Matthias Rath: Apartheid was Big Pharma plot

In response to a court case against him by the Treatment Action Campaign, snake oil salesman Matthias Rath has just filed a 320-page affidavit claiming that pharmaceutical companies were behind apartheid, and ascribing all sorts of underhand political machinations to the TAC themselves.

The apartheid regime was part of a global plot by the pharmaceutical industry, according to vitamin entrepreneur Dr Matthias Rath.

He said in an affidavit filed in the Cape High Court: “This regime was the political arm to turn South Africa into a bridgehead of the pharmaceutical interests with the goal to conquer and control the entire African continent.”

He also said the operations of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) were “almost a copy” of Hitler’s brown shirt storm troopers.

Do i detect a whiff of eau de lunatic?

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  1. Yes you do and that’s pretty funny…lol

  2. South African apartheid in my humble opinion was imposed to suppress communist involvement in a geopolitically strategic country. When the Soviet Union collapsed apartheid was no longer necessary. The same happened in Central America with its dictatorships to suppress communist expansion.

    There were many “interests” in South Africa and all of them were ultimately upholding western capitalist interests.

  3. Why anybody with half a brain cell even listens to this fruitcake is beyond me.

  4. Matthias Rath is a misguided conspiracy theorist.
    Eau de lunatic?Definitely!

  5. Chris Noble Says:

    Big Pharma is also behind 9/11 and the Iraq war!

    Prominent HIV “rethinker” Harvey Bialy also has some bizarre ideas about the apartheid pharmaceutical cartel freeing Mandela on the condition that he tow the party line on HIV/AIDS.

    The funny thing is that if you suggest that they just might be into paranoid conspiracy theories they get upset!

  6. So he’s essentially saying that Verwoerd should have been called the chemist of Apartheid and not the architect?

  7. residentRsole Says:

    I think that the pharmaceutical industry is simply into making cash and that’s it. It’s not that difficult for them to do so. They could still make billions even if they sold only headache tablets. Even if they could have propped up a government, it would take up too many resources and too much money.

  8. residentRsole Says:

    grant czerepak: Well, the Apartheid government did spend much of their resources stopping the military conquest of southern Africa by Moscow, Beijing and Havana during the Cold War and, for that, I am thankful. However, it was not able to stop the ideological advancement of Communism in this country. It was not able to immunise us against white guilt and liberalism. And let’s not forget the insanity of turning terrorfucks like Mandela into heroes. Both the capitalistic West and the Communist “brotherhood” desire South Africa because of its strategic value and mineral wealth. A country with those two things will never be left alone.

  9. Irrelevant argument. Even if they were behind apartheid, Communism, child abuse and slow golf, it has no relevance to the effectiveness or otherwise of their products.

  10. eau de lunatic – hm, you might also like to give these a try. The Rath Foundation backs the TIG indictment against Achmat:

    The indictment is, um, interesting. I especially recommend pp. 58-9.

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