35W Bridge Collapse Caused by Gays

That odious weasel Fred Phelps and his gang of miscreants are planning to protest at the funerals of the people killed when the 35W bridge collapsed recently in the US. Why? Well, to explain to the families of the bereaved, by means of picketing, that God killed their loved ones in revenge for America’s wanton tolerance of homosexuality, of course.

Apparently the signs that the protesters will be waving will include comments such as “God hates fags” and “Thank God for 9/11”.

I believe Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church are the perfect argument that God is either non-existent, or an utter bastard.


185 Responses to “35W Bridge Collapse Caused by Gays”

  1. i think there is a much more mundane explanation. i think that god, whether it exists or not, doesn’t come into it. i think this is proof that there are people that are completely insensitive to others and are complete arseholes

  2. Why doesn’t God do something really useful and rid us of these appalling specimens?

  3. residentRsole Says:

    The speed of light limit was caused by gays.
    The fact that Pi is not a integer or a rational number was caused by gays.
    Gays are the reason that we can’t prove NP=P.

  4. Yeah, been a while since they were in the news. Makes sense to latch onto something that IS making news just to get the attention they crave.

    10 out of 10 for pure cynicism on their part.

  5. dystopia: especially when their religion gives them a free pass to be arseholes

    Sarah: precisely why i consider their continued existance to be proof that god either isn’t there, or is a bastard.

    residentRsole: gays are the cause of the eventual heat death of the universe. Don’t even get me started on Jews.

    Wyrd: 10 out of 10 for pure inhumanity as far as i’m concerned

    Paul Putter Paul says “Maybe the good reverend needs a decent rodgering?” – sorry, guy, your comment accidentally fell into the spam shredder. I’ve always thought that anyone who can be that strongly opposed to homosexuality must be fighting some internal urges.

  6. residentRsole Says:

    moonflake: Jews are the cause of the 50 Hz frequency for power lines, undercooked pizzas and hay ever – Have you ever seen a Jew suffer from hayfever ???? What does that tell you ?

    Heat Death is such an unpleasant ending but nature seems to work that way and doesn’t give a fuck how we feel about it. Besides, we won’t be around for it anway. I look at a snow screen on a TV and it reminds me of the Universe with its millions of galaxies, appearing and disappearing over billions and billions of years. A single pixel that flickers on and off once could represent the formation and destruction of our galaxy or even our Local Group. Fuck those faggots !! It’s their fault !!!!!!!

  7. I wish that being gay gave me the kind of power Fred thinks we all have to destroy the world. Phelps is obviously a bitter fag who’s never been laid in his life. I think the lady doth protest to much. There is a level of ‘hell’ reserved for religious scum such as he.

  8. Its been proven time and time again… Just because people say that they are doing God’s work, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are… Its just a matter of perspective… Hitler thought he was doing God’s work… So does Bush… but there are alot of other people who would probably see it otherwise… Become a Deist… God’s just there… but doesn’t change anything… The world keeps spinning, wether we have his blessing or not…

  9. I don’t really think this is anything surprising. The Westboro Baptist Church has been preaching its own brand of hate since their inception. You can look at their covers of “We are the world” (God Hates the World), or “This Land is Fag land” ( This Land is Your Land), and see that their own message is just general hate mongering.

    What bothers me about it is that while I may dislike their message, and wholeheartedly disapprove of it, they have a right to express themselves, and they have at the tops of their lungs about anything which will get attention on them. (Case in point: The VT shootings, Gerald Ford’s Death, performances of pro-gay plays)

    And, on the topic of their protests and their messages, I don’t really think that there is much to be said about them aside from the fact that everyone is apparently going to hell. Sometimes, I wonder (and hope) it includes them as well.

  10. What I want to know is why God keeps bungling things up. I imagine a bolt of lightening from heaven pronouncing God’s hate of fags, striking the bridge and killing those fags. Oh wait, they’re not fags.

    Just reminds me of that time God made that gay disease that was supposed to eradicate the fags, but his poor understanding of diseases and how they spread ended up foiling his plans.

    Maybe God should give up against the gays, after all they’re bigger than Jesus. (wait, was that the Fab 5 or the Fab 4?)

  11. I am a Christian, I believe in God, and it sickens me that Fred Phelps and his cronies supposedly represent God. I would have to agree with Sarah on this one. My immediate reaction to this when reading was “God, why don’t you just do us all a favour and get rid of these people?” This world does not need more of that kind of hate.

  12. God (if he exists) is too busy fighting Satan or flirting with Aphrodite to care much about whatever is going on down here. On a more realistic level, I think that Tazers are entirely appropriate for Fred and friends.

  13. God is 15 year old punk kid getting his laughs by throwing freaks like this Fred Phelps guy to irritate us with idiotic nonsense.

  14. I am pretty sure you guys would be more pissed off at God if he did get involved in our lives then you are now because he doesn’t. free will is a good thing, stop blaming God and wake up to realize God left the responsibility to take care of each other to us, not to demigods or lightning bolts.

  15. LOL god, riiiight. These fools know that the magic cloud man shtick is getting old and tired, and the only thing they have left to grasp at is hate and intolerance… shock value.
    Watch Jesus Camp, these tacky protesters are just the tip of the iceburg.

  16. Clearly they only do it for attention. I find it hard to believe that God would create man in his image, all people equal and then just player hate on the gays (Instant damnation for something you have no control of? I think not.) If they truely believe that by being total jackasses that they are going to convince me or anyone else otherwise, they’re more stupid than I thought. I’m an atheist, but if I’m wrong about the exsistance of God: while I’m burning in the firey lakes of hell I’ll take comfort in the knowledge that at least I didn’t expect to be in heaven, unlike those morons.

  17. itsdafrank Says:

    Fred Phelps has proven beyond a doubt that nothing he says is worth listneing to, I’m never reading another story about him or his church. There are over a hundred posts to this item, why bother, that’s what I’m thinking – ’tis m’last post on this subject, ever.

  18. Anybody want to start a petition of people who are going to protest Fred Phelps’ funeral? Give these bible thumping hate mongers a dash of their own medicine. I think his grave would be the only person’s grave that I would willingly urinate on.

  19. […] 35W Bridge Collapse Caused by Gays That odious weasel Fred Phelps and his gang of miscreants are planning to protest at the funerals of the people killed when the 35W bridge collapsed recently in the US. Why? Well, to explain to the families of the bereaved, by means of picketing, that God killed their loved ones in revenge for America’s wanton tolerance of homosexuality, of course. […]

  20. KillPolice.com

    Religion = Brainwashing

  21. Mr. Snorkel Says:

    I’m very surprised that nobody has mentioned the real reason he drives around the country insulting people like this.

