Sorry, America, our President might just be dumber than yours

Crystal meth abuse is a serious issue in South Africa. The local name for the drug is ‘tik’, and the increasing prevalence of its abuse, especially among under-25s in the Western Cape, has been making headline news for quite some time now. The papers were already referring to it as a ‘pandemic’ a year ago.ย  The UN’s International Narcotics Control Board was already sounding alarm bells for tik abuse in South Africa in their report for 2005. In 2004, fully one third of people arriving at rehab were addicted to tik, up from less than 1% in 2002.

So you can imagine it comes as quite a shock to us that, at a recent opening of a new Drug Rehab Center, the speaker was interrupted by our Honourable President asking “What is tik?”. The mayor and the provincial premier had to quickly step in and explain it to him, before the speaker could continue.

Yes, that’s right, fellow South Africans, our president had to ask what tik is. To give the rest of you some perspective, it would be like George Bush interrupting a speech on drug abuse to exclaim that he didn’t realise that addiction to coke was such an issue, and rest assured he would be having a talk with the good folks at The Coca-Cola Company.

And then, in the news today, Mbeki apparently declares war on tik. Hoo-fucking-rah. Mark my words: if past events and his recent biography are anything to go by, in time the official line will be that Thabo Mbeki was a tireless fighter in the war on drugs, and this little slip never happened.


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  1. Oh puleeease!!! I know EXACTLY what you mean. Its somehow never remember that normal people fight waaaay more than politicians, but still they get LOADS of credit for doing good.

    Its one of those things which I try to ignore else I get really angry, and its just not worth it.

  2. I’m tempted to make a “tikking time-bomb” joke, but that would be in poor taste.

  3. tik tock tik tock tik tock…

  4. There’s a different between uninformed and being stupid.

  5. When you are the leader of a nation, it’s stupidity incarnate to be uninformed about the issues gripping the country.

  6. I am not surprised. Remember the HIV/Aids debacle that he started?

  7. yeah, that would be what the last link refers to ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. residentRsole Says:

    When you are the leader of a nation, itโ€™s stupidity incarnate to be uninformed about the issues gripping the country.

    Cde. Thabo is seldom in the country as it is.

  9. To be fair, it would only be fair to compare it to Bush not getting a coacine reference if you prez was also a serious tik abuser.

  10. i would not be surprised to find out the president was on tik. It might explain some of his policy decisions on the Zimbabwe issue.

  11. residentRsole Says:

    moonflake: Look’s like Uncle Bob is going to win after all. Instead of tearing the security forces to pieces (like they do in Haiti every ten years), the population of Zimbabwe is emptying itself into South Africa. The Shona and the Matabele are going to join the Zulus and the Xhosas as the most dominant black tribes/nations in South Africa. I predict that the ANC will use them as voters. We’re in for some interesting times ahead.

  12. Hullabaloo Says:

    I’m a bit late, bit I’m here nevertheless to mention my disappointment at you, Ms Moonflake.

    As much as I’d love the opportunity to criticise Mr Mbeki, this unfortunately is one incident where everyone got carried away with the early press releases and got it all horribly wrong.

    I may not agree with much of what he says, but he is not a stupid man, and his question was in fact by all accounts a classic Mbeki trait, designed to sow confusion amongst the ranks, and to shake things up a bit. As subsequent reports have confirmed, that seemingly innocent and ignorant question ended up revealing the lack of ANC policy and action with regard to Tik, and opened up the veritable hornets nest. He knew exactly what he was doing, so credit where credit is due.

    I know you’re almost always on the mark, but you slipped up this time.

  13. residentRsole Says:

    Hullabaloo: If Mbeki is not a stupid man then he is surely a very evil one. Either way, South Africa does not have a future under such a president.

  14. Pedro Gonzalez Says:

    theres a thin line between tik and thick. unfortunately for you, your presidents a bit on the “tik” side.

  15. I am not sure but maybe not everyone knows what the names might be for drugs. It’s normal for people to not be aware. He also could probably asked what it was to inform the rest of the people who did not know ๐Ÿ™‚ eh, I beg to differ on which president is more literate than the other haha

  16. jon canada Says:

    Not dumber…Bush would’ve started a war against the naiton of ‘Tik’

  17. WTF are you one about?

    So he doesn’t know slang…. f**king big deal nimrod. At least he is not killing innocent people and invading countries for f**king no good reason FFS.

