Wired’s 10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets

Wired lists 10 gadgets that are guaranteed to detect nothing but gullibility, prevent nothing if not common sense, and teleport nothing but money out of your pockets. Dubious honour is given to our own Danie Krugel, where he is placed amongst his deserved brethren, such as Steorn Ltd and their ‘free-energy’ machine Orbo, $485 wooden volume knobs, and the dowsing rod.

What I find interesting is that the oldie-but-goodie, the dowsing rod, got the most interest in the comments. People are still, after all this time, convinced that ‘water witches’ fill a necessary place in our economy. How sad.

(Tip o’ the tinfoil helmet to Geek.Neo and 6000)


4 Responses to “Wired’s 10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets”

  1. If these Credulity Attractor Products (a.k.a. “CrAP”) are listed in decreasing order of required stupidity then Krugel still makes #3. Maybe we should buy Krugel a Q-Ray bracelet and arrange some kind of deal between him and Steorn. Then he could be full of ionised wellness and find people without having to charge the batteries of his secret power source.

    Jeez, I think I need a Harmony Chip after all that!

  2. i get that people think this sort of nonsense is genuine, that they fool themselves into thinking that it all somehow works. i don’t understand why, but i know that they do. the thing that i really don’t get, is how they think that ‘water witches’ are an important part of the economy. or, how any of this nonsense is important in any way

  3. The thing that gets me is where in the modern world do they find wire coat hangers… I’ve only every seen wood and plastic for sale. Besides if I want water, I turn on the tap.

  4. residentRsole Says:

    It’s great to see that nitrogen-filled tyres are not on the list because it is, in fact, scientifically proved. However,I found that a mix of 78% nitrogen and 20% oxygen improves performance. It costs more than the pure nitrogen option because getting the correct proportions of oxygen and nitrogen is pretty labour intensive and requires an impressive looking machine that goes “Ping!”.

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