Find Madeleine McCann

On May 3, Madeleine McCann went missing from her family’s hotel room while they were on holiday in Portugal. Police believe that she was abducted.

Madeleine McCann

If you have seen this girl, or have any information about her whereabouts, please contact: +351 289 884 500, + 351 282 405 400, +351 218 641 000

You can follow the case on, or on

The reason this little girl’s disappearance has come to my attention is because some interested parties are attempting to contact a local ‘inventor’ (with whom we are all too familiar) to assist them in finding the girl, offering a flight to portugal and a serious reward. They have contacted me under the mistaken belief that i would be willing to put them in contact with someone who i have every reason to believe is a fraud.

It’s always so sad when people become so desperate that they will seek out people who claim to be able to find missing persons using everything from their ‘psychic’ powers, to astrology, divining rods, pendulums and other mysterious devices. These people waste important time and resources that could be better used in actually doing something constructive.

Whether the crackpot is a pseudoscientist or a psychic, whether he claims his device is powered by science he can’t explain or spirits he can’t explain, the effects and results are always the same, and they all have about the same amount of evidence going for them. Just because someone’s con has the patina of science does not make it any more likely to be true than someone claiming that they can just see the person in their head.

From Benjamin Radford of the Skeptical Inquirer:

A common pattern occurs in high-profile missing persons cases (such as Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, Elizabeth Smart, and countless others): dozens or hundreds of “psychics” offer tips (for free or for pay), yet when police follow up on the information, the vast majority of it –or all of it–turns out to be wrong. One trick psychics use is to give very vague information open to later interpretation (most missing persons are likely to be found “near water,” even if it’s a lake, puddle, river, drainage pipe, etc.). They also use information already available through normal means, and make so many different guesses that some will almost certainly be right. Police must follow up on all tips, including those from dubious sources, thus wasting precious hours and police manpower. When bodies are found it is always through accident or police work. Despite repeated claims to the contrary, there is not a single documented case of a missing person being found or recovered due solely to psychic information.

You will be lead astray, you will waste your time and your resources and the resources of the officials leading the investigation. If the psychic or pseudoscientist fails to find your loved one, you will be unlikely to take time out from your own personal distress to warn other potential victims about them. Worse, the psychic’s vague predictions may be retrofitted to the eventual recovery, giving them credit where none is due, allowing the cycle to continue.


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  1. When I read the beginning of the post, I’ll admit, I was somewhat confused. Very tragic of course, but not something typically found on your site …

    And then I read the rest and was pissed. Damn, we shouldn’t export our woo artists. And definitely not when a life might be on the line.

    That bastard. And shame on you Carte Blanche, some of this blame lies squarely at your door.

  2. residentRsole Says:

    Is it my imagination or are young blonde children frequently the victims of abductions ? Of course, in South Africa it is often black children that get kidnapped as well but for other, more gruesome reasons.

  3. residentRsole Says:

    I hope that this little girl is found soon. It must be terrible for her family.

  4. “Is it my imagination or are young blonde children frequently the victims of abductions?”

    No. Young blonde children garner more sympathy when abducted and hence better news coverage. All we end up seeing is the blonde tip of a very very big iceberg.

  5. babyacid: you are absolutely spot on.

    And it looks like the psychics are flocking around the case already. What a surprise.

  6. residentRsole Says:

    babyacid: Sounds like a good explanation to me. It’s just the way things work, I guess.

  7. a father of 2 young kids Says:

    I am sure that moonflake and babyacid do not have children. Maybe if you are placed in the same position you would also start believing in anything that can find your child.
    It seems that you believe more in bloggers than hard facts. In your mind these so called bloggers knows everything and news agencies like BBC, Sky and CNN always talks shit. One thing is real my friend, your blogspot will dissapear soon, while these agencies will be there for a long time

  8. re: what ‘a father of 2 young kids’ said:

    wow, Moonflake. He made a really good point there! how are you going to answer THAT, huh? You believe in Bloggers more than in Hard Facts! pwnt!