    He’s in this for money! A large percentage of his clan are lawyers. This is literally what they do; drive around the country pissing people off and goading people until they are finally physically attacked. They then turn around and SUE THE CITY THEY WERE ATTACKED IN. They make tens of thousands of dollars every time they are attacked, enough to pay for law school at least.

    So in a hypothetical situation, if someone was doing this, it would NOT pay to attack them while protesting as much as it would be to follow them and hurt them very badly elsewhere, where they aren’t expecting it, and where they can’t sue.

  22. anonymous coward Says:

    actually, logic and history would tell us that fred phelps is probably a closet homosexual himself, who can’t come to terms with his tendencies and his beliefs.

    as illogical and hateful as their insane theories and tirades are, saying that the WBC is proof there is no god is just as illogical.

  23. Come on now, we all know it isn’t gays causing this. It is figs!


  24. Go FRED PHELPS! The gays now have supernatural powers over the tactile strength of poured concrete and steel. Those darned gays! What can’t they do? Yesterday it was desiring equal rights, then it was taking over broadcast television, today it’s clearly the ability to alter the fundamental laws of physics.

    Almost enough to make you wish you were gay, innit? Fred, you silly dumbfuck. Please go away.

  25. cognitivecontent Says:

    Phelps is a joke. We should take donations to put up for his assassination. 😉 Will someone please crash a plane into his building (which is not a church)?

  26. […] enough to make you wish you were gay, innit? Fred, you silly dumbfuck. Please go away.read more | digg […]

  27. I thought it was the Death Eaters that caused it to break.

  28. i am jealous of your correctness

  29. Well, remember that people have free will. I think having God intervene in everything would just kind of take the responsibility off of us. People choose to interpret things how they would like as you know. If this Phelps guy is beyond reasoning instead of hating on him it might be more productive to make sure the people around us don’t hold similar notions. I believe Brandon some comments above me said about the same thing. But hey, nothing wrong with a lil reminding!

  30. Is Fred Phelps “the perfect argument that God is either non-existent, or an utter bastard”? Rather seems to me Phelps is the perfect argument for the free will of man and the patience of God; the Bible word is “longsuffering”.

    But Phelps will get his due, and I don’t just mean in the hereafter. He is already living in hell as a moronic clown, being laughed unto the scorn of eternal oblivion, forever diminishing, but never quite gone.

    And please, Phelps is no representative of the Christian church – even at its worst. He is a rank cultist, his “church” is his extended family by marriage and kinship, and they live in a 2 city block cultic compound.

  31. Im from Kansas and hate Fred Phelps, hey people of the world, not all Kansans are backwards ass redneck fundamentalists, please don’t group us togother! and residentRsole’s comment needs to be erased, … please.

  32. Why doesn’t God (or Goddess) do something about Phelps? Because he/she/it expects us to make our voices of tolerance and intelligence louder than Phelps.

    And it was the Dementors, not the Death Eaters.

  33. Why, oh why does that man need to be from Kansas – he makes all of us look bad :\

  34. Don’t worry Petra, I know many fine people from Kansas.. it’s Georgia you gotta watch out for.

  35. I can see their logic behind soldiers funerals.. but a bridge collapse? there’s zero logic there… now they’re just looking to get on the front pages.

  36. soujirou7 Says:

    Did it ever occur to anyone that Fred Phelps could be acting against God? It is true that God does not favor homosexuality and as a Christian I despise it also. However, with the actions and lifestyle of a homosexuals aside, they are still people and they are LOVED by God.
    Fred Phelps’ message not only is twisted truth but discredits Christianity and turns people away from God. He is either so demented in his tirade against homosexuals that he should not be listened to (for reasons of insanity), or he is condemning homosexuals to purposefully incite people against God due to a personal vendetta he has against God. In either case, he cannot be considered a true representative of Christianity while ignoring its most basic tenants.

    @Sarah: Brandon is right. We all have the free will to act however we want. The question really is whether we are willing to suffer the consequences (which because of God’s grace are not always immediate). He also gave us intelligence and expects us to use it to realize the truth for ourself rather than making universal judgments based on the example of just a few.

  37. Fred Phelps sets off my gaydar.

  38. I truly hope this man dies a painful death someday…

  39. Honestly.. I think that this is simply proof that God has a baddd sense of humor. haha.

    Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t think that Phelps and his gang should picket at anyone’s funeral.. but when you look at Westboro Baptist Church’s “beliefs”.. (homosexuality is the root cause of evil in the world).. you just gotta laugh.

  40. Fred Phelps certainly has a variety of issues. It has been reported that he was in the past physically abusive towards his wife and children and was a crooked lawyer before being disbarred, filing frivolous lawsuits just to get paid by the defendants to settle.

    The best thing to do with the Phelps crew is ignore them. They boast of the attention the media gives them and, in a free country such as ours, there is nothing that Constitutionally can be done to bridle them.

  41. I too live in Kansas, about 30 minutes from their “church”. I did manage to ask them why they had their 12 year old kids out holding ridiculous signs on a tuesday afternoon (during school hours), instead of making something of themselves.

    It’s fairly sad that their kids are subscribing to all the hate that they spew. Hopefully they can grow up someday and actually think for themselves.

  42. tennyomelime Says:

    Coming from someone who actually lives in the Twin Cities:

    The vast majority of the Christian community does not agree with Fred Phelps. He’s a right-wing zealot media whore. I doubt he even cares about anything other than getting himself on the news. There are plenty of us in the Christian community who do not stoop to his level and are rational, intelligent human beings. Please to not categorize us with this jerk. Please. 😦

  43. For every hit that this blog gets, especially since it’s on Digg, you might as well donate $5.00 to the Westboro Baptist Church. Publicity is their main vehicle.. both fundamentally and financially. Everyone that freaks out because they protest a funeral like complete asses is partially responsible for the fact that they continue to do so. They thrive on your hatred of them. Do what you were taught as a child and ignore them instead.

  44. Darth_Morbius Says:

    soujirou: WTF? How the heck did you land up on this website? “god does not favour homosexuals… and I despise it too?”

    … frankly, I think you are just as ignorant as Phelps – do yourself a favour and read the passages above and below those much touted verses wherein your god lists the things he depsises – I think you will be surprised to see at least one or two activities you participate in that is “despised” by your monotheistic myth.

    moonflake: GR8 website – stumbled upon it during a search on the carte blance debacle and haven’t stopped reading since! Well done for finally creating an intelligent SA website for “logic and reason” to paraphrase a term from Richard Dawkins!

