Fake AIDs cures in the SA news again

Two fake AIDs ‘cures’ have been in the news again this weekend.

  • Former Midweek Cuckoo Olga Visser‘s AIDS ‘cure’ Virodene (actually industrial solvent dimethyl formamide) was apparently funded by someone in the presidency, to the tune of tens of millions of rands, after the drug had already been banned in SA. Yes, that’s right, your tax Rands have been at work to fund the illegal testing of a toxic chemical on human subjects in Tanzania. Go Team!
  •  ‘Healer’ Freddie Isaacs (also known as the Madman of Cradock) has been selling an AIDs ‘cure’ to unsuspecting patients, when it has not yet been tested by the MRC. The plant product has been patented by a local pharmaceutical company, but has not yet been tested on humans, nor tested for toxicity. While they don’t say it outright, I suspect this ‘plant product’ is sonneblom, which Freddie determined was a potential cure for AIDS when it came to him in a dream. It shows some potential action against HIV in the lab, which is awesome, but which is also a damn long way from being sold to people. However, while the company is waiting for testing, the drug is being manufactured and labelled as a ‘nutritional supplement’. I’m not sure what bothers me more: that yet another fake AIDs drug is being sold to desperate people by a nutcase, or that it’s freely admitted that totally untested chemical substances can merrily be labelled ‘nutritional supplements’ in the meantime. Yes, that’s right, the MRC, similar to the FDA, has absolutely zero jurisdiction over ‘supplements’, so if you want to get something on the shelves without having to test it, just label it as such.

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  1. I wonder how these “healers” would fare if it was made a non-negotiable requirement for selling their produce that they cure themselves using only their products/methods after being purposely afflicted with the relevant condition.

    If nothing else, it would curb the number of injudicious liars out there.

  2. residentRsole Says:

    Yes, that’s right, your tax Rands have been at work to fund the illegal testing of a toxic chemical on human subjects in Tanzania. Go Team!

    Could the presidency just buy another presidential jet instead of funding these experiments ?

  3. Over at BadScience, Peter Goldacre recently published a piece about an upcoming Homeopathy symposium to be held in London specifically targeted at HIV. It will highlight a book written by the guest speaker called “AIDS: The homeopathic challenge”. Interestingly the flyer for this event (http://www.homeopathy-soh.org/for-homeopaths/documents/Aidsflyer.pdf) says that there have been “impressive” results (this is the good Dr. Van der Zee evaluating his own work) where within a few days or weeks the patients presented as symptom-free.

    The same flyer actually recognises that Botswana was one of the first countries to provide free anti-retrovirals for all. Coincidental, I’m sure.

    So maybe the approach that Olga Visser and Freddie Isaacs should take is to move their projects to Botswana where they too will obtain “impressive” results.

  4. Please tell me we can get shrooms sold as nutritional supplements.

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