Danie Krugel expands his imaginary product line

Bloemfontein’s favourite son is at it again, folks. His new product is a mysterious device capable of detecting a substance at a distance provided it is given a sample of that substance…. hang on a second, isn’t this his last product, you ask? Oh no, this time the substance being detected is cancer, so it’s a totally different thing. Never let it be said that Danie Krugel is a one-trick pony.

The original article appeared in the Afrikaans-language Rapport, and the SA Skeptics forum have provided a translation here. In it, Danie supposedly is able to differentiate vials of blood containing cancer from those that do not. Since the ‘tests’ were performed in the office of a local internist, and then by the journos at the Rapport, I hardly think we can consider the results reliable. Perhaps now that Danie has voyaged into the realm of medicine, he will consider submitting his device to a double-blind, controlled trial? Yeah, you’re right, probably not.

To start with, I find it telling that after his spectacular failure in finding Madeleine McCann, and the subsequent pummeling he took in the internation press, Danie has moved away from body-finding and into cancer-sniffing. Allow me to remind you that Danie claimed to know where Madeleine McCann was buried, and yet there has been no digging whatsoever in the area he has marked out. Does this not strike anyone as odd, considering how ingenious Danie was at obtaining digging equipment, able bodies and cameras to upturn an area the size of two football fields, on a similar hunch about the Van Rooyen victims? Frankly, if I knew where that little girl was buried, and no one would listen to me, I would have set to digging that beach up with my bare hands to prove it to them. But not Danie. He slinks back to South Africa, stays quiet for a few months, then suddenly appears with a new shiny silver case containing yet another ‘invention’.

So let’s examine some of the details of this new article. Apparently Danie has ‘loaded’ his device with various forms of cancer already. Immediately this makes me wonder where he got it from. I don’t know about you guys, but samples of cancer are not something I come across in everyday life. Either Danie has been dumpster-diving in medical waste, or someone is supplying him – the man obviously has an accomplice in the medical community. All eyes should at this point be swivelling towards the internist who assisted him in testing the device. I would suspect that Danie did not just walk into this person’s office and claim he was looking for an objective witness with a medical degree, but rather that this is the culmination of a carefully planned scheme. Either that, or Danie is lying about the device being loaded with cancer samples.

There are also some distinct differences between this device and the last. Danie’s previous Matter Orientation Device, which worked on the same apparent principle of like communicating with like, was so sensitive that given any sample it would only detect the source of that sample, and not any other similar source. Given a sample of hair, it would react only to the person from whom that hair was taken, and not just to any hair (or poorly made wig) that happened to be in the vacinity. So I would wonder how it is that Danie’s current device is so much less precise? It apparently goes off in the presence of any cancer. However, cancer as we all know is genetically specific material, so I would expect that Danie’s technology would only register in the presence of the rest of the tumour from which the sample was taken (we look pointedly at the internist again), or perhaps in the presence of the person from which the sample was taken. Unless Danie’s lying again.

And now, this device is only able to detect cancer within 4m, whereas his previous device could find its match anywhere on the entire planet. Again, the device seems somehow weaker than the last… the claims, somewhat toned down. But then again, the case also seems smaller, so perhaps he’s using fewer fairies this time.

All I can say is that I’m looking forward to seeing how this new ruse of Danie’s pans out.


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  1. More and more, Danie Krugel’s feats resemble the sympathetic magic of homeopathy. Soon the truth he speaks will be 24X or more dilute – i.e. beyond Avogadro’s limit. And since “like cures like”, he’ll then be permanently cured of truth. This is good to know because anything he says thereafter can then be dismissed pretty much out of hand and thus avoid any time-wasting.

    And that silver case of his probably contains more baskets than it does fairies.

  2. While you shouldn’t stop pointing out the stupidity of people following this huckster, I really have run out of things to say about it.

  3. After praying to the Almighty Google for some guidance on this matter, I was blessed with the following link where a patient of the internist (Dr Frieda Pienaar), is quoted with the following:

    “” [Frieda Pienaar] said, “Jake, I call this my little shop of miracles.
    People are still alive today that by all medical reasoning should have
    been gone long ago.” Dr. Pienaar is a strong believer in the power of
    prayer. “”

    From: http://christianbiblefellowship.org/missions/schraeder%20news%20march%202007.htm

    So we have a case of miracle believers endorsing miracle machines as science. This leaves us with two options:
    1 – An internist too scientifically naive/uneducated/stupid to recognize the impossibility of the machine or perform a proper unbiased double-blind test, or
    2 – she’s in on the scam.

    Although 2 is certainly more elegant, I suspect 1 is more probable. It’s just infinitely more depressing to even think about, given that very sick people who need the best possible medical science probably trusts this person with their treatment.

  4. And, of course, the third option: Bad reporting by Rapport. Perhaps Dr Pienaar was somehow misquoted, or even completely misrepresented by the journalist or her sources.

  5. I am astounded that this loony with his piss-pot hairstyle is still at it!!

    While I couldn’t give a hoot about what happens to Krugel or any of his co-conspirators (if I may call them that), I remain truly concerned – as I was with his “people finding device” – for the hurt, pain and loss he causes to individuals who come to him for assistance in absolute desperation.

    Whereas his matter orientation system could, at worse, cause unnecessary heartache for a grieving family, this new invention lends itself to much more frightening possibilities… he has effectively now stepped over the line and may actually start playing with people’s lives.

    And let me guess….in two weeks Carte-Blance will probably do a 30-minute special on his amazing “scientific” discovery.