    It’s also VERY refreshing too come accross such an intelligent, free thinking woman – for whatever reason, skeptical websites or forums are so often dominated by men – I even noticed that almost all of the comments on the Carte Blance forum in support if Danie Krugel were female, while most of the comments against the program were male… maybe there’s room for a PHD thesis in there….who knows

    Nonetheless, keep up the good work! You have just garnered another fan and contributor…

    Finally – I have to agree that it is VERY likely that our dear little cult leader Phelps has some gay tendencies himself – why else would it bug him so much? There are far worse things that he could get worked up about, but obviously it’s whats top of mind for him…

  45. residentRsole Says:

    Hey, where did all these people come from ?

  46. Someone needs to quietly sign themselves up for making money for the ALCU or something and then pickett quietly against Phelps with signs that say, “We’re here because of you, and for every hour we do this, we earn $100 towards charities that help gay people.”

    It would be good for a laugh anyway. If Phelps starts a fight, you got him right there to sue /press charges and get rid of him and his cronies for good.

  47. E perfect example of how people continue to use the ‘supreme good’ as an excuse to be arseholes. It has been this was since the beginning of time and will always be this way. Has this chap Phelps red the bible? There is only the tinyest mention about gays (very indirectly) whereas jesus makes it very clear over and over again how he feels about hypocricy. Anyways, there are so many strange christians over there in the states doing ridiculous things that it has now become difficult do to be taken seriously anywhere in the world if you are a christian. Thanks.

  48. Primus hit the nail on the head. Having said that, God allows one to sin even if it is against God Himself. You don’t want God to interfere in your life and He doesn’t. Why do you blame God when man sins? Phelps is not obeying the second royal law – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you- and he will have to answer for it. It’s not logical to blame God or Christians for what Phelps does. The more everyone talks about Phelps the stronger he becomes. Right on itsdafrank. Stop it damn it.

  49. Fred Phelps is on a fast track to hell, no doubt about it.

  50. Why are you getting so angry about this?

    This is exactly the kind of publicity that any atheist or tolerant person would hope for. Have a little trust in the mainstream, they will get equally upset for these kind of plans, be it homophobic believer or not.

    This is, of course, deeply unfortunate for the grieving families. Therefore the law enforcement should do something to prevent their presence anywhare near the memorial events.

  51. I think it probably shows that people CAN be bastards, but that god remains in the minds of them. “Gays” is a bit of a strange term, seen as it’s most likely just “gay people” because they’re humans just like you, me, and those people at the westboro bastard church.

    Don’t generalise so much.

  52. There are some strange people out there.

    What’s next? Gays cause global warming? Oh wait a minute. Global warming is a hoax. How about the above normal hurricanes? No… haven’t had any of those yet either.

    Hmmm. Gays are causing the health crisis? What health crisis? I am sure they have insurance. All the faulty products from China?

    Sorry, can’t think of any reason for gays to be at fault here. On the other hand, racist, intolerant bigots who blame everyone but themselves for the evils in this world should spend a year in a refugee camp in Darfur. But I suppose that somebodies fault as well.



  53. I mean I herad piegon crap did it not gays my god some people need love


  54. Darth_Morbius Says:

    smilingchaos: ????? You really shouldn’t browse the Net and take drugs at the same time… 🙂

    That’s OK though, I’m sure the pigeon crap loves you too…

  55. FFS

    These people are useless.

    Why do we even bother to notice their miserable life?
    The only thing they want is media coverage on the fucked up way they see the world, and you go on and do it?

    Ignore them, forget them, let them be consume from inside, or in the worst case, go on on their merry way until the last one of them dies of natural cause.

    Stop giving them attention, that’s what they want

  56. “I believe Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church are the perfect argument that God is either non-existent, or an utter bastard.”

    Please don’t give up on a God that is not represented by Phelps. The God he misrepresents and demeans will have his day with Phelps.

    As a Catholic-Libertarian and all around existential badass, I just want to say keep the chin up and know for every Phelps, there’s a lot more people like me.

  57. It’s amazing the number opf religious nutters that seem to exist in america … you guys (not gays, although they can be guys too 😉 ) need to do something about them. From where I sit, on the other side of the atlantic, it looks like there isn’t a rational human being over there! I know that that can’t be the case, but hell, what have you got over there, some sort of zealot incubator … you seem to be a stones throw from having a theocracy 😯

  58. anonymous Says:

    Rose-Dewy Knickers:

    Gays cause global warming. Global warming is a hoax. Ergo gays are a hoax. Fred Phelps disappears in a puff of latent smoke. Problem solved. Hooray for fake gays.

  59. As a Christian, I am tired of this argument. We ALL fall short of the glory of God because of sin, and it’s more a wake-up call for ALL OF US to repent of ALL of our sins, IMO.

    And I’m NOT trying to say that I think God caused it, btw! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  60. I think the only charitable counter-protest would be holding a sign that says “God Loves Fred Phelps.” We might want to hate him, but that makes us no better than him.

  61. Dear anonymous,

    That was a brilliant piece of deductive logic. You should run for political office! 😉



  62. Darth_Morbius Says:

    @titus2woman: Could not agree more! I mean if you guys want to have a theistic debate, let’s have it…but for goodness’ sake, not for the sake of a cult leader – a cult leader who’s only claim to fame is a congregation made up almost entirely by family members!

    At least David Koresh had the twisted personality and charisma to recruit members of the general public to his cult – this oke is so bloody useless, he can’t even convince anyone outside of his blood relatives to join his stupid little club (even then he hasn’t been 100% successful, as I read several of his kids left the church…shame)

    I mean are we going to debate the finer points of biblical text based on the actions of the Klu-Klux Clan – NO! So why are we debating the actions of a seriously deranged and misguided cult leader who obviously does NOT represent a viewpoint shared by anyone outside of his VERY small goup – just because he makes a lot of noise does not mean he has a measure of influence or morality equal to the number of pamphlets he prints out…

    If I must be pressed for an opinion though, it is strange to me that America has not been successful in passing “Hate Speech” legislation – there is, in my opinion, a HUGE difference between freedom of speech and the deliberate, destrcuctive propaganda sprouted froth by this idiot (and others like him)

  63. The Phelps cult aren’t Christians. They are miscreants. Obviously Phelps has never actually read the bible because if he did then he would probably stop all of those ridiculous acid spewing he does.

    Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
    Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    That basically says “Quit pointing the finger at other people for their problems when you have a huge set of your own.”

    Sure, I may disagree with certain lifestyles, but I don’t go around saying that bridges are falling or wars are being caused by gays. That’s just stupid.

    Judgement is a right reserved for God. Phelps needs to drastically alter his thinking and then go sit down and shut up.

  64. Stephanie Says:

    I am a Christian, and let me make this clear: Christ does not hate homosexuals, just as he does not hate Fred Phelps. It is apparent to me that Fred Phelps has heaped upon himself plenty of condemnation–for himself. The measure you use to judge will be the measure by which you are judged. When Christians live based upon religion and self-righteousness, their hearts are corrupt and it seeps into everything they do.

    Christians should be living to bring good news for the poor, to help those who are hurting… Not to nail “sinners” to crosses they carved.

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  66. as a christian, these people protesting REALLY piss me off. they are in no way a representation of God, and i’m really ashamed that they carry the same label that i do.

  67. This jerk is just another guy who hides behind God. God is very important in my life. Hateful people like this convince me of nothing regarding God.

    It’s just easier to be hateful and mean-spirited if you can convince yourself that God somehow wants you to be hateful and mean-spirited.

    Then you can ignore the fact that being hateful and mean-spirited, and hurting people, is pretty obviously sinful.

    And using the bridge collapse? Pretending it has something to do with God “hating” homosexuals? Pretty far fetched.

    How sad for the families who are already suffering enough.

    I hope he is stopped.

  68. truth of the matter is they’re NOT Christians. they just wave the banner until false pretense.

  69. cypheroftyr Says:

    I love your closing line. I agree and will link to your post as well. Fred Phelps is a total and utter asshole that doesnt need to walk this earth. I Hope with all of my dark little heart that people protest his funeral and I’m around to see it.

  70. Hey Moonflake, don’t give up on God just yet. Luckily people like Phelps don’t have a monopoly on God and neither does the Supreme being choose them to do his advertising for him. And luckily the word God doesn’t just mean ‘the Christian God’. There are alternatives, and we do have a choice.

  71. chensamurai Says:

    Man, he’s got a history…
    I just don’t get why, he has to go through all this trouble to create all this trouble. In the end, he’s buried in his own fanaticism while he could have been doing something much more useful. For instance, he could be ummmm… eating chicken 😀 lmfao… anyways, I don’t get him.

    Visit my blog: http://elitefeed.wordpress.com/

  72. […] WordPress user moonflake put this better than I could have…  […]

  73. Ciaran Gallagher Says:

    The bible is a work of fiction. There is no heaven. There is no hell. There is no God. There is nothing but us. Nothing has yet totally proved otherwise.

  74. someone like fred phelps is dillusional and misguided. to lump your entire representation of God/Jesus/Christianity/or whatever would be just as misguided. God is loving and encouraging and full of hope and mercy, and anyone who uses hate and fear to proclaim God has never understood the message that was once preached to them…

    i feel sorry for those people who think that hate and fear are appropriate methods of evangelism. most likely people like fred phelps aren’t trying to proclaim God, they just want you to fight them so they can sue you… i’ve seen it before…

  75. As an Australian Christian and a gay man far from all this I just can’t comprehend that 1) Fred Phelps actually exists outside Landover Baptist Church or 2) that anyone even listens to him. I don’t pretend to know the mind of God on things like this — I think only very foolish people would — but it seems more profitable to me to see what engineers have to say and what conditions in the building or planning process might have led to such an outcome. Faith is not the same as confusing your own prejudices with the will of God. It’s amazing how too often the God of people like Fred Phelps strongly resembles people like Fred Phelps. I think we can be sure, however little we may know about God, that he is rather unlike Fred Phelps.

    Faith in God may, I hope, bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones or have been injured in this terrible accident.

  76. I think they just really like attention. As long as they keep getting coverage they are going to keep doing it. It is like a little kid who doesn’t know how to get attention for good things. They only know that their misbehavior has gotten them worldwide attention and so until they are totally ignored they will be around for a while. Just ignore them. Don’t post about them. Don’t cover them on the news. Don’t even look at them if they show up. Don’t shout at them. Just act like they aren’t even there.

  77. Darth_Morbius Says:

    Geez, guys – I’ll say it again….

    Are we going to allow this sad, lonely, misguided and damaged human being… this “pseudo” cult leader (I say pseudo as the poor bastard can’t even arrange a porper cult outside his own family…silly little bunny) to to drive a serious theistic debate?

    Come on… we are ALL giving him WAY too much credit…

  78. Please give this asshole cancer!

  79. God didn’t do that to the bridge, is this guy insane!!! And then to protest at a funeral!!! insensitive bastard!

  80. this is why I hate fucking god hippies. and this make my argument even more valid


  81. I’m a conservative, evangelical Christian. I’m appalled that Phelps even considers himself to be one. Compassion, while not the only defining characteristic of the gospel, is certainly a HUGE component. Scripture testifies to the fact that if we don’t have LOVE, then we are nothing.

    I’m reminded of a song from the late 1800s…He is more to be pitied than censured. Although, I wouldn’t mind it if we never heard from Phelps again. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t struggle with homosexuality himself. Generally, the things people preach against the loudest are things they’re guilty of…but that’s just pure speculation because it’s not ALWAYS the case.

    We live in a messed up world…and not everyone who says “I’m a Christian” is actually a Christian.

  82. I wonder if Bill O’Reilly will get as bent out of shape about this as he does about the so-called “vile hate” on left-wing blogs.

  83. heatlight Says:

    Once Fred Phelps personally called me threatening a lawsuit because I shut his webpage & email server down. I was a very proud hacker that day. 😉

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  85. How is this proof that God is non-existant or an utter bastard?

    I hate that a few radical morons are ruining the image of Christianity. It’s a religion of love and morality, not one of hatred (like these “god hates fags” people seem to believe). And I hate how this small percentage of Christians has turned the entire base of young liberal internet-users against Christianity. It sucks.

  86. Seems like a ridiculous stunt. HOWEVER, no more ridiculous than many of the above, hateful comments. He does have the right to say these things. Free speach. No matter how hateful what he’s saying is. I thought you leftists would support THAT right at least…?? Where is the real liberal out there who would give his life if need be to protect this fellow’s right to say what he wants – even things you strongly disagree with? Liberalism is dead and this group proves it. Classical liberalism, that is. Today’s liberalism is more fascist than what most modern fascists preach. Think about it.

