Mbeki still an AIDS Dissident

In a new biography entitled Thabo Mbeki: The Dream Deferred, author Mark Gevisser brings forth new evidence that Mbeki is still firmly entrenched within the dissident movement. Givesser writes:

“In June 2007 … I received a phone call late one Saturday night from Thabo Mbeki.” Mbeki, it seems, wanted to know if Gevisser had seen the Castro Hlongwane document. He said he had and asked Mbeki “whether he was its author.”

“[Mbeki] declined to confirm this, stating that it had been written by a ‘collective’ of ANC leaders, but agreed that it was an accurate reflection of his views. The following day, a Presidency driver delivered a hard copy almost twice as long as the one circulated in 2002, with citations from publications as fresh as August 2006. Mbeki had never previously contacted me unsolicited, and my reading of this unusual interaction was that he wished the record to reflect that – despite his near-silence since it was initially distributed – he still held to the views expressed in ‘Castro Hlongwane’, which clearly remained a living, breathing document on his desktop.”

Of course, Mbeki was lying through his teeth, because he wrote it himself, using his own computer, which kindly and helpfully imprinted his name and ‘Office of the President’ on the document properties. Apparently in an attempt to win Worst Monograph Title in History, the document was called Castro Hlongwane, Caravans, Cats, Geese, Foot & Mouth and Statistics: HIV/AIDS and the Struggle for the Humanisation of the African. It was circulated anonymously within the ANC, but made its way out of the circle of trust thanks to fellow AIDS dissident and Mbeki ear-whisperer Anita Allen, who apparently forwarded it on to the known world, which eventuall included the Mail & Guardian.

The document is a 100-page tirade where Mbeki speaks about himself favourably in the third person, speaks of AIDS scientists like they were Nazi concentration camp doctors and portrayes black people who accept orthodox Aids science as “self-repressed” victims of a slave mentality. If you really want to know what Mbeki thinks about AIDS, I suggest you take the time to glance at it. Here are a few choice quotes:

This monograph… accepts the determination that AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. It accepts that a Syndrome is a collection of diseases. It proceeds from the assumption that the collection of diseases generally described as belonging to the AIDS syndrome have known causes. It rejects as illogical the proposition that AIDS is a single disease caused by a singular virus, HIV. In other words, it accepts that AIDS is either a syndrome or a disease. It cannot be both. Its acronym correctly describes it as a syndrome. For this reason, it is not described as AIDD.

 This monograph… rejects as baseless and self-serving the assertion that millions of our people are HIV positive.

[T]he HIV/AIDS thesis as it has affected and affects Africans and black people in general, is also informed by deeply entrenched and centuries-old white racist beliefs and concepts about Africans and black people. At the same time as this thesis is based on these racist beliefs and concepts, it makes a powerful contribution to the further entrenchment and popularisation of racism.

Such scientific knowledge as was possible two decades ago must be supported by all and sundry, including scientists, as part of a religious dogma. Accordingly, to establish his or her credentials, everybody must answer the ballad question – do you believe that HIV causes AIDS! Belief about a scientific matter, and not empirical evidence, thus becomes the criterion of truth.

But, as in the UK, it is precisely this scare mongering that is condemning millions of our own people to ill-health, disability and death because of a refusal to recognise the critical importance of the diseases of poverty and other illnesses that afflict our people, including STDs. This is done to sustain a massive political-commercial campaign to promote anti-retroviral drugs.

We say this because exactly the same generic system (the ELISA test) that is used to “test for HIV” in human beings, is also used to test for Foot and Mouth Disease in cattle!

For centuries we have carried the burden of the crimes and falsities of ‘scientific’ Eurocentrism, its dogmas imposed upon our being as the brands of a definitive, ‘universal’ truth.

Ah yes, that would be the leader of our nation talking. No wonder we’re in the state we’re in.

6 Responses to “Mbeki still an AIDS Dissident”

  1. Chris Noble Says:

    My take on Mbeki’s recent foray into HIV Denialism is that he is realising that he will be losing power soon and that he has nothing to lose at this point by reaffirming his loony beliefs.

    Perhaps his actions will hasten a return to sanity. His closet Denialism was probably more dangerous than when he was openly courting Duesberg and other crackpots.

  2. Nothing but his legacy, which is you’ve followed Mbeki, is what he’s really interested in.

  3. residentRSole Says:

    King Carlos told Mbeki’s buddy Hugo Chavez to shut up yesterday. Yes, using those words (in Spanish, of course). I love it when heads of state toss diplomacy out of the window and just say it like it is. Even if some of them have to bang their shoe on the desk to get the point across. 🙂 I wish someone would tell Mbeki to shut the fuck up.

  4. Chris Noble Says:

    The ANC did tell Mbeki to shut the fuck up in 2002.

    He still managed to cripple the response to the AIDS crisis from inside the closet.

    Perhaps it is better if he honestly says what he believes.

  5. Mike Levin Says:

    Your rude responses justify Pres Mbeki’s belief that some Afropessimists (vastly less intelligent than he is) will critisise whatever he says from a perspective of (unrealised?) racism. Mbeki may not be right about HIV and AIDS, but his arguments are vastly more complicated (and interesting) than you have portrayed them. Sure he has made some mistakes (some of them huge), but he has also saved our country from certain disaster in countless ways over a period of 30 years.

  6. moonflake Says:

    “Than I have portrayed them?” I am quoting directly from his monograph, and have linked directly to it for anyone to peruse at their leisure. If his arguments appear uncomplex or unintelligent, it is no one’s fault but his own.

    And I wasn’t aware that in the question of human rights, one could buy enough credits with good acts to cancel out criticism of later acts of evil. I assume you also speak out against criticism of Robert Mugabe – after all, he was once the saviour of his nation and a hero in the eyes of the world. By your reasoning, he should be beyond reproach.

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