Icebergs, Tornadoes and Rapists, Oh My!

The news has been full of all sorts of unbelievable stories and hoaxes lately.

  • News of a giant, 7000 carat diamond being found in the North West province appears to be a hoax – the owner has disappeared, along with the ‘diamond’, no one can prove it existed at all, the only image of it appears to be of a resin fake, and anyone reputable refuses to be associated with the story anymore.
  • Gauteng  province suffered massive gridlock throughout the afternoon as workers rushed home early, after a run of hoax emails and smses warning of a tornado or hurricane heading for the area caused widespread panic. I don’t even want to know the value of the work hours lost when half of the nation’s business capital decided to cut work based on a rumour.
  • The SAPS is warning of another hoax email doing the rounds, supposedly from the SAPS itself, warning about a new rapist MO where women are raped in mall toilets. A very brief check of snopes will tell you that this is an oldie but a goodie.
  • And on all the front covers of yesterday’s papers, SA fishing vessel Ntini has reported sighting an iceberg off St Francis Bay, amidst unseasonably cold weather. The skipper claims he has photos, so we’re going to have to wait until they dock on Friday to find out I guess, but no one has been able to substantiate it yet, even after an airforce flyover. There’s talk of checking satellite records of the area.

And this is why the folks at Snopes will never run out of things to do.


9 Responses to “Icebergs, Tornadoes and Rapists, Oh My!”

  1. residentRsole Says:

    Here are some unbelievable stories that are unfortunately true:

    o Mugabe will be allowed to attend that summit *despite* smart sanctions, embargos, etc.
    o Judge Hlophe was let off the hook and will get a R 2, 000, 000 bonus when he retires in 2010.
    o Jackie Selebi remains untouchable while competent people are fired for investigating him. Interpol is also *not* investigating him.

  2. Con-Tester Says:

    residentRsole, you forgot this one:

    o SA’s Minister of Safety and Security, Mr Charles Nqakula, gave Danie Krugel his official thumbs-up on national TV.

  3. I LOVE your blog and have added it to my favourites list – it’s great to see some sanity and reason still prevails!

    The tornado hoax caused so much chaos here in Jhb, I just could not believe how gullible and stupid people can be. The more the local station reported that it was all a hoax, the more insanity seemed to prevail. By late afternoon the tornado had been upgraded to a hurricane?! and there was talk on the radio by panicked listeners about stocking up on food – I loved the presenters comment that maybe people should raid their food stockpiles that they had stashed for our first free election.
    Apparently one of the hoax emails was traced back to a Netcare employee (not sure how true this report is), but if that is so, I hope that the idiot is going to be held responsible for causing panic and chaos.

  4. residentRsole Says:

    Con-Tester: WTF ? Really ? Well, I really shouldn’t be surprised. The Zim government allowed patents for flying using witchcraft – because “it’s real, you know”. They also sent at least two senior cabinet ministers to investigate, *in person*, claims of diesel gushing magically out of a rock. A gift from the ancestors, the sangoma said. Now she’s on the run and those ministers want her head.

  5. don’t worry, the value of the work hours wasn’t too much to begin with. in any normal country’s terms, you’re talking about a group of 50 people taking a long lunch.

  6. totalwaste Gauteng, not Cape Town…

  7. In defence of the skipper of the F/V Ntini, weatherSA say it’s not at all impossible for there to be a “bergy bit” (their words not mine) floating around the Southern Oceans.

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