  87. Let’s not forget the obvious fact that inspite of Western Europe’s tolerance of homosexuality (civil unions, marriage rights, social acceptance, etc.), we don’t see bridges collapsing there. Obviously Phelps can’t keep his head out of his ass long enough to notice this inconsistency in his outlook.

    The US is a crumbling empire. Like Ancient Rome, we’re busy fighting wars in far-flung corners of the world while at home, our country is figuratively and literally falling apart.

  88. Aurvant, while I agree with everything you posted regarding phelps and crew not being christians, you evidence against it was all from the old testament… which christianity does not “overturn,” but which jesus’ teaching as presented in the new testament supercedes (or in other translations “fulfills”). Basically, you’ve just proven that phelps and his gang are not good jews. To prove that they are not christians you merely need to quote “love your neighbors as you do yourselves.” That covers it.

  89. beentheredonethat Says:

    Phelphs is gay. I know. I slept with him. He was young. He freaked out, got god and now he’s, well, what he is now.

  90. Alex, historically speaking, it is also a religion of vindictiveness, conquest, political control, and a lot of other things. Keeping that old testament and all the stuff from Paul and the other hellenics in the bible has given license to a lot of biblically-sanctionable anti-“christian” behavior.

  91. […] Is Without Shame 35W Bridge Collapse Caused by Gays That odious weasel Fred Phelps and his gang of miscreants are planning to protest at the funerals […]

  92. … though NOT the kind of moronic crap that Phelps spews.

  93. Darth_Morbius Says:

    Okay…obviously we ARE going to allow this sad little “cult” extremist to dictate an entire theistic debate…rather sad if you ask me

    If some loon went around picketing against gravity we would all dismiss him immediately as an idiot and a moron…

    KJinda says a whole lot about religion that a complete wackjob such as this impotent little imp can illicit such heated debate around an issue that any logical, intelligent person would dismiss immediately…

  94. darth_morbius, it says more about ignorance.

  95. springwater Says:

    hm.. say a man adopted children. just because some of them go about to do idiot things, that doesn’t mean that their dad was non-on-existent or a ___, especially when those children are retarded and cannot represent the dad.

    have a nice day 🙂

  96. These halfwits claim to be Christians. That’s like George W claiming to be a pacifist. They seem to have forgotten the ‘eleventh commandment’ given by Jesus, which he said was more important than following the old testament: ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’. If two people love each other, I don’t think God gives a toss whether they have the same bits or not. Love is love.

  97. witchybitch Says:

    Why would Fred Phelps be proof of anything about God?

  98. linktothepresent Says:

    Homosexuality is banned in Leviticus. That is in the Old Testament. In Christianity, the Old Testament is invalid because Jesus’ intent was to make our yoke light. Only the New Testament is valid. The New Testament does not forbid homosexuality, so therefore it is NOT a sin.

  99. jackintheback Says:

    Ah yes, god hates homosexuals. Also it seems he hates Christians, Moslems, Buddhists and Hindus. In fact everyone. He is a complete bastard. Oh, and these guys are arseholes. Let them have their god. I definitely don`t want him.

  100. What does homosexuality have anything to do with an engineering flaw that caused a bridge to crumble?? What does 9/11 have anything to do with homosexuality???Someone must have hit Phelps on the head one too many times as a child… Pathetic. Sad. Someone put him on meds or take him off… either way – he ain’t right!

    Let the families of the deceased greave their loved ones in peace and dignity. May they rest in peace after such a tragedy.

  101. springwater Says:

    hm… i don’t remember Christ ‘redefining’ sin…

  102. I am a Christian. Christians who act like that are NOT following the rules! We are not supposed to judge. We are supposed to love. By the way….if I were the infinite artist I would laugh at humans
    asking for “proof” I exist. How haughty is that! Look around people……you think this is just some incredible accident. Study the brain. No accident in my humble estimation.

  103. Melissa Garrett Says:

    OMG! That’s all I have to say. What ignorance!

  104. Fred Phelps and his band of merry lunatics are a disgrace to this nation and are in no sense Christian. They make me sick. What kind of monsters would protest at a funeral? If there is a Hell, there’s a special place reserved just for Fred and his followers. BTW, Phelps was once a civil rights attorney if I’m not mistaken.

  105. godsdaughter Says:

    @heatlight: Do it again, do it again!!!

    Too bad this affects children. Then again, if this crew loved, they’d realize how much hurt they’re spreading, as well as hate, which seems to mirrored by what here. Just because they hate people, doesn’t mean you hate the first group.

  106. I grew up in Topeka, Kansas, here Phelps and his evil crew is based, and I remember going to Catholic Church on Sunday and passing them on the streets. An eight-year-old soaking in their hatred on the way to a church service -so sick. They propped hate signs up with baby strollers.

    Much to my grandparent’s dismay, I am no longer a believer in god or religion.

    I am gay and spent a lot of years hating myself and denying myself because of the ideas that those disgusting signs instilled in me. Fred Phelps is an evil man. He was an attorney and a couple of his kids are attorneys now. The family lives off of lawsuits against people who act against them.

  107. I don’t think the Phelps are a testament to the existence or character of God at all.

    Just because they hijack God/religion to validate their hatred doesn’t mean they have God’s approval.

  108. […] “Gays cause bridge collapse.” […]

  109. Rob Dubinski Says:

    Actually, Hurcon Inc. and Industrial Construction Company, the builder of the bridge, should be held liable for the fatal malfunction of their product.

    More here:


  110. First I want to say I mourn the bridge collapse victims and I grieve for them, especially since the collapse happened in my hometown of Minneapolis. I feel very sorry for the gays and how disrespectful Phelps & Co. are to their families. I think that being gay is OK and it is not a choice.

    I am a Bible-believing Christian yet at the same time I really feel dissappointed at the actions of Phelps and others. It is really too bad that Christians aren’t willing to behave like Jesus. I like gays and have gay friends, and I really resent the Church’s persecution of gays. Way to show the love of Jesus to people. I don’t think being gay is a sin or a choice, it’s an orientation.

    The actions of certain other Christians really disgusts me and I think it’s a travesty that they turn people’s hearts from faith in a God that just wants to love everyone and have all of us in His presence.

    So I want to speak up for God and Christians. Just because there are a few bad apples, don’t turn your back on the creator of the Universe who wants to know you and love you personally.

  111. springwater Says:

    astrohart, i agree with most of what you said, except for one thing. would you please look to Roman 1:26-27?

