Gordon Brown made honorary Hindu

Politicians will do anything to curry (aha!) favour, including becoming honorary Hindus, it seems. Two things about this strike me as strange… no wait, three:

First, since when can you become an honorary member of a religion? I mean, isn’t belief the whole point? I wonder if, as an honorary Hindu, the reincarnation privileges count? I mean, do you have to stop eating beef, or do you just eschew honorary beef?

Secondly, I really like the wording in the last paragraph: “Hindus are the second largest non-Christian religious group in the [UK].” What precisely was wrong with saying “Hindus are the third largest religious group in the UK”? I mean, do the christians get offended if you don’t keep reminding everyone they exist whenever you mention another religion?

And lastly, that got me looking at the census figures because I wanted to know what the largest non-Christian religious group is. According to the last census (well, second last but the 2007 one hasn’t been released yet), the demographics break down like this: Christianity: 71.6%, Islam: 3.1%, Hindu: 1.1%, Sikh: 0.7%, Jewish: 0.5%, and Buddhist: 0.3%, No Faith: 22.3%. What that says is sort of interesting, because if PM Brown is looking for the next best group to gain votes from (he’s already a christian so he’s got them covered), it should have been then atheists and agnostics! I would have loved to see that headline: “Gordon Brown becomes honorary agnostic. At least, some people say he did. But we can’t prove it”.

(tip of the hat to Salman)


5 Responses to “Gordon Brown made honorary Hindu”

  1. Brown pandering to people of no faith? It’ll never happen.

    Brown needs the credulous who just believe without having to examine facts, agnostics and atheists will contain a greater number of skeptics.

  2. At least he’s in no danger of being declared an honorary idiot. He’s managed that by hard work alone.

  3. GeneMachine Says:

    It reminds me of Japanese visitors to South Africa being referred to a “Honorary Whites” during the Apartheid days.

  4. residentRSole Says:

    I want to see him being made an honourary Operating Thetan.

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