HPCSA says it cannot stop Rath

The Health Professionals Council of South Africa has claimed that it cannot prevent Matthias Rath practising medicine in South Africa, despite the fact that he has not bothered to register with them. In fact, it is precisely because he has not registered as a practising doctor in this country that they have no jurisdiction over him, and he is free to do as he damn well pleases. For those of you not familiar with Rath, ‘as he damn well pleases’ includes convincing indigent HIV/AIDS sufferers to stop taking their state-sponsored anti-retrovirals in favour of food parcels and vitamin C.

Am I the only person who finds this ludicrous? Not only can the HPCSA not stop a doctor practising in this country when he is not registered to do so (and in that case, please explain what the hell the point is of registering in the first place), but they don’t even know who could!

One begins to understand why Rath has so much more success here than in his native land.


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  1. I’m betting he hasn’t paid his TV license. If the HPCSA don’t want to have a go at him, I’m pretty sure the SABC would be happy to rise to the challenge.

  2. residentRsole Says:

    I think that because South Africa is not a litigious country (i.e. a nation of lawsuit-addicts like USA and Australia), it makes it far easier for Rath to avoid serious consequences of his actions. I’m not a lawyer but I think that in a civil case in SA, the burdern of proof is on the plaintiff, not the respondent (if those are even the correct terms). Any lawyers reading this blog ? What’s your legal opinion ?

  3. i think that last group of protesters found the key to the south african legal system…

  4. http://www.health24.com/news/General_health/1-915,41168.asp
    MMR-Autism doctor under investigation…. Only now?!??

  5. That’s weird. I understand the medical body saying that can’t touch him because he isn’t a member. But isn’t it illegal to practice medicine without a license?

  6. Chris Noble Says:

    He ‘s a slippery little bastard.

    He was claiming to have cured Dominik Feld of cancer even after the poor boy had died from a massive tumour that smothered his lungs.

    Then he took out a temporary injunction to stop the the German press from reporting that the boy had died under his treatment. Rath claims that he never treated the boy which is a gross lie. He was instrumental in getting the boy out of Germany and away from the standard care that he was receiving.

    What sort of a hypocrite claims that his methods successfully cured the boy’s cancer (it didn’t) and at the same time denies that he had any role in treating the boy.

    He claimed to have done clinical studies that demonstrated the benefit of his vitamins for people with AIDS and then denied later that it was really a clinical trial.

    One thing is certain. he tells one story to his victims and a different story to the authorities.

  7. kyknoord: maybe we can get him to park his car in a loading zone… that sort of thing seems to provoke legal response pretty quickly. Isn’t interesting how stupid crap that doesn’t matter gets policed religiously, but when people are being hurt, the law is nowhere to be found?

    residentRsole: we may not be a litigious country in general, but to their credit the TAC is not afraid to try when it comes to Rath. Pity they keep thinking that the answer is to try and get him prosecuted under state law, or by a professional body – they should know by now that sort of thing doesn’t work.

    TW: yes indeed, perhaps the answer is to vote him into office…

    Bast: ah yes, good old Dr Wakefield… as far as I know, he’s been under investigation since ’99 and nothing has yet come of it.

    Mr Angry: you would think so, wouldn’t you?

    Chris: a mark of someone who is either batshit crazy or utterly evil – qualities that when combined with a medical qualification are fine if you want to be a villain in a 007 flick, but certainly not ideal when treating people in real life.

  8. should be confined to prescribing dambo

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