  18. cj canada Says:

    What are YOU talking about, nurven?

    If the man doesn’t know what is is LOCALLY referred to as, then he’s obviously not the least bit aware of the situation.

    @hullabuloo: according to you, his devastatingly piercing insight led him to stir things up by looking like an idiot. Seems like intellect such as that could have found a better method. I’m forced to conclude you are satirizing.

  19. One little slip? You’re going to have to try a lot harder than that to claim the “dumbest” president. We even have a name for little verbal slips like this: “Bushisms”. Here’s a link to dozens from just one year:

    Yay, we win the stupidest president contest…USA #1… uh… ahem…help us

  20. L33TMan Says:

    Although I’m sure he is definately not the best candidate for leading a country that is in the shape that South Africa is, I find it hard to believe he is a truly stupid person. I think hullabuloo was on the right track in believing he may have been asking a public question to clarify for others or shed light on what is known on the subject. A common oration technique. However, i do see the comedy in the fact that he came right out and asked directly what “tik” was. You would think he would have made a better phrasing of the question…….”To clarify for the public eye just what is the cause of the pandemic…..what is Tik?”….lawl, I should be a president.

  21. Yeah, but see, Bush has actually used cocaine.

  22. really… it’s no surprise. However I disagree that Mbeki is dumber than Bush… Mbeki is just a result of the system he tried so hard to fight. Under-educated and under informed he is doing quite well. Now Zuma, there’s a discussion we could have.

  23. South Africa sure is doing great these days. How are things in Rhodesia?

    More proof that “freedom” and democratic mob rule make everything better!

  24. As a citizen of the United States of America, I am deepy offended. You have sullied our good name, sir.

    How dare you imply that our president is less dumb than yours.

    President Bush wouldn’t even know how to pronounce President Mbeki’s name. If he were given a map, it’s doubtful President Bush could even point to the African continent, let alone the country of South Africa.

    President Bush has demonstrated time and again the depth, breadth and mind numbing variety of his stupidity. Not since the great Vice President Dan Quayle has the executive office of the United States government seen such a moron.

    I certainly hope this doesn’t devolve into a childish, ‘my president is dumber than yours’ arguments, but I shall close with this: When it comes to Dumb, Bush is Number One.

  25. […] Sorry, America, our President might just be dumber than yours Crystal meth abuse is a serious issue in South Africa. The local name for the drug is ‘tik’, and the […] […]

  26. aviationwiz Says:

    While I highly disprove of President Mbeki’s policies, and believe that South Africa would be much better if the majority party were the DA rather than the ANC, I can hardly blame Mbeki for not knowing what “tik” is. I know I don’t, and I’m sure no one I know would either. Slang isn’t exactly something that President’s stay current on.

  27. residentRsole Says:

    floodedcodeboy: You are incorrect. Mbeki has a Masters in Economics from the University of Sussex, so he is certainly not undereducated. But he has taken up Afrocentrism which is pseudo-history and, ergo, complete bullshit.

    nurven: Mbeki is indirectly responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people. His “quiet diplomacy” regarding Zimbabwe has allowed Mugabe to get away with horrible crimes. The ANC’s attitude towards the Afrikaners has resulted in Gregory Stanton placing South Africa at Stage 4 and has warned of a future overt genocide against them ( Just think how many white farmers have been killed.

    And let’s not forget the high levels of crime – oh, sorry, that’s just a perception according to Cde. Thabo.

    aviationwiz: I think that we would do much better if we separated ourselves completely from the ANC, SACP and all their voters.

  28. Sorry, America, our President might just be dumber than yours

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  29. It’s good to see someone having issues with their president other than myself. I can’t seem to motivate US people to see the inherent stupidity in the GW Bush, so it’s frustrating. However, I see what you mean by Mbeki being a moron.

    Neither of them are really “dumb” per se, but just really OUT OF TOUCH. That’s a better term – ignorant of reality. They totally cannot connect with reality and therefore are ignorant of everything going on around them (although they may have degrees in various fields from various colleges).

  30. dhanashree Says:


    pretty impressive and neatly arranged collection of posts..

    i read the above incident, and funny for a person looking forward to lead a nation…

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