  112. I would call these people douche-bags but that would be disrespectful to bags filled with douche. Like all looneys – they give everyone else a bad name. Marlyn Manson is more of a true Baptist than these bungling ninnys.

  113. Darth_Morbius Says:

    I think I am going to make this my last post on this topic, cause it just has no end, man!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – HOW can you allow this sad little man to llicit such heated debate around an issue that any logical, intelligent person would dismiss immediately…

    I dunno…but I’m going somewhere else to debate on an issue that really matters…

  114. missvocalese Says:

    Tis’ true..there is the old freedom of speech right. But theres only so far you can go with that rhetoric as well in terms of hatred. Once again, I can only hope that people have been inside Fred’s idiotic site….www.godhatesfags.com. Take a look.
    As well, I have a sidenote for Soujirou 7…..since when is Homosexuality a ” lifestyle “?? As a lesbian I am curious as to where you came upon that. I hate to break it to ya my blogging friend, but our sexual orientation is not a ” lifestyle “. Its who we are, and who we love. Phelps and his merry band of Homophobes are hate mongers. Plain and simple.

  115. […] Caused By Gays Posted by alison73 under blogs , religion  I just couldn’t believe this post by moonflake, when I saw it in the Top Posts on WordPress. That odious weasel Fred Phelps and his […]

  116. for
    SAY NO !
    to religion.

    bless you !

  117. I live in St. Paul about 15 minutes from this bridge and if I hear about this dude and his “followers” doing that shit I will drive my ass over there and punch them all in the face…. 🙂

  118. austinmcconnell Says:

    Don’t judge all Christians by our worst species 😉

  119. What a horrible man he is.

    But right on Austin. Don’t let this hateful bigot speak for anyone other than the deluded and the small of heart and mind.

  120. James17930 Says:

    Gays created homosexuality, and now they’re purposely trying to get God to destroy stuff by have lots of sex and pissing him off. It’s a big conspiracy. [/ironic humour]

    See, we need people like Phelps in this world just to remind us how far the rest of us have come and to help us make sure the rest of us don’t go back there.

  121. If god is real, let’s hope he takes care of people like them someday.

  122. Some people are assholes by nature. They then find a religious interpretation that justifies their status as assholes. They invent their own god. They make God in their own image, instead of the other way around.

    Phelps and his cretinous followers are disgusting pigs.

  123. writeitoutplease Says:

    Just because assholes like Fred Phelps exist and no one has “quieted” him yet, doesn’t indicate that God doesn’t exist. You guys need to open your minds. Not trying to push anything down anyone’s throat, but one thing does not indicate the other. People aren’t always preaching God’s words just because they say they are.

  124. Im going to set up an org. and go to each and every one of these Losers funerals including there family and parents who gave birth to these worthless scumbags and take a shit on each of there graves. Just a little reminder of what they was worth in life.
    Im sure they already know that.

    when they came to lynchburg, Va for Jerry Falwells Funeral ther was a kid who got arrested for a bomb, that he planned to use on the entire group of shit stains.
    As far as im concerned someone will get them sooner or later, hopefully sooner.
    Im just waiting to hear the news, Hopefully everyones family that had to put up with that will attend to see him off to hell where He and his crew belong.

    If it was up to me I would fly the whole crew over to the middle east a drop them out of a plane, with nothing on but there tighty whities on and a Tattoo that reads
    Mohammed is in hell. LOL

  125. reverendramona Says:

    I can’t even wrap my mind around any of this.

  126. I have no respect for the Phelps family. I can’t understand why they call them selves Christians if they have that much hate, I thought god loved everyone. I’m not really a Christian but that’s what I hear. I went and looked at the Phelps website and it says, “God loves everyone, the biggest lie ever told”. Eh I just don’t like them. Then I saw the mom and 3 of her kids on Tyra, and the said she should burn in hell and they called her a f** enabler….wtf? They are going to hell if such a place exist.

  127. I actually saw Fred Phelps and his lovely grandchildren with picketing with disgusting signs outside a church in Topeka, Kansas. I wanted to cry.

    I’ve done a lot of reading on his life, to try to understand what makes him tick. And I ended up feeling sick to my stomach, and I missed out on some good times in my life. Even if I only spent an hour or two reading this stuff, it’s an hour or two I will never get back.

    I believe in killing people with kindness, and I apply this to Fred Phelps, too. All this hatred that we’re feeling for him distracts us from what’s important. I can understand wanting to punch him in the stomach, but don’t you see? That’s what he wants. He lives to ignite hatred in all of us. It doesn’t matter who it’s directed at.

  128. First Katrina and now this. I guess gays folks are behind all world disasters. Maybe they are the new G.W. Bush- i.e. explanation for all things evil.

  129. It’s always strange to read about people who are so worried about other people being gay. I’m far too worried about being straight. I’m mean it’s Friday night and I’m alone writing blog entries.

  130. Disgusting. Just disgusting.

  131. goldenferi Says:

    They are so terrible, There are not words to decribe such hate and cruelty.

  132. I love the saying, “If you don’t like gays, blame the straight people. They’re the ones who keep having gay babies.”

    I guess I’m going to hell for finding women as attractive as I find men.

    Ya’ know, because that’s so much worse than molesting your children or murdering people and all.

  133. papasteve Says:

    No, not really. It’s not evidence that God doesn’t exist. It’s just evidence that humanity is broken. Though I disagree with this guy and think he’s disgusting, he thinks he’s right and feels justified in his actions. But hey, you think you’re right and are thus justified in your actions. HHmmmmm.

  134. I think it’s evidence that religion can give God a bad rap.

  135. Not at all. Fred Phelps and his cult are proof that Christians attracts its share of psychopaths and lunatics. God exists, it’s humanity that’s screwed up. Humans were created with free will, and as such can make their own choices, no matter how wrong or stupid. Never, ever make the mistake of assuming that Phelps and his gang of idiots represent ANY segment of Christianity larger than the walls of their own so-called “church.”

    The Phelps cult is also proof that cousins shouldn’t marry.

  136. God prefers fruits of the spirit to religious nuts.

  137. Why judge God according to others? Go to the Source and ask the questions yourself.


  138. You said, “I believe Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church are the perfect argument that God is either non-existent, or an utter bastard.”

    But why doesn’t it just prove that Fred Phelps is an utter bastard?

  139. Fred Phelps and his cronies are not doing God’s work. They are doing Satan’s work! I happen to be a Christian aka a Christ-follower. I am not a religious nut case like Fred Phelps. While its is true I do not agree with the gay lifestyle I would never hate a homosexual. I worked and for a lesbian and had 3 lesbians working for me.