  9. The sad thing about the whole thing is that the kid is almost certainly long dead.

    I’m also annoyed at how the media witch-hunt anyone who could be a suspect.

    Human tragedy etc etc…but I’m really just tired of the coverage.

  10. residentRsole Says:

    a father of 2 young kids: Moonflake and babyacid are not attacking desperate parents. They are concerned with the vultures that quickly gather around human tragedy in order to serve their own interests.

    Moonflake does quote articles from news agencies so I doubt that she thinks that they are spewing nonsense 24/7. While her blog may disappear eventually, blogging will not. I am fed up with media giants believing that they are the guardians of objective journalism (read “Into the buzzsaw“). And the smugness of journalists irritates me. Blogging is a way of bypassing them.

  11. a father of 2 young kids: as residentRsole has so correctly pointed out, I believe you are missing the point here. I do not base my opinions on what a perceived authority has to say (be that a blog or a news agency) – i base my opinions on wherever I feel the weight of evidence falls. In this case, the weight of evidence falls on the side of psychics either being coldhearted exploiters of others tragedy, or pathetic saps who allow their own delusions to distract from the very important task at hand – finding a missing child. I do not need to have children of my own to understand that someone may fall to pieces when their child goes missing. But I also don’t have to have children of my own to be able to tell you that if your child does go missing, you don’t do them any favours by wasting time and resources on conmen when you should be doing something productive. Your child will NOT thank you for running around the country after leads that all the evidence tells you are false.

  12. Realist Says:

    “They have contacted me under the mistaken belief that I would be willing to put them in contact…”(blog, 18 May 2007)

    How do we interpret the “would not be willing”? That you have his contact particulars but refuse to provide it..? I must make the conclusion that you have his contact particulars (refer your blog, 9 Jan 2007) – “After my conversation with Danie Krugel…”

    Refer blog 10 May 2007 “…the news programme Carte Blance, which follow- up on Danie by the end of January, has not done so to my knowledge…does anyone have anything else to add…on the Carte Blance follow-up?” Why not contact them and ask? You contacted them before “Carte Blance will be following up on the Danie Krugel episode. I received this response to my original suggestion “thank you for your input. We are planning to broad cast a follow-up programme on Danie Krugel’s invention towards the end of January”


    It is amazing to what degree people can elevate themselves… Please be assured that as a scientist with various degrees, I give you the benefit of doubt. The wisdom that if you can not understand something and if it does not fit into current theories it does not exists is painstakingly lacking in the domain of this web site.

    Various news papers, 3rd degree and Carte lance portrayed some of your work. It does seem that you have consistency in achieving the end result.

    I do hope that the individuals that tried to obtain your contact details did get hold of you. At the end of the day – a child’s life could be at stake.

    Remember to copy the first few scientific journal articles – which I am sure will follow- on this site.

    To the originator of this site – You claim this to be an opinion web-site. My opinion is that your paradigms are based, more than what you would like to acknowledge, on the emotional that scientific levels.


  13. a father of 2 young kids Says:

    Moonflake, I must say that you are under attack here. Believe me a respect your opinions and I appreciate your hard facts theory. If you live by it, my word your life must be boring. I think you should get out more! Get a nice bottle of red ( I suggest Eikendal Cabernet Sauvignon 1998-if you can get your hands on one ), get to a beach, maybe Blouberg, look across the water at the mountain on a full moon evening and chill! Maybe you will realise that there is some magic in the air. Maybe you see a falling star, maybe you will realise that humans have only touched the tip of the iceberg and that there is so much to explore. Maybe you will realise that psychics will rule the world one day, DNA research will be like arcade video games, cloning will be how we give birth, war will be fought in the boardrooms and the Boks will be world champions. Maybe time travel will be sold at your local convenience store and the boeing 747 will only be seen at airshows. And jsut maybe we would have found Madeleine through technology not yet known to us. Maybe then you will believe in powers beyond our believe. And when you take the last sip, think of life beyond the ordinary. It will make life a bit more interesting.

