Some “bad sites” that are rather good

I’ve added three sites to the Useful Sites category on the side bar, and they are indeed rather good, despite their titles:

  • Bad Astronomy – Astronomer Phil Plait gives us the skinny on the moon hoax, faces on mars, astrology, common astronomy misconceptions, and horrible portrayals of astronomy in the movies. A must read for anyone who has ever wondered if we really went to the moon. Also, own the Bad Astronomy book. I do.
  • Bad Science – Dr. Ben Goldacre writes the Bad Science column in the Guardian, and has plenty to say about bad science in general, and bad medicine in particular. Patrick Holford gets his own entire category on this site. The Bad Science book is out in January 2008, and I will certainly be buying it.
  • Bad Archaeology – a new edition to the Bad Sites neighbourhood. Ordinary archaeologists Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews and James Doeser have had enough of the ancient aliens, ley lines and forgotten civilizations and are making a stand for good science. No book mentioned yet, but I’d love to see one so I can wave it in front of all those Erich von Daniken followers.

Bookmark these sites, for they are Good.

10 Responses to “Some “bad sites” that are rather good”

  1. I’m waiting for sites like Bad Astrology, Bad Homeopathy, Bad Tarot and Bad Perpetual Motion. They’d be worth a chuckle or two.

    But not as much as Bad Stupidity.

  2. residentRsole Says:

    I’d like to add the following to your list: How to write like a wanker

  3. How to write like a wanker – as soon as you give general public access to something it does down hill.

  4. residentRsole Says:

    nantalith: i no wot u’r mean. 😉

  5. Bad journalism? You’d need a MONSTER hosting package for that one though.

    Ben Goldacre is great, but – as you pointed out – he mainly comments on the medicine side of things, which disappoints me. There’s so much bad science out there as well.

  6. Last night’s 3rd Degree programme on e tv did a re-broadcast of the Danie Krugel, Hair Detective, piece by Charlene Stanley from a year ago because it was awarded a journalistic prize (in itself, something of a travesty). Seeing Krugel on TV prompted the thought that a Bad Hair website would not be entirely redundant. If you see a picture of Danie, you’ll understand why.

  7. it won a journalism award? i’m flabbergasted. I mean, I knew that our standard of journalism was pretty poor, but this bad? Can you provide a link?

    Someone once quipped on another post that if there are any side effects to being near Danie’s machine when it’s operating, one may very well be that it grows bad moustaches.

  8. moonflake: Yes – the “hotly contested television awards in both Gauteng and Bloemfontein at the prestige Vodacom Journalist of the year awards” [sic], according to e tv‘s website. Unfortunately, it’s all flash animations, so a direct link is not obvious. Go to e tv‘s website and click on the “NEWS” button/link at the top right of the page (it changes as you mouse over it). This brings up a list of current newsworthy things concerning e tv, the first of which is headed “3rd Degree” with a picture of Debora Patta on the left. Clicking on that item brings up the low and dirty of this fairytale come true.

  9. this deserves its own post. Forthwith.


    This desrves to be added to the useful sites category on the side bar aswell!

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