  6. By the way… I have a suspicion that the Doctor probably goes to the same church as our esteemed inventor.

    It was a trend I noticed with his previous device when most of the “testimonials” supporting his claims came from police officers who went to Sunday services with the horrible little man.

  7. I don’t know. This device seems much less… useful as a tool for profit – it seems more of a self-aggrandising effort.

    What can he do, screen people for cancer and tell them they’re fine? If they’re the type of people who will go to Danie Krugel for a check-up then, and imagine my full range of misanthropy here, “fuck ’em”.

    The problem will come in when he finds a fellow ‘miracle’ healer to work with – which makes the connection with Doc. Pienaar suspicious. Look for her to reveal a cure soon.

  8. Well, seeing as how he burned the international fairy community last time, I’m hardly surprised he could find so few to work with his new project. My only question is how stupid are his new magical fairies.

  9. Gotta love those irreverent jewish scholars:

    Another new health scam, and sadly, one my own dear dad has fallen for. I asked him what the use was of having three scientifically overeducated children if he wasn’t going to listen to any of us, and then that I’m not going to look after him in his old age if he goes bonkers.

  10. Paul Putter Says:

    Not directly related to this entry, but a tragically funny story about human gullibility in general. Wanted to post to Moonflake directly, but can’t seem to find anywhere to do it. So anyway, use it, don’t use, thought you might enjoy it. By the way, I have heard this same story when I was involved in the diving industry in the nineties.


  11. residentRSole Says:

    Paul Putter: Ah, yes, Submarine. I remember that. I think that there are still some people who haven’t realised that it was a hoax.

  12. “Apparently Danie has ‘loaded’ his device with various forms of cancer already.”

    WTF? How does that work? How does he keep it alive? Or preserve it so that it can still be used?

    Scientists all over the world could save literally MILLIONS of lives if we could do this and it take a Bloemfontein PI to work it out. (And then not share it).

  13. Con-Tester Says:

    6000 wrote:

    How does that work? How does he keep it alive? Or preserve it so that it can still be used?

    Actually, the newspaper report indicates that Krugel’s “loading” of his tumour tracking device is a process that involves data, so perhaps “programming” would be a more accurate term. Of course, that hardly explains anything useful. Maybe he read or heard something somewhere about “signatures” as relevant to computer malware that in turn inspired his latest efforts…

  14. shelagaha Says:

    Riiiight. I thought this merry little nutcase had retired into a life of servitude to the voices in his head.

    His first “machine” bothered me – just everything about it really. But “loading” the new one with cancer samples? The cell culturist in me is twitching. And how can it not differentiate between at least some cancers? There are such things as cell markers and not all cancers are the same genetically.

    Sigh. I may be a kook who believes in a God, but I’m also a scientist and this guy is way off the charts.

  15. bunny chow mein kampf Says:

    Where does he get the cancer samples from ? I find that disturbing. Perhaps he has purchased some HeLa cells ?

  16. I say screw the scientists and informed opinion for just one second and lets lawyer up. Is it possible to actually sue this guy into murky oblivion? Is it possible in this country to take lies to court? At what point does an educated public actually call bullshit on the lies we are subjected to every day?

  17. Con-Tester Says:

    I strongly suspect that such a case would be dismissed as frivolous in fairly short order unless one can show material and/or personal damages and/or endangerment having resulted from Krugel’s actions. His fan site claims that Krugel doesn’t charge any fees for his locating services, but is as yet silent on his cancer diagnosis stunts. This no-charge tactic further shields him from legal action.

    But there may be another option: Krugel claims to be in the process of patenting his technology and I assume this is being done in South Africa. The patent laws in SA are fairly lax and require only very cursory checks for validity and uniqueness. The thinking is that any ensuing patent challenges are to be resolved by litigation so as to expedite the patent’s registration. Still, I’m convinced that Krugel will draw this application out for as long as he can and that’s why I’m prepared to let the cat out of the bag. If someone was to file for a similar patent right now, there would be clear warrant to sue on the grounds of infringement either by Krugel or by the other party, or perhaps even by both. In each possibility and as part of the proceedings, the court would then need to examine both patents for their physical viability as well as to determine the extent of the infringement. In this way, Krugel would be either vindicated or vanquished as a matter of public record.

    I’m sure you can guess which eventuality I’ll be betting on.

  18. Meta_meme Says:

    Con-Tester: Brilliant idea!!! It is my sincere hope that someone will take up he challenge and register the patent as suggested in your post…

    Any takers?

    I have wanted to see this moron humiliated ever since his overblown appearance on (the once respectable) Carte-Blance…I know that sounds a bit self-righteous, but I don’t care…whatever will wipe the smirk out from under his seventies-style moustache…

  19. Schrodinger's Goldfish Says:

    A little fun I had with Danie Krugel and graph layouts: http://schrodingersgoldfish.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/dk1.pdf

  20. […] as science. And exactly how does Danie ‘load’ the machine with samples of cancer? More here, as […]

  21. Schrodinger’s Goldfish has moved to: http://quantumgoldfish.blogspot.com/

    You may also want to have a look at my new blog – “Inside the Monkeysphere”. Currently mostlt on Zimbabwe, but will be dealing with science and religion in future.

  22. […] as science. And exactly how does Danie ‘load’ the machine with samples of cancer? More here, as […]

  23. A group of South African skeptics have now created a ‘Stop Danie Krugel’ site to address the bad science journalism that usually goes along with any mention of him in the media, and to oppose his promotion until such time as his claims have been scientifically validated (or disproved).

    Check out http://www.stopdaniekrugel.com

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