  14. Realist: i have myself already request journal publications or even patent numbers from Danie. He has stated that there is no need to publish his findings. I think that as a scientist, that statement should tell you everything you need to know. In addition, there are massive procedural and methodological flaws in the ‘tests’ conducted by these journalists – as a scientist you should be able to immediately see where these are. Therefore until Danie conducts a serious test under controlled conditions, publishes a paper, or applies for a patent, I cannot do anything but assume that he is talking nonsense. The big difference between Danie and the real mavericks of science is that the latter are actively trying to prove their theories, whereas Danie expects us to accept them on his word. If it were a drug he was pushing, and he was trying it on patients without going through all the right procedures to prove safety and efficacy, he’d be in jail by now. For all we know his device puts out massive amounts of cancer-causing radiation… but since he won’t let anyone test it, it’s anyone’s guess.

    PS It is extremely easy to find Danie’s contact details online with even a modicum of investigation. I’m not going to actively assist someone in doing it, because I wouldn’t want the inevitable consequences on my conscience.

    Father: um, in case you hadn’t noticed, bottles of red wine, the beach, family and friends are all part of the real world. I have an indescribable amount of awe and joy at the universe and every part of it, and every day I am glad to wake up in it. I look at a rainbow and the fact that I understand exactly how the light rays are refracting through the water droplets to create it only makes it all the more beautiful to me. When I see a mountain I am awed at the millions of years it took to reach its grandeur, and the fact that in another few million it may be gone forever… that fact amazes me and makes it all the more beautiful for the knowledge that it is transient. When I see a shooting star, knowing that it is a chunk of space debris burning up in the atmosphere, understanding the plasma physics involved in creating the streak of light as atoms are ionized and abraded from the surface, knowing that the piece of rock being destroyed by its untimely collision with us is quite likely as old as our own planet, yet is destroyed in mere seconds as i watch it… that makes it all the more wonderous. Why would I need to make things up just to make it more exciting? Can you not see how exciting and wonderous and glorious it already is?

    I’ll take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day of the week.

  15. residentRSole Says:

    Father: I have met Moonflake in person. She does socialise often and has a group of good friends.

    To quote Douglas Adams, the only true convert to atheism according to Dawkins: Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?

    Regarding psychics: Until I found out about James Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge, I believed that there must be psychic phenomena but it was extremely rare. I thought that I could avoid the woo-woo crap by only looking at the work of scientists like as Tiller, Puthoff and Josephson, all with very good credentials, the latter being a Nobel Laureate. But when a prize like that goes unclaimed despite thousands of applicants over many years, I cannot help but have serious doubts.

    Randi puts forward a good argument that these scientists, although very good in their fields, are studying a “phenomenon” outside their area of expertise. And, all have been fooled as far as I know. Tiller thinks that Ingo Swann is a genuine psychic but it doesn’t occur to him that no one (including Swann) has claimed those million bucks.

  16. residentRsole: A good example is the notorious test of Uri Geller’s ‘powers’ that appeared in Nature in 1974. The thing that people tend to forget is that Geller is a trained magician, skilled in the art of fooling people. An education in science does not include how to avoid being tricked by legerdemain. It took other magicians, like Randi, to point out where the flaws in their procedure were. When later tests were done on Geller, with the assistance of magicians to prevent him using trickery, he failed miserably to demonstrate any kind of paranormal power.
    The other side of the coin is that a lot of ‘scientific’ institutes that claim to test paranormal behaviour will not publish negative findings. In fact, there have been a number of examples where a negative result was interpretted as a problem with the test!
    as to you having met me…. you have!? 🙂 who are you?

