Bones found near Van Rooyen’s house

In the papers this week:

Material suspected to be human bones have been unearthed at a home in Capital Park, next door to the home of paedophile Gert van Rooyen, Pretoria police said on Wednesday.

Captain Percy Morokane said the owners of the home were installing a swimming pool when the discovery was made on Tuesday evening.

They immediately contacted the police.

Forensic experts visited the site and the material would be sent for forensic testing, said Morokane.

Morokane goes on to elaborate in another article:

The matter is currently under investigation and at this stage we do not know whether what was found are indeed human bones or not. Our forensic experts will analyse the find to determine whether it is human or animal bones.

I’m a little excited about this for a couple of reasons, although Captain Morokane is correct in advising patience. If the bones turn out to be human, and if they are in good enough condition for DNA sampling, and if they can then be matched to one of the missing girls, we will have plenty of reason to celebrate.

Firstly, it’ll be the biggest break in the case in 15 years, will give important closure to at least one family, and may lead to the discovery of the rest of the girls’ remains. I’m sure no one would disagree that this would be the stuff movies are made of, and an enormous relief to the families and the country at large.

But secondly, it may provide proof that Danie Krugel’s super-satellite-DNA-finding machine is worthless. Here are a few extracts from the transcript of the Carte Blanche show where the intrepid investigator with the magic box takes readings to determine the position of the bodies:

To refine the search Danie needed to get at least one more reading on each of the two hair samples from another location.

He travelled to Pretoria and went straight to 227 Malherbe Street, Capital Park, the empty stand where Van Rooyen’s house once stood and the last place where the missing girls are thought to have been.

The data compiled from Yolanda Wessels’ hair was tested again.

Danie: “The first signal I got showed is a line running along the side of Capital Park. Then I went up a few kilometres and the second signal came back to an area very, very close to the railway area in Capital Park.”

At the site Danie also tested Anne-Mari’s data and within ten minutes determined that the signal he’d picked up for her was coming from the same place.

Danie: “Both readings lead me to this area. If you take the reeds and the dam area and you assume you have an accurate reading then this is the correct area. But if there is a slight deviation I would include the railway line. But both readings pointed to this side.”

Ruda: “It was just too much of a coincidence: identical readings for both Yolanda and Anne-Marie pointing to a secluded area less than two kilometres from Van Rooyen’s house. If this empty stretch of land now being developed is indeed the correct location, it can only mean one thing: the two girls are no longer alive.”

Yes, that’s right. If the bones recently found in Capital Park prove to be those of either Yolanda Wessels or Anne-Marie Wapenaar, then Krugel failed to pick them up when he was standing metres away from them, on the plot next door. If he can’t even do that, why would you think he could find people anywhere in the world?

And I find that sort of ironic, because there will be a lot of people who would think that was proof that it did work. I mean, he was only 2 km off. What’s 2 km amongst friends?

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  1. Haha! I should have waited a few minutes to see this post before I published my own post about it. You, as usual, got far more useful detail than I did.

    I wasn’t aware that he had actually pinpointed the “signal” 2km away from the house, I thought he had defined a large search-radius.

    Nice one!

  2. Thanks 🙂

    It seems that Danie actually took at least one reading from the open plot where Van Rooyen’s house stood, which pinpointed a spot 2km away, where they did all the digging. That bones were found a few meters away from where he took that reading… well, we can only hope.

    The sad thing is, with the state of forensics in SA, it could be years before we find out anything about those bones. I mean, it’s been months since Carte Blanche handed over the bones they dug up… I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard anything further about them.

  3. I’m trying to work out where the Danie Kruger apologists are. They’re usually out in droves.

  4. […] Common sense people, common sense! The bone fragments turned out to not match the parents of the missing girls in any way. Thus, another resounding failure, but hailed by Carte Blanche as the biggest success story of all. More here. […]

  5. Danie, to my knowledge worked on the case in the beginning when the girls went missing, so he had inside info… Makes you think, also, in my opinion this was used to apease people still interested and looking. Wake up people this was a scam, the wool has been pulled over your proverbial eyes!!

  6. […] Common sense people, common sense! The bone fragments turned out to not match the parents of the missing girls in any way. Thus, another resounding failure, but hailed by Carte Blanche as the biggest success story of all. More here. […]

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