions.

    Moreover, the irony of claiming “things that exist that MAN can never understand” as an explanatory principle is obviously lost on those who voice it as an earnest argument. If Danie Krugel – and he is evidently a MAN – really can do what he claims, he obviously does understand what none of us do.

  43. Etienne Says:


  44. Interested Says:

    I’d be interested on your take of the Carte Blanche episode from last night..

  45. Please add all new comments regarding Danie Krugel to the latest post here.

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  47. Woohooooooooooooo! He has arrived! Front page of the News of the World, Britain’s leading purveyor of smut/filth and general shyte.


  48. I think Danie Krugel is a fake. His technology which he does not reveal to anyone cannot possibly work for a number of reasons. As yourself what can you get from a strand of hair? DNA which will degrade, now ask yourself what is required to “sniff” out DNA or traces of DBA. This “gadget” Krugel says he has would have to be the size of a horse and trailer to be even remotely effective and this is if the technology existed to sniff out DNA “blowing on the wind”. I think its Krugel who is blowing on the wind and I am just sorry so many people desperate to find loved ones fall for this outrageous fraud.

  49. Waugh Fan Says:

    This “device” of Danie Krugel is as old as the hills.

    Page 7 of “The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold” by Evelyn Waugh:

    “According to the Bruiser and other devotees The Box exercised diagnostic and therapeutic powers. Some part of a sick man or animal – a hair, a drop of blood perferably was brought to The Box, whose guardian would then “tune in to the “Life-Waves” of the patient.

    Published 1957.

    Waugh knew these things were rubbish then. That it’s on the front page of the NOTW is sad. That it’s in the Guardian is tragic.

  50. http://www.correiomanha.pt/noticia.asp?id=260893&idselect=9&idCanal=9&p=200

    is it true that his divice found the bodies of 6 children killed and buried in SA by 2 pedophiles?

    fbm – portugal

  51. he claims he found in july the 6 bodies that disapeired 18 years ago in S. Africa – is this true?
    fbm – portugal

  52. Hold your horser. The mans a genius…… check and see how the Mandeleine Mccann case unfolds

  53. fbm – this is completely untrue. In association with a local TV program, Danie directed people to dig in an area the size of two football fields an empty lot, which used to be a dump, near the killer’s house. After days of digging, human bone fragments were found amongst a lot of other animal bones and other rubbish that you would expect to find at an old dump site. The bone fragments were analysed, most were found to be male, some female, of unknown age at time of death, buried for an unknown time, and too degraded to match to DNA samples from the girls. In other words, he found exactly what you would find if you dug anywhere that human beings have lived for a few hundred years. And then they took those results to the parents of those little girls, like it was some sort of closure. It sickened those of us paying attention.

    Oh, and then the program called in a psychic to help ‘refine’ Danie’s readings. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know, then I don’t know what will.

  54. ok. This all storie semed hard to believe but it was presented as A FACT and that puzzled me. How was it possible? Today, in portugal, came out in the news that he is trying to sell the machine for 1.200.000 euros (1,5 M.USD). All this is good publicity but if the “machine” finds madie McCann….he is rich!! Gretings SA – Can you beat Argentina??!!

  55. GeneticsStudent Says:

    I am currently a final year student of genetics at a well respected South African university,and can tell you the following….This man is a major fraud.Three reasons why I can state this…1)He uses hair clippings,which does not have any folicles or skin cells required for DNA analysis. 2)He used to be a police officer for roughly 20years,with no university degree in any scientific field,yet he aquired a knowledge of genetics and quantum physics which puts scientists such as Ian Wilmut and Albert Einstein to shame. 3)Finally,he refuses to patent his invention.This would not only make him a very wealthy man,but he will enable every policeforce on earth to solve crimes in a flash!He is an utter retard and liar.And,from what I have read….his supporters do not really have any scientific knowledge,or common sense for that matter.

  56. I know danie for about 6 years now. He had a great inpact om my life and whether this machine works or not is of no imporance to me.

    Only time will tell if it is a fraud.

  57. I have to admit that i might be a bit sceptical myself, but plz people dont through this guy away!I think you are all looking a key point over: its a quantum machine! So far very few of your comments refer to quantum physics as the possible solution in any way. Have any of you ever heard of a thing called non-locality? Today its accepted as fact,but until very recently even the great Einstein with all his knowledge hotly disputed it! This non-locality also goes hand in hand with something called entanglement. Its all a bit hard to explain here, but I suggest u people read up on it cause i think it all might just hold the key to this machine. Just remember that the moment you start talking about a quantum system, the notions of classical physics falls away!!!

  58. Chris Bessinger Says:

    I was the Search leader that Privately searched for Dirk Booysen who went missing in his Cessna 210 in the Baviaans mountains after the official S&R called their search off..
    Danie Krugel offered to the family that he will find the missing Cessna.
    Needless to say HE DID NOT!!!! he was so far out with his points to search it’s not true. YES HE IS A LIAR!!!!and a ##@%&*
    We found late Dirk Booysen Saturday high up in the Baviaans mountains without ANY of this clowns so called DNA info – what a JOKE!!!
    Chris Bessinger

  59. Chris Bessinger Says:

    Good afternoon,
    After my return I studied the info received via satphone from ground crew as well as per email and info from AVCOM website and Johan Booysen, as per Danie Krugel at the time of the search, and need to stress that I herewith declare that the above statement was very harsh from my side if I did say or wrote it.
    After careful calculation as per points directed by Danie and the methodolgy used then he was very very close to the actual crash site.
    The info transfered to me at the time from a third party were calculated wrong and the the lines between the points were incorrectly forwarded to me. Danie, sorry about the above but nevertheless we did fly very close to your lines at the time of the search and had sucess. Remember we only had limited time to fly due to the weather and time of the day. I want to make a suggestion here, in the future if you help anyone with a Aviation Search & Rescue, you need to forward your info directly to the Search Master or Pilot in charge to use. Here we can clearly see that your info were not used correctly, but not by your fault. Further just for the record the info of points received from the so called 2 sidekicks were also carefully checked and can state that they were wrong.
    I do not want to run anyone down, the end result was that we have found Late Dirk Booysen and we THANK OUR HEAVENLY FATHER FOR THIS!!
    This subject now closed and I am signing off.

  60. Moonflake – have a look at http://www.daniekrugelfacts.com. There’s an interesting article waiting for you.

  61. By the way – if you search in Google for Danie Krugel – the website http://www.daniekrugelfacts.com comes up first.

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