New Zealand girl killed in exorcism, cousin nearly blinded

In yet another fatal display of why people shouldn’t be left to believe whatever the hell they feel like, a botched (or possibly successful, it’s hard to tell) Maori exorcism has left one teenage girl drowned and another barely retaining her eyesight after her family tried to gouge out her eyes.

The thing about this that bothers me the most is that after the first girl died, they continued working on the second girl, while 40 of her family members stood around watching and presumably did nothing to call the deadly farce to a halt! Surely, even if you genuinely believe you’re helping someone by submitting them to eye-gouging and forcing water down their throats while you hold them down and they stuggle and gasp for air and cry for mercy… surely at the point where the first one dies, you stop and wonder if maybe you’re doing something wrong? Isn’t there a tiny part of your brain that says ‘hang on here, this can’t be right’?

Well, apparently not. It seems that bit gets cauterized early on in the belief process, or I guess you wouldn’t believe in exorcism and curses in the first place. And I can only suppose from the evidence that the remaining hole in your brain gets filled up with stupid.

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  1. The sad thing is the underlying mentality is such that the death of the first girl would be attibuted to SATAN not letting her go and thus they would have “worked” with renewed ferver on the other girl… Personal culpibility would not be an issue.

  2. Con-Tester Says:

    Is that why NZ’s sports teams are so fond of black togs? Do they field a national exorcism team?

    Pop psychology 101: The real is question is whether a modern, humanistic approach to rehabilitation is actually capable of displacing these ancient and barbaric superstitions and traditions. Personally, I’m not sure it can because fear is much more basic and immediate than reason in the human psyche.

  3. residentRsole Says:

    Con-Tester: Sorry, just to be clear, is your question really one of nature vs. nurture ? No need to debate it since people fight over this daily across the world. Or are you implying that education needs to use harsher methods to wipe silly and destructive cultures from groups of people. Also a topic with its own hot debates. But anyway, poor girl. She has to live the rest of her life like this. On a positive note, organ regeneration may be commonplace by the time she reaches adulthood.

  4. […] yet another example of religion is dumb sometimes… an exorcism goes awry with one girl dead and another all but blind when a Maori tribe tried to exorcise demons from these […]

  5. Not too dissimilar from the totally secular, legally condoned act of taking a mentally ill person who refuses medications, who protests too much, and strapping them down to a bed, or physically holding him down, and injecting him with medications, or forcing an NG tube down his nose/throat to give him medications.

    I’ve seen it in my work, and it’s standard if we have the legal order (and even mandate) to do so. Crying, screaming, thrashing, all a part of it. It happens daily somewhere in America, possibly at the same hospital I was working at. It’s not just religion that inspires people to treat others less than hospitably, it’s simply humanity and our refusal to admit that there is no “line” to cross between what is acceptable and not, just our perceptions that make one act seem better or worse than another.

  6. what a load of crap…this never, ever happened…Wow this is amazing

  7. what a load of crap…this never, ever happened…

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