    Fact is, God hates all sin even my own, but He loves the sinner and always will. Do not think that all of Christ followers believe like Fred Phelps, we do not and we do not have anything to do with his beliefs. He his preaching another gospel and not following Jesus Christ.

    Great post.

  140. Fred Phelps and his merry gang of morons once came to protest in the small town I was living in a couple of years ago. The townsfolk all went down to the protest site and basically told his group to get the heck out of town.

    Personally I think Fred Phelps and his group has us gays all wrong… We’re the people who are correct since we’re the only one putting round pegs into round holes.

  141. […] They Call out Fred Phelps? 10 08 2007 Fred Phelps is at it again.  Showing up at more than 20,000 protests with signs like “God hates fags” and […]

  142. autoracingisasport Says:

    When Fred’s own kids betray him and think that the WBC is a cult, then yeah. There are too many nuts out there.

  143. rockeriders Says:

    The stupidly of man is no excuse to blame God. Man is a free willed being and makes his own destiny. Don’t blame your stupid outlook on God. Like or not you and you alone make your destiny. God leaves you to make your own world. So, now that we have made our bed, we have to lay in it. Straighten up Boy, get it right!

  144. […] 35W Bridge Collapse Caused by Gays That odious weasel Fred Phelps and his gang of miscreants are planning to protest at the funerals of the people killed […] […]

  145. that is so agregious and inappropriate that there honestly must be a way to legally dis-allow that, right ?

  146. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  147. thebirdman82 Says:

    Blaming gays for a bridge collapse, thats like the Nazis blaming Jews for poverty in Germany.

  148. God loves everyone, even Fred Phelps.

    A friend of a friend of mine, a lesbian, watched the bridge fall in her rear view mirror just as she was driving off the bridge. By Fred Phelps’ logic, perhaps God was protecting her because she is a lesbian.

    The bridge fell because of human error and neglect. Period. The response of Fred Phelps and his followers is interesting and strange. But it’s not worth spending too much time and energy in response to this, except perhaps to protect the people that they hurt by doing this.

    I am a Christian and a lesbian, and I forgive Fred Phelps for his sins.

  149. […] Friday August 10th 2007, 9:16 pm Filed under: God, Church, Culture, Christianity, Religion Moonflake points out that members of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS are planning on picketing the […]

  150. Phelps and his idiot brigade aren’t anywhere near being real Christians. They are nothing more than hate mongering media whores. They live such a pathetic existence the only way they can feel good about themselves is to preach hatred against those they know nothing about.

  151. Oh. My. God. Someday there will not be this kind of homophobia. We can only hope.

  152. blog writer, get an idea of God before posting weak complaints.
    Put it this way – Since God has powers which are inhuman, why should they have to be understood by humans? (how could it be possible for us to explain if we don’t have all the knowledge?)

  153. Crowmanic Says:

    Yep… all a bit rather “sad” and disheartening… pathetic to include”God” in our own bias, mis-informed, prejudices, and ailments. Pity these type of miscreants and retarded, do-gooders of ill-repute didn’t focus a little more on their own “unfinished” business within, and stop hammering others for their own intolerances and limitations.

  154. …just another person trying to get a response from people…and it’s working too well.

  155. thevoiceoftruth Says:

    Fred Phelps is someone who doesn’t understand the Gospel he claims to profess.

  156. What the hell? Someone should slap that idiot. That’s an ignorant thing to say. God does not hate gays. If God ‘hated’ anyone, He’d hates people who discriminate. And it’s not even hate… it’s just that he’s disappointed in people like that. God doesn’t hate.

    Don’t be stupid.

  157. These are the same people who protest wrongfully at soldier funerals. I disapprove of his actions and wouldn’t mind smacking him in the face repeatedly with a hammer or a 2×4…or…a tuna fish. He can shove it. I’d throw a bible in his face if I see him in my town.

  158. These people do not promote anything remotely related to God or the truth. The Patriot Guard came about because this bunch loved to show up at military funerals and harass the grieving with their hatred.

    Do not worry, folks. It’s our job to love one another like Christ commanded; it’s God’s job to hand out justice. No act of love–or hatred–escapes His attention.

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  160. […] by Cory Tucholski on August 11th, 2007 As reported on Moonflake’s Blog, Fred Phelps and company is at it again. The Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest the funerals […]

  161. oh my god. that is just plain stupid… those people are taking religion and using it as a mask for their stupidity.

  162. Karen – “oh my god. that is just plain stupid… these people are taking religion and using it as a mask for their stupidity.”, I think they may need a bigger mask! Maybe they should just go the whole hog and stick pillow slips over their heads and be done with it … where there’s one ridiculous opinion there’s bound to be others.

    Somebody way up there ^^^ said something about freedom of speech! What about the rights of others to go about their daily lives and business without dealing with sort of abuse …

  163. You know, reading through all these comments, it’s hard to ignore that there is more than one god.

    Okay, I’ve got the attention of all the christian posters …

    People who have posted here like Phlopper and AStudent claim that Phelps (and Soujirou I guess) don’t understand god. Whereas Phelps and Soujirou would say exactly the same thing back. But here’s what it boils down to … if you do not attend the same physical church building, then your god is not the same as anybody else’s. You may think that overall everybody has the same sense of who god is but it is not true. It is based on the teaching which happens at any particular church and the gospel reading your congregation views as important. Even the work of god which these churches undertake (congregants do god’s work because he doesn’t do his own) is focussed on very different areas.

    If all christians were to get together into a room and talk specifics about who god is, you would all disagree. You would soon start thinking of the others as all wrong and only you being right.

    By way of example; seeing as nobody is a member of multiple churches, contrast the positions held in the Catholic church (a lowly human may not directly aproach the son of god, that is a job for a pope, so rather pray to Mary) and the position held by the Mormons (who – against the wish of god – added a new gospel to the end of the bible) and the Apalachean church of serpents (who assert that the only way to attain communion with god is to cast out snakes – literrally – and sometimes its gods will that you die from snake bites). Think carefully about how each one views the other.

    But these are radically different churches. What you will also find is the incompatibility between similar churches too. Start to write down on paper who god is and soon you will be arguing and scratching-out and rewriting. That is why it has never been done.

    All churches have their own god as defined from their own view and they like to think they are right and they like to think that most people agree with them.

  164. Because if you don’t have people like this in the world then the world would never learn tolerance or see things that are utterly wrong. For all we knew, we would all be like that because no one knew any better.

