So there’s this doodad floating around where you can rate your blog. I ran mine through it and this is what came up:
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And, okay, I can dig it, that’s kinda cool. But here’s the bit that really didn’t make any sense to me – my blog was given a PG-13 rating because of the presence of the following words:

  • hurt (x2)
  • gays (x1)

Use of the word ‘gays’ warrants an age restriction? WTF, seriously? In what kind of screwy world is it not okay for someone under the age of 13 to read the word ‘gays’? Is some censor somewhere afraid that ‘the gay’ is catching if you read the word?
Man, I hope this guy made the rating system up, and didn’t base it on any real world rating system. Because that would just be horribly depressing.


7 Responses to “Rated”

  1. I managed a PG, based on death (x3), pain (x2) and shoot (x1).

    It seems arbitrary. Those words come from some of the more gentle, contemplative posts.

  2. Of course now the challenge is to create a blog that gets the highest rating possible. I wonder how many times I need to use the word “fuck” to achieve this.

  3. …and whether or not comments count.

  4. My current blog was rated R. My older blog, which is an exact copy of the current one (only I stopped blogging there in Sept ’06) got an NC-17 rating.

  5. My blog is NC-17…

    * zombie (9x)
    * fucking (7x)
    * hell (6x)
    * ass (4x)
    * pain (3x)
    * piss (2x)
    * bomb (1x)

    I need to start posting more.

  6. My blog was rated General Audiance because ‘no bad words were found’.

  7. Don’t worry –

    My blog is going to hell, according to Baptists for Brownback.

    It can’t get much more worse than that (unless of course they end up jealous of your blog gaining popularity and decide to add you to that list as well).

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