Walter Haut’s ‘deathbed confession’ isn’t as exciting as you think

All the world’s astir lately over the ‘deathbed confession‘ of Walter Haut, formerly Lt Walter Haut, Public Information Officer for the 509th (atomic) bomb group of the 8th airforce, stationed at Rosswell AFB in 1947. Haut’s statement is being treated as the last nail in the coffin of Ufology skepticism, and final proof that a UFO did crash in Roswell, NM, on that fateful day in 1947, that there were aliens recovered from the wreck, and that the air force covered it up.

But there are a few things that should be pointed out about the whole affair.

Firstly, it wasn’t a deathbed confession. It was an affidavit signed by Haut three years before his death. And it was only published nearly two years after his death, in a book that came out just in time for the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident. Make of that what you will.

Secondly, it wasn’t the first pass that Haut made at an affidavit explaining the events. It’s very interesting to read his 1993 affidavit and spot the differences.

Finally, as people have already pointed out, there are a lot of other reasons for someone to keep quiet about something of this magnitude of importance for 60 years, and then suddenly appear to come out with a fantastic revelation about it, senility being the least among them. One possibility is that an affidavit supposedly supporting the Roswell Incident from a supposedly reliable source was the most valuable inheritance he could have given his daughter, who runs the UFO museum he started. Or, frankly, the entire thing may have been made up by the authors of the book in which it was published. There are plenty of explanations that do not require otherworldly interference. It’s not as if Lt. Haut is around to defend himself against lies told in his name, or explain why he would suddenly change his story after so very long.

Remember, this isn’t someone who denied UFOs for all this time then suddenly said it was all true as he prepared to face eternal judgement – Haut has been an active participant in the UFO story since that day, and has told his story time and again (and asked for money for the privilege). Just not exactly the same story he apparently told in this statement. If he really saw bodies, why did he leave that little fact out for so long? If you’re sworn to secrecy, and then tell half the story, is there a point in leaving out the other half? If the MIBs were going to come for him, might as well go the whole hog from day one.

If you read the story of the Roswell crash and the subsequent cover up, it’s fairly obvious that a real-world explanation is much more likely. This was the cold war. The air force was engaged in Project Mogul at the time, testing out high tech spy balloons. One crashed, and before the powers that be could intercept, locals were all over the crash site. The air force now had the potential that Ruski spies might get hold of parts of their top secret spy equipment. What to do? Naturally, the answer was to round up all the debris, and pretend it was something it wasn’t – a weather balloon, not a high altitude spy balloon using top secret, light weight materials and advanced recording equipment.

Today, with 20/20 hindsight, we realise that the smart lie would have been to pay attention to the emerging rumour that it was a UFO, and let it run without any fuel. Eventually it would have died out and people would have assumed it was just another hoax. Instead, they made a shocking fumble of trying to swap out the debris from the spy balloon with a broken weather balloon, and then tell the officer who brought it in that it was the same wreckage, and surely he could see now it was a weather balloon. Stupid. What they thought was a smart move instead added fuel to the UFO mystery, and kept the rumour alive for 60 years!

Which only goes to show that government and military are actually freaking terrible at covering anything up.


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  1. residentRsole Says:

    This sucks. But I have become accustomed to being disappointed. If it is too good to be true it probably is.

    I used to support the Disclosure Project in the hope that actual physical evidence would come along one day. Military officers coming forward to testify publically is harder to ignore than fat chicks in trailer parks claiming to have had sex with aliens. Then again, Walter Haut was a military officer and he was full of shit.

    Until physical evidence of such craft is presented that can be scratched and sniffed by the public, I will remain sceptical. I don’t doubt, however, that there are exotic technologies built by military labs and corporate labs with buckets of money to spend on expensive trial-and-error experiments. Why shouldn’t there be ? The formula to Coca-Cola is still a secret. 😀

  2. Roswell Information

    Roswell Information continues after 60 years

  3. Actually, having a UFO rumor ongoing for the rest of history is what the military wants – this way, whenever they try out something new and fairly confidential and someone accidentally SEES it, the military can then sit opposite of the guy at a conference and say, “Are you sure you aren’t one of those UFO nuts who sees things?”

    It keeps people from prying into the real research and development they are doing. If you can lure away the flies with honey while you get some real work done, then the lost honey isn’t a waste.

  4. Frank Smithe Says:


    Give it up—too many Hi – Level operatives pilots
    etc say they saw the bodies — one being Pappy
    Patterson who flew the weckage to wright–
    His widows in her affadavit–explains what her husband said…
    1 Did not write a book
    2. Is not interested in UFO’s
    3. Does not have Kin who can benifit from her report.
    4. Is not appearing on Oprah anytime soon.
    You boys –I got to wonder who you work for?

  5. Look, Dubose in an video interview in the late 80’s (retired general) who was at the early morning July 7, meeting basically said the balloon story
    was a coverup–see U-tube–Coverup –he said the clearance for
    this situation had not even been Invented i are you saying that
    the military was scaring the Russians (we only had the
    A-bomb-Mogul in the late 80’s is like Tinker Toy Techology when Dubose
    made the Video-Is that what he is still hiding–please-
    The boys put the story out in the morning and when Washington
    heard about they told them to Cover-up and Shut-up..Marcel’s son
    basically said the stuff in photos was not the stuff on the floor in 1947.
    Ramey went along with the release then was told to can-it..

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