In the spirit of the season

Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic clergy took it upon themselves to demonstrate the spirit of Christmas today, by putting on a display of cross-faction tolerance and love for their fellow man. Other reports may say that they beat one another bloody with brooms and stones in a no-holds-barred fracas that ensued when a Greek Orthodox member stepped into the Armenian part of the church during the post-Christmas cleaning, but this would surely be an exaggeration.

The Church of the Nativity is considered to be one of the oldest continuously operated churches in the world. It is built over a grotto said to be the birthplace of Christ (which is contradictory because Matthew 2:11 has him in a house) and is managed jointly by the Roman Catholic Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, and the Armenian Apostolic Church. They each have their separate sections of the building, and apparently woe betide he who should trespass on the ground of his fellow christian, for he will be smote about the earhole with cleaning equipment.

Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, don’t it?


2 Responses to “In the spirit of the season”

  1. Deck the halls with bowels of the holy!
    falalala laa la la laa!

  2. Con-Tester Says:

    I can see how the swinging of mops, buckets, brooms, etc. when used as weapons of post-mass disruption would disincline the contenders from turning the other cheek. Actually, this observation constitutes a further, though perhaps lesser, sense in which “christian charity” becomes almost oxymoronic…

    A great 2008 to all & sundry.

    BTW, cool new look.

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