  165. […] August 11, 2007 The gays did it. Posted by jason330 under Uncategorized  35W Bridge Collapse Caused by Gays […]

  166. Every time a bridge collapses…

    I just came across a post from moonflake. Apparently, Fred Phelps is blaming the 35W bridge collapse on America’s tolerance of homosexuality. I’m so glad that I’ve learned something new today: every time a bridge collapses, God is dis…

  167. […] 11th, 2007 by Lindsay I just came across a post from moonflake. Apparently, Fred Phelps is blaming the 35W bridge collapse on America’s tolerance of […]

  168. dancingmoogle Says:

    You know, as a bisexual, eastern philosophy follower, I have to say I feel sorry for Fred Phelps. I wonder how much anger and hatred he carries around inside him all the time. Does he get a chance to feel any sort of happiness, or is the only emotion he can feel this all consuming anger and hatred.

    I just shake my head when I see his name, because I know it is something else against “Fags.” Thing is, that by protesting these things, he is showing people that he is an angry and hateful man. He is showing them what is wrong with radical, cultish, Christianity.

    I left Christianity, because I was not accpeted by the Christians of my old religion and most of the religions in the area of the U.S. I was from. That’s ok, I don’t need to be accepted by people who will not accept me. I don’t care whether people chose to agree or disagree with my life. It’s my life, not theirs. But I also know that not all Christians are like Fred Phelps. And not all Christians condem my way of life, so I also try not to lump them all in the same catagory. That would be like trying to lump all us LGBT into one group.

  169. fred phelps is just an attention seeker. he does not speak for God. he is not a true christian.

  170. i’m jewish, and i have hayfever.

    yes, i realize it was a joke, but i think it’s important that people know.

  171. ErikTheDane Says:

    This thing on?

    Umm, may I ask where the Baptists are in all this? It seems this “church” has the Baptist name attached to it. Why isn’t the SBC or any other Baptist organization denouncing this fuckwit?

  172. What if one atheist blew up a building, and I assumed that every atheist was a terrorist? What if one gay man picketed with some ridiculous message like this one and I assumed that every gay man is a biggot and a bastard? You would call me intolerant.

    As a Christian, I understand that bad Christians happen to good people, but to assume that these people are the representation of all Christians and the God they serve is just as intolerant and ignorant as it is if I assumed that every Muslim must be a terrorist; every gay man or lesbian must be a hateful activist.

  173. phelps passing will be a great day, because GOD will have shown his wrath for this guys sphincterisms of hate. Check out this guys legal history. He’s a fucking con and child! He sues everyone to support the cluster fuck inbred cult in KS. Fuck you deeply phelps

  174. One can not judge all baptists by Fred…but perhaps they can have some influence??? Aren’t there a lot of them? And, while I am at it can all of you good christians use your influence to keep the asshole christian proselytizers away from my door bell before i lose my cool……? The word is out that a gay boy (sinner) lives here and that I must be saved! Please please leave me alone. My life is already f**ked… My family hates me and the christians tell me I will die and go to hell….right in front of my door.

  175. well im not sher if god does hat us or not its his opinion on us… im gay its hard to be this way living through judgment and all that crap wat do people care wat we do..DONT JUDGE GAY PEOPLE.. THEY ALREADY HAVE IN THERE MIND WAT ALL FUKEN PEOPLE SAY THAT WE BE GOING 2 HELL…WAT WE HAVE TO SUFFER HER TO.. YO ITS WAT EVER AN U PEOPLE U DONT NOW THE MEENING OF THE WORD SUFFER!!!!!!!…WE CANT LIVE A NORMAL LIFE WITH OUT JUDGEMENT WE ALREADY HAVE INOF WITH GODS JUDGMENT ON US WE ANT WANT U PEOPLE 2…

  176. well im not sher if god does hat us or not its his opinion on us… im gay its hard to be this way living through judgment and all that crap wat do people care wat we do..DONT JUDGE GAY PEOPLE.. THEY ALREADY HAVE IN THERE MIND WAT ALL FUKEN PEOPLE SAY THAT WE BE GOING 2 HELL…WAT?… WE HAVE TO SUFFER HER TO.. YO ITS WAT EVER AN U PEOPLE U DONT NOW THE MEENING OF THE WORD SUFFER!!!!!!!…WE CANT LIVE A NORMAL LIFE WITH OUT JUDGEMENT WE ALREADY HAVE INOF WITH GODS JUDGMENT ON US WE ANT WANT U PEOPLE 2…

  177. I’ve been doing aerial combat on the internet with the Phelps for sometime now. Google the following sites to read what the Phelps don’t want you to know about them: LOVING GOD’S HATE and ADDICTED TO HATE. Both of these exposes have been on the internet for years.

    I need to do a little housekeeping before I begin. Phelps is not associated with any Baptist church or denomination. Many Baptist have spoken out against him, including Jerry Falwell. I am far from a Fundamentalist Christian, I just wanted to set the record straight.

    Now for the fun stuff. A few of the things you will read if you go to the websites mentioned above are: Several of Phelps’ estranged children have publicly asserted they were severely abused by Phelps; the details of Fred’s disbarment by both the Kansas Supreme Court and the Federal Courts for repeated unethical conduct; Fred’s history of drug abuse; the details of successful lawsuits against Phelps for large unpaid debts, One candy vendor was owed more than $5,000. The reports also state the Phelps children were made to sell the candy door-to-door until late into the evening and in bad weather. There was so much pressure for the Phelps children to bring home money from the candy sales, some of the children began stealing to keep from being abused.

    Several of Phelps’ children are attornys who love to sue, however they have never sued the publishers of the above exposes. WHY HAVEN’T YOU SUED FOR LIBEL, FRED? COULD IT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE THOSE ACCUSATIONS ARE TRUE?

  178. i’ve actually covered Phelps in a lot more detail in this previous post. The guy is a real piece of work.

  179. “God killed their loved ones in revenge for America’s wanton tolerance of homosexuality.” I donot think it is true.

  180. Pissed off Aussie Says:

    Someone kill Fred and his entire cult PLEASE!

    I would have, but they didnt have the balls to turn up here in Perth City WA.

    What a waste of time! I contacted my ENTIRE kick-boxing club, Aborigional street gangs, Bikie Clubs, and red necks to be on the ready to exterminate the group and they didnt even fucking turn up!

    (to fred whelps) “YOUR LUCKY WEE MAN!!!! GRAGHH! But you WILL die……soon enough!”

  181. i hate fags queers & gaybos

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