  17. bernatrliche Hilfsangebote fr Madeleine

    Das entfhrte Mdchen
    Madeleine McCann

    Wie Karen Williams auf der Seite berichtet, mchten die portugiesischen Ermittlungsbehrden sogenannte Remote-Viewer einsetzen, um den Aufenthaltort des Mdchens he…

  18. residentRsole Says:

    as to you having met me…. you have!? 🙂 who are you?

    I have only met you twice at two small parties, once this year and once in 2003. We have a few mutual friends and aquaintances. One of them introduced me to your blog a few months ago.

  19. residentRsole: haha, gotcha! I remember you saying you read my chickscratch, I don’t remember if you told me your nom de blog 🙂 Nice to be able to put a face to the comments!

    Duncs: you make a good point. Maybe I should just delete the blog, sign up for a course in astrology, and give my life over to Jehovah.

  20. residentRsole Says:

    moonflake: I didn’t have a blog pseudonym at the time when I last spoke to you. I am thinking of changing it to “idiocrat”.

    You should open a shop the sells products for the “mind, body and spirit” (woo-woo). If yuppies want to be stupid, why not make a buck out of them ? Sell them ear-candles, “activated” quartz crystals and cherokee-hair tampons and charge them ridiculously high prices. Even better, man the counter yourself and talk in that funny way that these woo-woo people speak in. Top that off with burning incense. 😀

  21. “cherokee-hair tampons”


  22. […] (Find Madeleine McCann) […]

  23. I would give out the contact information…..let the “fraud” prove him/herself. EVERYTHING is worth a try under this type of circumstance.

  24. I would give out the contact information…let the “fraud” prove him/herself. EVERYTHING is worth a try. (this might be a repeat post…I think I lost the first one)

  25. the issue here is that for every cop who is out following a lead given by a source that is not to be trusted, that’s one less cop following a legitimate lead. That’s one less person actually looking for Madeleine in a place where she’s likely to be found.

    It’s like saying ‘lets take all the donations and spend it on the lotto – we might get even more money to help find madeleine! EVERYTHING is worth a try!’ Well, no, not everything, because some tactics have a MUCH lower likelihood of returning useful results than others. And as far as statistics go, you’re far more likely to win the lotto than you are to find a psychic or pseudoscientist whose ‘technique’ actually works. For a start, there are people who can prove they won the lotto.

  26. Con-Tester Says:

    Fuck, people!

    Remember Sheldean Human a few months ago? Well, there were calls for Danie Krugel to give assistance there too. Apparently he was aproached and initially agreed but then backpedalled on some trumped-up reason regarding too many users of the girl’s hairbrush. She was found abused and murdered shortly afterwards.

    See here and here for more on this sorry fiasco.

  27. richard Says:

    i think they should get mediums to try and use there special powers to find the young girl. if mediums no what peoples future is and know how to contact the dead then why dont they try and find the location of the girl it would help alot.

  28. richard – you should ask yourself, if mediums really could see the future, why didn’t they just warn Madeleine’s parents not to go to Portugal in the first place?

  29. omg dat is just sad hu eva has maddie y dont dey just give er back 2 er perents nd i feel well sorry for er she is only 4 man dats just sad i cant say no more man i jus feel sad hu else does?

  30. gruesome Says:

    Kate, your english teacher must be very proud.

  31. gruesome Says:
    +27 51 5073609

  32. Hello

    I can’t be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don’t have anything to say recently.


  33. Madeleine will be found safely VERY soon. Robert Murat is guilty along with his ex-wife and the man from Russia. Also, someone who was at the dinner the night Madeleine went missing is involved. Once Madeleine is found her parents will continue, and successfully so, to find and help missing and exploited children.

    I admire Madeleine’s parents! They are innocent victims of EVIL people.

  34. Well, Crooks, you seem to know all about it, and to know what will happen in the future, too. You one of these psychics, mate?

  35. JennyAustralia Says:

    Good God…. Is Kate’s other name Vicki Pollard??Lmao

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